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    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Part 1. Power and Electrical Engineering
    Section 1.1. Smart and Micro Grids
    3_1_1Olga A. Filina, Anna V. Yashagina, Olga V. Salnikova
    Determination of the Characteristic Points of Approximation for Traction Electric Machines of Electric Rolling Stock
    3_1_2P. V. Dikarev, A. A. Shilin, O. O. Ahmedova
    Circuit Breaker Control of Intelligent Relay Protection System
    3_1_3V. Ya. Lyubchenko, A. F. Iskhakov, D. A. Pavlyuchenko
    Reclosers Optimal Allocation for Improving the Distribution Network Reliability
    3_1_6M. I. Danilov, I. G. Romanenko, R. E. Berezhnoy
    On the Possibility of Calculating of the Wires Complex Impedances and the Repeat Grounding Connections Resistances in the Distribution Network 380 V According to the Accounting System Data
    3_1_7O. Yu. Maryasin, A. I. Lukashov
    Analyzing and Forecasting Peak Load Hours
    3_1_8A. I. Nefedev, V. I. Vikulov, G. I. Sharonov
    Method and Device for Remote Determination of the Distance to the Place of Damage to the Insulation of Cables of Power Lines
    3_1_10Ilya Bonchuk, Alexander Shaposhnikov, Denis Petrushin, Maxim Popov
    Operational Prediction of Power Consumption in Isolated Power Systems With a Predominance of Utility and Household Loads
    3_1_11Dmitry Zolin, Elena Ryzhkova
    Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Power System Digital Control Applications
    3_1_13I. Kolosok, E. Korkina, A. Tikhonov
    PMU Placement at a HVDC-Link in State Estimation of Electric Power System
    3_1_14Igor Maslov, Adelya Khaliyeva, Alexander Baranov
    Development of Automated Information-Measuring Systems for Electric Power Measurement
    3_1_16A.M. Gataullin, D.F. Gubaev, R.R. Khusnutdinov
    Automation of High-Voltage Electrical Equipment Insulators Diagnostics by Partial Discharges Method
    3_1_17S. Voth, A. Nikolaev, A. Kychkin
    Demand Response Service Architecture for Power System of Russian Mining Enterprise
    3_1_18A. Fedorov, V. Petrov, V. Naumov, V. Hristoforov
    Theory of Single-end Traveling Wave Fault Location
    3_1_20I. Nadtoka, I. Zvoznikova
    Estimation of Electric Load Graphs Correlation by the Principal Components of the Orthogonal Decomposition
    3_1_21Vasiliy T. Cheremisin, Andrey A. Kuznetsov, Maria A. Volchanina
    Measurement of Acoustic Signals on Power Transformer Defects Simulator
    Section 1.2. Distributed Energy Systems
    3_2_3V. T. Sidorova
    Determining Mains Connection Points Charging Stations on RES for Electric Vehicles
    3_2_4Sergey V. Oskin, Nikolai S. Barakin , Andrey A. Kumeyko
    Asynchronous Generator with a Switchable Stator Winding for Powering the Electrical Equipment of Sprinkling Machines: Research Results
    3_2_6N. V. Danilov, S. A. Tsyruk, Ye. N. Ryzhkova
    Studying the Power Supply Critical Interruption Time as a High-Speed Bus Transfer Success Criterion
    3_2_7Madina Plieva, Roman Klyuev, Tamerlan Gudiev
    On the Issue of Organizing Digital Control Systems in Power Grid Companies
    3_2_8Янучок А.И. Добрыднев Д.В., Папин В.В.
    Солнечный кондиционер и его эффективность среди существующих решений в сфере кондиционирования
    3_2_9Папин В.В., Дьяконов Е.М., Шмаков А.С.
    Теплогенератор повышенной эффективности и его экономическая целесообразность
    3_2_10Безуглов Р.В., Ведмичев Н. А., Дьяконов Е. М.
