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    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Part 1. Power and Electrical Engineering
    Section 1.1. Smart and Micro Grids
    3_1_1M.I. Danilov, I.G. Romanenko, V.I. Marugin
    On the Possibility of Analytical Calculation of the 380 V Distribution Networks Parameters by Automated Energy Consumption Metering Systems
    3_1_2T. Musaev, M. Khabibullin, O. Fedorov
    Developing a Method Providing for the Accurate Assessment of Actual 6(10) kV Transformer Load Using Data from Smart Electric Energy Metering Systems
    3_1_3A. Glazyrin, A. Il’in, O. Afanasieva
    Improvement of Generator Synchronization Algorithm
    3_1_4V. Lyubchenko, D. Pavlyuchenko, I. Kobobel
    Estimation Model of Energy Efficiency of Organizations Based on Intelligent Technologies
    3_1_5S. Dementyev, A. Shilin, P. Kuteinikov
    Multifunctional Monitoring System for High-Voltage Overhead Power Lines
    3_1_6V.V. Vakhnina, A.N. Chernenko, R.N. Pudovinnikov
    Developing the Requirements for a Programming and Computing Suite Used for the Calculation of Electric Power System Operation under Natural and Anthropogenic Electromagnetic Impacts
    3_1_7D.D. Issabekov
    Multipurpose Power System Protection Set that Provides Constant Remote Serviceability Control
    3_1_8O.Yu. Maryasin, A.I. Lukashov
    Comparing Neural Networks in Forecasting Market Electricity Prices and Regional Energy Consumption
    3_1_9A.V. Manin, D. B. Vayner
    Control Monitoring of the Distribution Grid of the Workshop Based on the Method of Combined Matrices
    3_1_10N.V. Buyakova, A.V. Kryukov, D.A. Seredkin
    Modelling of Electromagnetic Fields Generated by 25 kV Traction Networks on Multi-Track Sections
    3_1_14Д.А. Вырыханов, Г.Г. Угаров, И.С. Коробейников, А.Г. Сошинов
    Бездатчиковое определение электромагнитного силового момента формируемого электрическими двигателями
    3_1_15Y.A. Sychev, A.A. Aldashov, S. Du
    Challenges in Designing Smart Grids for Companies in the Resources Sector
    3_1_16A.A. Yudin, L.M. Inahodova, A.A. Kazantzev
    Research of Electric Modes when Using Innovative Designs of Power Transformers in Power Supply Systems of Oil and Gas Companies
    3_1_18E.M. Shishkov, A.V. Pronichev
    Applying Machine Learning Methods for Power Plant Generation Time Series Forecasting
    3_1_19R. Khuziashev, I. Kuzmin, I. Minaev
    Using Transient Signal Parameters to Improve the Reliability of Traveling Wave Fault Localition
    3_1_21A. Yablokov, M. Dvoynenkov, D. Sharygin, P. Kabakov
    Research and Development of Algorithms for the Functioning of the Phase-to-Phase Overcurrent Protection Based on Data from Digital Transformers with Rogowski Coils for Overhead and Cable Power Lines 35 kV
    3_1_23V. Kasimov, R. Minullin, Yu. Piskovatskiy
    Study of Wire Sag and Temperature Influence of Power Lines on Reflectometry Signal Parameters
    3_1_24P.V. Dikarev, A.N. Shilin, A.A. Shilin
    System For Recognizing The Type Of Emergency Modes Of Overhead Power Lines Using Fuzzy Logic
    3_1_25D.E. Petrushin, N.S. Chumakov, D.I. Kalinin
    Development of Dispatch Control Facilities: A Technique for Identifying the Current Limitation Factor of Transmitted Active Power
    3_1_26O.A. Filina, O.V. Salnikova, V. Khalil
    Technical Condition as an Assessment of Condition of the Object
    3_1_30I.V. Bryakin, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
    Acoustic Emission Probe for Power Line Structure Diagnostic Systems
    Section 1.2. Distributed Energy Systems
    3_2_1P.V. Ilyushin, S.P. Filippov, A.V. Komandenko
    Testing the Effectiveness of Short-Circuit Current-Limiting Methods and Tools for Medium- and Low-Voltage Grids with Distributed Generation Facilities
    3_2_2P.V. Ilyushin, A.L. Kulikov
    Field Data on, and Prospects of, Using Mobile Generator Sets in Electric Power Systems