    Эффективное применение фазового перехода второго рода для преобразования теплоты в электроэнергию на КЭС
    Section 1.3. Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems
    3_3_1P. V. Ilyushin, A. V. Simonov, S. P. Filippov
    On Electrical Parameters and Configuring the Relay Protections in Windfarm-Carrying Grids
    3_3_2Yusong Yang, Evgeny Solomin, Guang Yang
    Theoretical and Experimental Verification of Wind Powered Hydrogen Storage Energy System
    3_3_5Nikolay Mestnikov, Fouad Alhajj Hassan, Ahmad Alzakkar
    Study of Operation of Combined Power Supply System Based on Renewable Energy in Territory of Far East of Russia
    3_3_8Andrey Martyanov, Alexandr Gritsenko, Oksana Kostyuchenkovа
    Model for Analyzing Battery Parameters as a Function of Ambient Temperature
    3_3_9Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov, Sergey V. Shavlovskiy
    On the Effectiveness of Using Energy Storage in Internal Grids
    3_3_12Логанчук С.М., Гаврус И.В., Мирошниченко Л.Г.
    Повышение проводимости пленки PEDOT: PSS путем ультрадиспергации и сольватацией органическими сорастворителями
    3_3_13Roman Klyuev, Anu Madaeva, Anna Dzhamalueva
    Increasing the Reliability of Hydro Power Plants Due to the Application of Microprocessor Relay Protection Devices
    3_3_14Karam Charafeddine , Sergey Tsyruk, Youlia Matiunina
    Stability of Synchronous Generator for Wind Energy
    3_3_15B. T. Pogorelov, E. V. Solomin, G. N. Ryavkin
    Errors of Inductance and Ohmic Resistance of the Cylindrical Inductors
    3_3_16K. K. Kim A. Y. Panychev L. S. Blazhko
    Improving the Efficiency of Thin-Film Silicon Solar Panels
    3_3_17Karam Charafeddine, Yelena Ryzhkova, Youlia Matiunina
    Rotor Angle Stability of Synchronous Generator for Power Grid with Wind Energy
    3_3_18Ефимов Н.Н., Папин В.В., Безуглов Р.В.
    Утилизация отходов в шлаке котлов тепловых электростанций
    3_3_19A. A. Sysoev, N. V. Lazareva, A. A. Proskurina
    Modeling Complex Hydropower Systems for Research and Training
    Section 1.4. Power Quality
    3_4_1L. V. Bykovskaya, V. V. Bykovskiyi
    Evaluation of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Overhead and Cable Power Lines
    3_4_2A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina, V. Tuvaeva
    Method for Assessing the Impact of Electric Energy Quality Indicators on the Technical Condition of Asynchronous Electric Motors
    3_4_3V. V. Rozhkov, K. K. Krutikov, S. R. Trofimenko
    Analysis of Operation Features for the Auxiliary Transformers at Power Plants in Non-Symmetric Modes
    3_4_4A. A. Kuvshinov, V. V. Vakhnina, A. N. Chernenko
    Estimating the Amplitude of Power Transformer Magnetizing Inrush Currents Caused by Geomagnetic Disturbances
    3_4_5Natalia Bakshaeva, Andrey Ozhegov
    Joint Operation of a Voltage Source and the Investigated Object Equipment
    3_4_6N. Grachev
    Ensuring Electromagnetic Compatibility of Radio Electronic Equipment in Conditions of Formation of Unintentional Contact Radio Interference
    3_4_7V. G. Basmanov, A. V. Votinsev
    Developing a Methodology for Calculating Asymmetric Modes of Power Supply Systems at Enterprises if Source Information Is Incomplete
    3_4_8Ahmad Alzakkar, Fouad Alhajj Hassan, Nikolay Mestnikov, Ilgiz Valeev
    Study of Impact of the Main Parameters of Synchronous Generators on the Dynamic Stability in the Syrian Power System
    3_4_10Mikhail A. Ivanchenko, Dmitry V. Dvorkin
    Laplace Transform to Assess Harmonic Distortions at Resonance
    3_4_11G. P. Kornilov, I. R. Abdulveleev, R. R. Khramshin, O. V. Gazizova