    3_2_4Y.N. Kondrashova, O.V. Gazizova, A.M. Markina
    The Assessment of Emergency Mode Parameters Taking into Account Additional In-House Generation Sources
    3_2_5Yu.N. Bulatov, A.V. Kryukov, K.V. Suslov
    Power Supply Systems Using Synchronous and Asynchronized Generators with Predictive Controllers in the Context of Low Power Quality
    3_2_6V. Lebedev, G. Filatova, N. Kuzmina
    Study of Ground Faults Methods for Branched Overhead Power Lines
    3_2_7E. Andreenkov, S. Shunaev, R. Solopov
    Operational Control of the Suspended Insulations Condition of 110 kV Power Lines
    3_2_8V.V. Mikhaylov
    Protection of Storage Batteries against Short-Circuit Currents in Alternative Power Systems
    3_2_9Yu. Soluyanov, A. Akhmetshin, V. Soluyanov
    Application of Digital Technologies to Analyze the Actual Electrical Loads of Multi-Apartment Residential Buildings
    Section 1.3. Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems
    3_3_1G. Deriugina, E. Ignatev, N. Sychev
    Research of the Initial Data Reliability Influence on the Design Indicators of the Grid-Connected Wind Farm in the Republic of Tatarstan
    3_3_2Yu.N. Kondrashova, A.M. Tretyakov, A.V. Shalimov
    Calculation and Evaluation of the Efficiency of Installations for the Utilization of Secondary Energy Resources on the Basis of Turbo Expander Units
    3_3_3E. Solomin, G. Ryavkin, E. Sirotkin
    Determination of Maximum Deflection Angles of a HAWT Yawing System Weather Vane Based on the Solution of the Equations of Moments
    3_3_4R. Tsgoev, T. Isaev
    Energy Efficiency of Wind Electical Plant Models Localized in the Russian Federation on the Repeatability Fucntion of Wind Speed
    3_3_5Yu.M. Lyashenko, A.V. Prudiy, A.A. Nasonov
    Simulating key Characteristics of Transition Process at start of Road Energy Harvesting System
    3_3_6K. Selivanov, V. Klimachev, A. Vlasov
    Researching the ZigBee Technology for the Organization of Networks of Electricity Generation Complexes Based on Renewable Energy Sources
    3_3_7B. Maksatov, G. Derugina, R. Pugachev
    A Method for Calculating Diffuse Solar Radiation Using Data From Various Information Sources
    3_3_8L.E. Kopelevich, V.A. Kim, I.A. Gorbunov
    Two-Input Generator Set. Mathematical Model And Characteristics
    3_3_9I.M. Kirpichnikova, V.V. Shestakova
    Electrical Properties of Dust and their Influence on the Operation of Solar Modules
    3_3_10I. Kirpichnikova, D. Chirov
    Investigation of the Influence of Elevated Ambient Temperatures on the Operation of Photovoltaic Modules
    3_3_11N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, V. Maksimov
    The Influence of Snow Cover on the Power Generation from PV Panel in the Northern Part of the Russian Far East
    3_3_12N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, P. Vasiliev
    Investigation of Functioning of a Photoelectric Installation under Forest Fires in the Northern Part of the Russian Far East
    3_3_13V. Ashanin, D. Elinov, O. Birjukova
    Prospects for Using Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines in the Context of Current Urban Development
    3_3_14А.А. Сысоев, М.Г. Тягунов, Н.В. Лазарева
    Комплекс для определения энергетического эффекта от строительства новых гидростанций
    3_3_17B. Kosimov, A. Amonulloev, A. Fedorov
    Research and Development of a Thermal Model of Siphon Solar Collector
    3_3_18A.A. Sysoev, M.G. Tyagunov, N.V. Lazareva
    Complex for Determining the Energy Effect from the Construction of New Hydropower Plants
    3_3_19I.M. Kirpichnikova, V.A. Zavarukhin
    Simulation of the Solar Module Considering the Influence of Internal and External Parameters in MATLAB/Simulink
    3_3_20E. Gordievsky, E. Solomin, A. Miroshnichenko
    Development of a Simulation Model for an Electric Energy Storage Unit for a Simulation of Power Plant
    3_3_22S.V. Mitrofanov, D.K. Baykasenov
    Wind Load Calculation Acting on PV Plant with Solar Tracking System
    3_3_23A.F. Narynbaev, A.G. Vaskov, N.Yu. Mozder
    Optimal Dispatch of a Standalone PV-Diesel-Battery Microgrid using Non-Commercial MINLP Solvers
    Section 1.4. Power Quality
    3_4_1V.I. Biryulin, D.V. Kudelina, O.M. Larin
    Computer Simulation Of the Searh For Flicker Sources In Electrical Networks
    3_4_2V.I. Biryulin, D.V. Kudelina, O.M. Larin
    Computer Simulation Of Voltage Unbalance Reduction In Power Supply Systems
    3_4_3D. Kretov, A. Bychkov, O. Fedyai
    Power Transmission Line Model For Transient Analysis In Power Systems Due The High Geomagnetic Activity
    3_4_4L.V. Bykovskaya, V.V. Bykovskiyi
    Consideration of Phase Splitting into Two Conductors when Calculating the electromagnetic field of a Power Transmission Line
    3_4_6V.V. Martyshkin, O.S. Gribkova, A.V. Pichuev
    Studying the Quality of Electric Power at a Tunneling Machine during the Construction of the Underground System
    3_4_7A. Alzakkar, N. Mestnikov, Yu. Samofalov
    The Impact of Using Supercapacitors to Provide Reliable Power Supply to Consumers
    3_4_9E.I. Gracheva, T.V. Tabachnikova, A.N. Gorlov
    Estimating How the Start-Up of High-Voltage Ground Electric Drive of Oil Transfer Pump Impacts the Oil Well Electric Motor Operation
    3_4_10B. Utkin, N. Grachev, V. Matveev
    Review and Analysis of Methods for Constructing Mathematical Models of Electrical Contacts for Predicting of Contact Radio Interference on Mobile Objects
    3_4_11A. Toropov, G. Chistyakov, E. Platonova
    Electric Power Quality Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm
    3_4_13Z. Gizatullin, M. Nuriev
    Modeling the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electronic Means under the Influence of Interference Through the Power Supply Network
    3_4_15V.G. Basmanov, A.V. Votinsev, V.M. Kholmanskikh
    Developing a Methodology for Determining the Culprit in the Deterioration of Power Quality Indicators
    3_4_16A. Babushkin, A. Malykov, Hau Phuc Nguyen
    Study of the Condensing Unit Operating Modes of the Power Unit of a 300 MW Thermal Power Plant
    Section 1.5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives
    3_5_1R.T. Khazieva, A.V. Mukhametshin
    Calibration Technique of AC Voltage of a Resonant Test Device
    3_5_2A.V. Shestakov
    Dynamic Model of DC Commutator Motor Excited by Permanent Magnets, with Due Regard for the Influence of Real Factors
    3_5_3A.A. Alekseev, E.V. Krasilnikyants, V.V. Tyutikov
    On Electric Feed Drive Feedforward Autotuning
    3_5_4R. Sattarov, M. Ivanov, R. Khazieva, B. Solovev
    Amplitude-Frequency Characteristic of a MIEC-based Filter for DC/DC Converters
    3_5_5A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
    Electrical Heating System For Oil Pipelines
    3_5_6V.V. Fedotov, V.V. Rozhkov
    Formation of a Mechanism-Adaptive Setting Trajectory for the Movement of the Characteristic Point of an Industrial Robot Gripper
    3_5_7V. Solomin, A. Solomin, A. Chekhova
    Start-Up of the Adjustable Linear Induction Motor
    3_5_8X. Huang, L. Xiao, R.R. Sattarov, X. Meng
    Fast Vector Selection Method of Flow Regulation On Aviation Electric Fuel Pump
    3_5_9Yu. P. Aksenov, I. V. Yaroshenko, I. A. Nosenko
    Peculiarities of Stages in Technical State Change of XLPE Cable Couplings During Operation
    3_5_10Yu.P. Filushov, A.Sh. Akbashev, V.Yu. Filushov
    Efficient AC Machine Control
    3_5_11A.V. Solomin, N.A. Trubitsina, L.L. Zamshina
    Current Density in Secondary Element of Linear Induction Motor
    3_5_12Е.А. Картинкин, А.Н. Кислев, М.В. Пешков, А.М. Матинян, Н.А. Алексеев, Д.Е. Бузов, Т.А. Самойлова
    Разработка стенда для испытаний модулей многоуровнего преобразователя напряжения
    3_5_13V.I. Laletin, E.N. Malyshev
    Vector-Mathematical Analysis of a Discrete Electric Drive in Limiting Modes