    The System for Stabilizing Voltage for Essential Consumers in Industrial Grids
    3_4_12I. R. Abdulveleev, T. R. Khramshin, G. P. Kornilov, R. R. Abdulveleeva
    Experimental Study of the Impact of a DC Electric Arc Furnace on a Power Grid
    3_4_13G. P. Kornilov, I. R. Abdulveleev, Y. N. Kondrashova
    Problems of Electricity Quality at Modern Mining and Processing Plants
    3_4_16Valeriy Pupin, Dmitrii Safonov, Oleg Fedorov
    Modernization of the FATS Device for Substation “84” with Two Inputs per Section and with its Own Generation from the Power Unit 32 MVA
    3_4_18Natalya V. Buyakova, Andrey V. Kryukov,Tu Nguyen
    Considering Nonuniformity of the Soils Electric Parameters when Determining Mutual Electromagnetic Influences of Adjacent Power Lines
    3_4_20Evgeniya A. Panova
    Introduction of Lightning Protection Cable when Determining the Transverse Capacitance of a Single-Circuit Overhead Power Line Using the Phase Coordinates Method
    3_4_21V. I. Biryulin, D. V. Kudelina, A. N. Gorlov
    Simulation of the Higher Harmonics Source Determination in Power Supply Systems
    3_4_22S. V. Petrovski
    Fault Classification by Intelligent Systems to Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility of Vehicles
    3_4_23A. Akhmetshin, G. Marin, S. Gaponenko
    Methods for Improving the Quality of Electrical Energy in Distribution Networks
    Section 1.5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives
    3_5_1G. K. Gamisonia, B. A. Solovev, R. T. Khazieva
    Mathematical and Physical Modeling of Inductive-Capacitive Converters Based on Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
    3_5_2V. V. Tyutikov, E. V. Krasilnikyants, A. A. Alekseev
    Software Tool for Auto-Tuning of the Electric Drive Control System for Metal-Cutting Machines
    3_5_6Alexander V Shestakov
    A Model of Frequency-Controlled Asynchronous Motor Performance Data and its Software Implementation
    3_5_7A. A. Nikolaev, D.A. Revyako
    Improvement of Calculating Methods for the Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Induction Machine of Various Powers Using Additional Experimental Data
    3_5_10V. V. Vakhnina, A. N. Chernenko, R. N. Pudovinnikov
    Computer-Assisted Modeling of Magnetic Fluxes of Power Transformer Affected By Quasi Direct Currents
    3_5_11V. L. Kodkin, A. S. Anikin, A. A. Baldenkov
    The Parametric Control in the Electric Hoist Drive of the Tower Crane
    3_5_18Vladimir Sarbaev, Yury Garmash
    The Pulse Energy Converters in the Systems of Ignition, Electrical Supply and Electric Car Accessories
    3_5_20M. Yu. Petushkov, S. S. Kholodilov, A. V. Valyaev
    Signature Analysis of the Line Current of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
    3_5_21Sergei Kurilin, Yaroslav Fedulov, Andrei Sokolov
    Scientific Substantiation of Topological Diagnostics Methods of Electrical Equipment
    3_5_23A. N. Shkolin, A. Y. Drakin
    Determination of Approximating Dependence of a Semiconductor Device Transient Thermal Impedance
    3_5_25S. I. Malafeev, A. A. Malafeeva
    Investigation of Control Processes in the Electric Network with Static VAr Compensator
    3_5_26Aleksandr Bobkov, Ivetta Varyan
    Modeling the Characteristics of Ferrite Beads of EMI Filters Used to Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility
    3_5_27Mark Kletsel, Alexandr Barukin
    Comprehensive Protection of Furnace Transformers on Magnetically Sensitive Elements
    3_5_28Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Rizagul Mashrapova
    Interference Free Measuring Devices for Current Protection on Reed Switches without Current Transformers