    3_5_15A. Dolgih, V. Martemyanov
    Influence of Magnetic Field Character on the Tape Winding Motor Torque Dependance
    3_5_16V.A. Kim, A.A. Golovanov, I.N. Avtaykin
    Adjusting Characteristics of the Engine with Multifunctional Massive Rotor
    3_5_18D. Volkov
    Variants of Equalization of Torques in Multi Motor Electric Drives
    3_5_19A.A. Kuvshinov, V.V. Vakhnina, A.N. Chernenko
    Useful Measurement Of Quasi-Direct Current Impacts On The Stability Of Modular Electric Transmission System
    3_5_20O.I. Osipov, Y.M. Safonov, D.A. Blagodarov, N.N. Fedortsov
    Productivity of the Technological Process are Due to More Complete Use of the Thermal Resource of the Electric Motor
    3_5_21I.R. Abdulveleev, G.P. Kornilov, O.V. Gazizova
    Improving Stability of TPP Load Center by Optimization of Startup Modes of Synchronous Motors
    3_5_23I.R. Abdulveleev, G.P. Kornilov, O.V. Gazizova
    Improving Energy Efficiency of Central Power Station at Industrial Facility
    3_5_24A. Vasin, A. Kocherov, A. Okunev
    Optimization of Losses in Secondary Pulsed Power Supplies
    3_5_27Е.Yu. Puzina, I.A. Khudonogov, E.Yu. Dulsky
    Zonal Peculiarities of Operating Traction Rolling Stock´s Electrical Machines at the East Siberian Rail Road
    3_5_28A.V. Kashuba, A.V. Shevkunova
    Reduction of Pulsations of The Electromagnetic Moment of the Switched Reluctance Electric Motor
    3_5_29A. Afanasyev, A. Eremina
    Combined PDM and Synchronous Time-Pulse Control Method with Continuous Regulation and Equalization of Losses in IGBT of Series Resonant Inverter
    3_5_30A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
    Design of a Brushless Synchronous Generator with an Excitation Winding Located on the Stator
    3_5_32D. Aminov, S. Gandzha, A. Fedorov
    Analysis of the Heat State of the Hydrogenerator of the Combined Excitation, Intended for the Development of the Energy of Small and Medium Rivers
    3_5_33R. Nimatov, B. Kosimov, A. Fedorov
    Switching on Device of a Two-Transformer Power Substation
    3_5_34A.A. Nikolaev, I.G. Gilemov
    The Dynamic Operation Investigation of an Active Rectifier Control System with IGCT-thyristor Switching Angle Table Selection Function
    3_5_37P. Makhankov, A. Krivoshein, A. Vlasov
    Energy-Efficient Synchronous Electric Machine with a Multi-Contour Permanent Magnet System
    3_5_38R. Khizbullin, B. Chuvykin, R. Kipngeno
    Research on the Effect of the Depth of Discharge on the Service Life of Rechargeable Batteries for Electric Vehicles
    3_5_40I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin, Zh.T. Galbaev, M.G. Gulina
    Researching Dynamic Processes in Electromechanical Braking Devices with Massive Magnetic System
    Part 2. Automation Engineering
    Section 2.1. Control Systems and Applications
    4_1_1Haider A.A. Mohammed, A.A. Gribanov
    Research and Development of Automatic Sawn Timber Defect Removal Line
    4_1_2S. Podvalny, V. Zakhvatov, E. Vasiljev
    Dynamic Damping of Vibrations in Objects with Undefined Parameters
    4_1_4D.V. Krasnov, A.V. Utkin
    Reduced-Order State Observers Design for Single-Channel Electromechanical Control Plant under Conditions of Parametric Uncertainty
    4_1_6Q.A. Kosimova, S.I. Valiyev, S.T. Boltayev
    Method and Algorithm of the Automatic Warning System of Train Approaches to Railways
    4_1_7A. Fomin, A. Glushchenko
    Advanced Control of Pressure Inside Continuous Bloom Heating Furnace to Improve Disturbances Attenuation by Temperature Control Loop
    4_1_8O. Lobanok, V. Promyslov, K. Semenkov
    Safety-Driven Approach for Security Audit of I&C Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
    4_1_9Р.И. Мухаметьянова
    Совершенствование системы менеджмента качества производственного предприятия на основе использования корпоративных знаний
    4_1_10Е.Yu. Puzina, I.A. Khudonogov
    Efficiency of Decentralized Sectionalizing System for Overhead Distribution Networks
    4_1_11E.L. Eremin, L.V. Nikiforova, E.A. Shelenok
    Combined Nonlinear Control of Robot-Manipulator with Limitations of the Input Signals
    4_1_12E. Jharko, K. Chernyshov
    Diagnostic Tasks in Human-Machine Control Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
    4_1_14V. Nemchenko, M. Posashkov, M. Derevyanov
    Analysis of the Efficiency of Automatic Control of Heat Loads in Buildings in Municipal Heating Systems
    4_1_15A. Vozmilov, L. Andreev, S. Panishev
    The Development and Modeling of a Proportional Integral Controller for the Electronic Differential of an Electric Vehicle
    4_1_16V.D. Bloshchinskiy, S.V. Shalobanov, S.S. Shalobanov
    Application Of Customized Models On Laguerre Filters To Search For Parametric Defects In Continuous Automatic Control Systems
    4_1_17E.Ya. Rapoport, N.A. Ilina
    Parametric Time-Optimization of Two-Channel Control of Related Objects with Distributed Parameters
    4_1_19A.V. Smolyaninov, I.V. Pocebneva, A.R. Deniskina
    Control System for a Discrete Weight Meter
    4_1_20S.P. Kostiukov, A.A. Volkova, E.V. Churochkina
    Application of the Method of Analytical Design of Aggregated Regulators (ADAR) in the Synthesis of the Laws of Aircraft Motion Control in the Modes of Automatic Refueling in the Air
    4_1_21S. Gushanskiy, V. Potapov
    Development of Quantum Corrective Repeated Code
    4_1_22O. Borodin, M. Tretyakova
    Regulator Synthesis for the Proportional Electromagnet Control System
    4_1_23A.A. Musaev, D.A. Grigoriev
    State Stabilization of a Non-Stationary Technological Process Using a Channel Control Strategy
    4_1_24Н.И. Денисова, Е.В. Закасовская
    Неградиентные методы поиска экстремума естественных полей
    4_1_25Yu.I. Belyaev, V.R. Predmestin, A.I. Gavrilenko
    Development of a Control Method with Forecasting
    4_1_27A.M. Abakumov, D.G. Randin, A.A. Goryachkin
    Diagnostics of Magnetorheological Dampers of Vibration Isolation Systems
    4_1_28E. Jharko
    Some Issues of Application of Quality Characteristics for Critical Information Infrastructure Systems
    4_1_30M.V. Ovechkin, L.V. Galina, A.M. Chernousova
    Control Automation for Ferrous Alloy Casting
    4_1_31V.D. Bloshchinskiy, S.V. Shalobanov, S.S. Shalobanov
    Algorithm For Searching For Parametric Defects In Continuous Automatic Control Systems Using Custom Models On Laguerre Filters
    4_1_35A.V. Isaev, S.A. Petrov, I. A. Isaev
    Development of Systems for Transmitting Data and Energy through an Elastic Medium
    4_1_36V.A. Tereshonkov, D.A. Prokopenko, E.A. Sushko
    Design of a Modern System of Pouring Aircraft Equipment for Discharging Fire-Extinguishing Liquid from a Transport Aircraft
    4_1_37O.S. Dolgov, B.В. Safoklov, D.S. Shavelkin
    Intelligent Access Control Systems
    4_1_38I. Lipko, K. Dementiev
    The Influence of Uncertainties and Inaccuracies in the Parameters on the Underwater Vehicle Model
    4_1_39S. Gladkikh, A. Lankin, I. Lankin
    Processing Method for Complex Characteristics of Electromagnetic Devices
    4_1_41N.A. Tseligorov, A.I. Ozersky, A.V. Chubukin
    Investigation of the Influence of Transport Delay Magnitude on Robustness of the Follow-Up Motor
    4_1_43Yu. Pleshivtseva, A. Pavlushin, A. Popov
    Optimal Design of Inductor Coils for Surface Hardening
    4_1_48V. Kramar, Yu. Cheremukhin, D. Bogdanov
    The Influence of Pitching on the Accuracy of the Vessel´s Horizontal Displacements
    4_1_49V. Shutov, M. Nazarenko
    The Use of Electromagnetic Levitation with a Tracking System as a Quality Management Mechanism in the Electric Power Industry: Electrical Part
    4_1_54Yu.B. Shchemeleva, S.K. Davydov, A.N. Shchemelev
    The Problem of Controlling Conveyor Installations Outfitted with Induction Motor Drives
    4_1_56A. Sukiyazov, I. Pugachev, I. Pavlova, A. Pavlukova
    Increasing the Efficiency of Contactless Functional Diagnosis of Complex Electrical Equipment
    4_1_57A.A. Nikolaev, P.G. Tulupov, S.S. Ryzhevol
    Improved Methodology for Optimising the Electrical Operation of a Shaft-Type Arc Steelmaking Furnace
    4_1_58A.A. Nikolaev, P.G. Tulupov, S.S. Ryzhevol
    Optimal Adjustment Methodology for the Electric Mode Control System Non-Linear Regulator of Electric Arc Furnace
    4_1_59A.A. Kabanov
    Finite-Time State-Dependent Coefficient Method for Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems
    4_1_60E. Abdulova
    Estimating Risk Potential of Processes and Detailing Coefficients of Multiple-Scale Wavelet Transform
    4_1_61A. Lerner, A. Romanov
    Embedding Digital Information Into the Audio Stream of a Video Conference for Robot Remote Control
    4_1_63Mikhail Mudrov, Vladimir Metelkov, Ahmed Othman Hassan, Anatolii Ziuzev
    Stacker Crane Position System Development
    Section 2.2. Industrial Mechatronics and Robotics
    4_2_1A.Yu. Malkarov, M.V. Arkhipov, V.V. Matrosova
    Remote Control System of Industrial Robots and Visualization of Operations Performed
    4_2_2M. Akbashev, T. Muslimov, R. Munasypov
    Research into Collision Avoidance Models for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    4_2_3Fatma Boufares, Imen Doudech, Mohammad Reza Bahrami
    Electrical Transmission Lines Robot Inspector: Design Challenges
    4_2_4I.I. Turulin, Hussein Sh. Mogheer
    Analysis of Controlled Digital Recursive High-Pass Filters Structures with Infinite Non-Negative Impulse Response
    4_2_5S.V. Tararykin, V.V. Apolonskiy
    Compensating the Influence of Backlash in Highly Rigid Kinematic Transmission of Electromechanical Tracking Systems
    4_2_7V.E. Lysov, V.A. Polyakov
    Development of the Mechatronic Electric Drive of the Circular Transfer Table
    4_2_8A.A. Anisimov, M.E. Sorokovnin, S.V. Tararykin
    Identifying and Tuning Mechatronic Systems with State Controllers, Using an Artificial Neural Network
    4_2_10I. Naumov, N. Ovchinnikov, V. Voronin
    The Design and Analysis of the Energy Capacity of a 3-D Printing Device with Five Degrees of Mobility
    4_2_11Hussein Sh. Mogheer, I.I. Turulin
    Reduction of Signal Overshooting Caused by Cutoff Frequency Changing in the Controlled Digital Butterworth Low Pass Filter
    4_2_12Ehab Seif Ghith, Farid Abdel Aziz Tolba
    Real-Time Implementation of an Enhanced PID Controller Based on Multi-Verse Optimizer for Micro-Robotics System
    Section 2.3. Real Time Embedded Control
    4_3_1M. Khachumov, A. Talalaev, A. Pankratov
    Onboard Computer Function Implementation Based on Cordic Algorithm
    4_3_2V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov, M. Smirnov
    Practical Aspects of Dynamic Controller Realization
    4_3_3D.V. Efanov, D.V. Pivovarov, V.V. Khóroshev
    The Fully Self-Checking Structures Synthesis Features of Concurrent Checking Systems Implemented on the Boolean Complement Method Basis to the Constant-Weight “2-out-of-4” Code
    4_3_4N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova, A.D. Gornaev
    System for Updating the Program Code of STM32 Microcontrollers Based on a Composite USB Device
    4_3_5E. Rzaev, A. Ryzhov, A. Romanov
    The New Promising Network-on-Chip Topologies Development Using Hierarchical Method
    4_3_6V.A. Kokovin, A.N. Sytin, V.V. Skvortsov
    Methods for Increasing the Сybersecurity of FNC Devices on the FPGA-Based Platform in Network Communications
    Section 2.4. Sensors and Computer Vision
    4_4_1B. Saidov, V. Telezhkin, A. Ragozin
    Information Processing In Automated Control Systems Using an Ultrasonic Sensor
    4_4_2K. Palaguta, E. Pikalov, A. Kuzneсov
    Development and Exploration of a General-Purpose Binocular Vision System
    4_4_3Aung Htet , A.V. Bobkov, Aye Bawin
    Real-Time Face Tracking Based on the Kalman Filter
    4_4_4Sai Myo Htet, Soe Thu Aung, Bawin Aye
    Real-Time Myanmar Sign Language Recognition Using Deep Learning
    4_4_5A. Arhipov, I. Fomin
    Research of Convolutional Neural Networks in the Problem of Classification of Images of Radioactive Waste
    4_4_6M. Ivanov, A. Ulanov, N. Cherkasov
    Visual Control of Weld Defects Using Computer Vision System on FANUC Robot
    4_4_7Wai Moe Oo, Hlaing Moe Than, Bawin Aye
    Comparison and Analysis of Proposed KNN-based Colorization Methods in Myanmar Movie Clip using 8-neighboring Pixels and Color Features Extraction
    4_4_8M. Ivanov, A. Ulanov, N. Cherkasov
    Sensitivity Analysis of Computer Vision System for Visual Control of Butt Joints Weld Defects
    4_4_9I. Volkov, A. Makarov, M. Kukhtik
    Research of Magnetic Supply Unit of Wireless Torque Sensor
    4_4_10N. Andreyanov, M. Shleymovich, A. Sytnik
    Driver Assistance System for Agricultural Machinery for Obstacles Detection Based on Deep Neural Networks
    4_4_11K.I. Boldareva, A.D. Lukyanov
    Preprocessing Method Sensor Fusion of Stream MEMS Sensors Array Data to Build a MIMO Dynamic Model Anthropomorphic Manipulator
    4_4_12I. Bogachkov, N. Gorlov
    Fiber-Optic Sensors for Simultaneous Temperature and Deformation Measurement
    Section 2.5. Theory and Applications of Dynamical Measurements
    4_5_1E.A. Akhmetov, E.S. Belashova, D.A. Gashigullin
    The Automated Temperature Measuring System Based on Single-Dimensional Distributed Senso
    4_5_3A. Valeev, R. Tashbulatov, R. Karimov
    Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Defect Locating of Industrial Machines using Strain Gauge Analysis
    4_5_4P. Osipov, A. Karyakin
    Structure Synthesis of the rock Mass Measuring System in a Bucket of a Shovel Excavator and Dragline
    4_5_5N.I. Yumagulov, A.L. Galiev, D.V. Topolsky
    Functional Reference Generator for Dynamic Measurements in Electropuncture Diagnostics
    4_5_7Study of Dynamic Processes in Nonlinear Discrete Systems with Delay Based on Graph Models
    Sh.R. Ubaydulayeva, S. Yunusova, B. Eshmatova
    4_5_8R. Tashbulatov, A. Valeev, A. Tokarev
    Developing an Algorithm to Locate Defects in Industrial Equipment with Stationary and Non-stationary Parameters Using Strain Gauge Signal Analysis
    4_5_9T.M. Gulevich, G.V. Makarov, D.S. Gorb
    Weighing Systems with Integrated Metrology Units
    4_5_10S. Vasyukov, A. Maсovey
    Multifunctional Shock, Tilt and Motion Sensor Based on MEMS Accelerometer
    4_5_11S. Vasyukov, A. Maсovey
    Algorithms for Processing the Information Signal of the Shock Sensor Car Security System
    4_5_12D.O. Varlamov, F.I. Manyakhin, A.N. Shishkov, A.A. Skvortsov
    Measurement of Metallurgical p-n Junction Temperature by Dynamics of Current-Induced Heating and Cooling
    4_5_13A. Abdulnagimov, A. Akhmetov, V. Antonov
    Information-Measuring System of Liquid Viscosity by Stokes Method
    Section 2.6. Modeling and Computer Technologies for Industrial Applications
    4_6_2A. Poltavsky, G. Akhobadze
    Optimizing the Models of the Data Measurement System of an Unmanned Aircraft
    4_6_4S.N. Cherny, R.F. Gibadullin
    The Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Neural Network Technology
    4_6_9G. Sanaeva, I. Moiseeva, A. Lukina
    Acetylene Production Process Control Based on Safety Criterion
    4_6_10A.G. Lopatin, B.A. Brykov, A.A. Lukina
    Development of a Neuro-fuzzy Model of a Polymerizer Reactor
    4_6_12A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina
    Selection of Basic Parameters for the Diagnosis of Industrial Electrical Equipment Using Computer Technology
    4_6_13P. Shonazarov, S. Darovskikh
    Modeling the Spectral Characteristics of Audio Signals Using the Fourier Transform
    4_6_14A.S. Semenov, A.N. Egorov, O.V. Fedorov
    Evaluation of the Efficiency of Electric Drives of a Mining Enterprise Based on Mathematical Models
    4_6_15A. Ragozin, V. Telezhkin, B. Saidov
    Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Data
    4_6_16L. Andreev, A. Lisov, S. Panishev
    Development of an Algorithm for the Program to Recognize Defects on the Surface of Hot-Rolled Metal
    4_6_17P. Zhukov, A. Glushchenko, A. Fomin
    On Adaptation of Third Kind Boundary Conditions for Grid Models of Nonstationary Heat Exchange
    4_6_18A.S. Khismatullin
    Development of Measures to Optimize the Transformers Loading
    4_6_20G. Samigulina, Z Samigulina, D. Porubov
    Creation of Intelligent Technology Based on a Unified Artificial Immune System and the Principles of Homeostasis for the Control and Automation of Complex Oil and Gas Industry Objects
    4_6_21A. Zatonskiy, R. Bazhenov, O. Chuyko
    Lighting Sensitivity of The Flare Recognition of Potassium Flotation Machine Foam Patterns
    4_6_22I. Lvovich, Ya. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy
    Modeling the Processes of Increasing the Efficiency of the Internet of Things System
    4_6_23I. Lvovich, Ya. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy
    Modeling the Classification of Internet of Things Objects by Failures
    4_6_24N.M. Zaytseva
    Fuzzy Model for Predicting the Energy Consumption of Alumina Production
    4_6_25A. Kychkin, O. Gorshkov, M. Kukarkin
    IoT-Platform for ML-based Industrial Air Emissions Data Processing
    4_6_27M. Gafarov, K. Okishev, A. Makovetskiy
    Predicting the Hardness of Pipe Steels Using Machine Learning Methods
    4_6_28A.B. Konovalov, R.F. Mukhamadiyev, A.N. Kiselev
    Monte Carlo Based Estimation of Weight Functions for Few-View Computed Tomography of Strongly Absorbing Objects
    4_6_29V.V. Vlasov, A.B. Konovalov
    Minimizing the Number of Views in Few-View Computed Tomography: A Deep Learning Approach
    4_6_30E.S. Abramova, A.A. Orlov, K.V. Makarov
    Research of the Extreme Learning Machine as Incremental Learning
    4_6_31V.A. Dovgal
    A Scheme of Data Analysis by Sensors of a Swarm of Drones Performing a Search Mission Based on a Fog Architecture Using the Internet of Things
    4_6_37A.V. Isaev, A.I. Nefed’ev, I. A. Isaev
    Digital Twin Technologies for Diesel Generator Sets in Backup and Emergency Power Supply Systems
    4_6_41S. Vorobyev, S. Shirobokova, V. Evsin
    Distributed Ledger Data Exchange Model Based on a Multilayer Approach
    4_6_42A. Mikhailov, S. Tretyakov, Yu. Andreev
    A New Approach to Build Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Systems Based on Digital Twin’s Technologies
    4_6_43A. Baklanov, A. Lankin, M. Lankin
    Development of a Method of Resonant Series-Parallel Impedance Spectroscopy for Quality Control of Trans-former Oil
    4_6_44V. Korol, M. Lankin, M. Korol
    Regression Model of Approximation Errors of Voltage Curves for Measuring Magnetic Characteristics
    4_6_46A.Ya. Krasinskiy
    On Some General Methods for Mathematical Modeling of the Dynamics of Manipulators with Parallel Kinematics
    4_6_48Abas Wisam Mahdi Abas, P.B. Danilova, S.Ya. Egorov
    Computational Methods for Optimal Placement of Equally Sized Elements of Electrical and Electronic Circuits
    4_6_52P. Shonazarov, B. Saidov, Sh. Safarov
    Simulation of a Vibroacoustic Sensor with the Application of a Kalman Filter
    4_6_53С.З. Лыгденов
    исследование характеристик функционирования облачной системы с неоднородной нагрузкой
    4_6_55D. Lusenko
    Intelligent System For Adapting Typical Laws Of Automatic Control Based On Neural Networks
    4_6_63Yu.N. Slesarev, A.A. Vorontsov
    Paper on the Issue of Mathematical Modeling of Magnetic Fields of Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers Containing a Permanent Magnet in the Form of a Rectangular Parallelepiped
    4_6_64A. Prasolov, S. Andreev
    Development of a Simulation Model of the Heat Transfer Process in the Hot-Blast Stove Checkerwork