    3_5_29Mark Kletsel, Dinara Amirbek
    General Short-Circuit Protection of Connections in Open Quadrangle Switchgears
    3_5_30Valeriy V. Shokhin, Gennadiy P. Kornilov, Olga V. Permyakova, Vasiliy N. Faryma, Konstantin A. Shestalyuk
    Investigation of Braking Modes in the Electric Drive with Direct Torque Control System
    3_5_34Ksenia Postoyankova, Vladimir Polishchuk, Alena Shuvalova
    Research of a Genetic Algorithm for Identification of Induction Motor Parameters
    3_5_36Regina T. Khazieva, Andrey V. Mukhametshin
    Development and Research of the Current Measurement Scheme for Insulation Tests with High Voltage Industrial Frequency
    3_5_37Vladimir Polyakov, Iurii Plotnikov
    The Estimation of Electromechanical and Energy Resources under Modes Optimization of Frequency-Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive with Energy Storage System
    3_5_39V. I. Laletin, E. N. Malyshev
    Vector Analysis of a Step Electric Drive in the Minimum Loss Mode
    3_5_40Sergey V. Oskin, Alexei V. Miroshnikov, Dmitry S.Tsokur
    Studying the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Electric Motors in COMSOL Multiphysics
    3_5_41D. Sychev, Su Jingya, Huang Sai, Huang Yiling
    Fault-Tolerance of Electric Drive with Field Regulated Reluctance Machine
    3_5_42I. Artyukhov, A. Zemtsov, E. Pylskaya
    Power Supply System for Multi-Generator Conveyor Microwave Installation
    3_5_43A. I. Andriyanov
    Dynamics of a Buck Converter with PI Controller
    3_5_44S. Mitrofanov, A. Veremeev
    Simulation of Transient Processes in an Asynchronous Motor with a Phase Rotor
    3_5_46Alexander Krasovsky, Sergey Vasyukov , Elena Vostorgina
    Obtaining the MTPA Mode in the Three-Phase Traction SRM with a Flat Topped Shape of Phase Current
    3_5_47Antonio J. Marques Cardoso, Evgenij Koptjaev
    Dynamic Modes of a Brushless Doubly-Fed Generator for Wind Turbines
    3_5_48Мещеряков В.Н., Пикалов В.В., Бойков А.и.
    Система электронного поджига дуги для электродугового плазматрона
    3_5_49Konstantin Oleinikov
    Synthesis of Synergetic Controllers for Power Converters of the Energy System in Electric Vehicles
    3_5_50Vera Veber, Valery Dilman
    Improved Metrological Characteristics of Eddy Current Testing
    3_5_51Ivan V. Bryakin, Igor V. Bochkarev, Rifkhat R. Khramshin, Aida R. Sandybaeva
    Thermal Protection of Biopower Plant Electric Drives
    Part 2. Automation Engineering
    Section 2.1. Control Systems and Applications
    4_1_2R. F. Gibadullin, M. Yu. Perukhin, A. V. Ilin
    Speech Recognition and Machine Translation Using Neural Networks
    4_1_3R. F. Gibadullin, N. S. Marushkai
    Development of Predictive CNN Based Model for Vital Signs Alerts
    4_1_4V. N. Shashikhin, L. G. Potapova, S. V. Budnik
    Chaotic Modes Suppression in Nonlinear Systems
    4_1_6S. V. Tararykin, V. V. Tyutikov, E. R. Panteleev
    Method of Synthesizing a System for Controlling the Material Deformation Zone of a Continuous Production Line
    4_1_8A. A. Gribanov, H . A .A. Mohammed
    Automated Method Recognizing Defects in Wood
    4_1_10Y. G. Kokunko, S. A. Krasnova, S. V. Pivneva
    Synthesis of the Differentiator of Given Actions in the Control System of a Wheeled Robot
    4_1_11B. R. Sharipov, M. Yu. Perukhin, B. I. Mullayanov
    Statistical Analysis of Pseudorandom Sequences and Stegocontainers
    4_1_12Elena Jharko
    Life Cycle and Quality Assurance of Software for Systems of Critical Information Infrastructure Facilities
    4_1_13A. V. Drobotov, S. S. Shemelyunas
    Device for Automatic Removal and Extraction of Printed Parts from the 3D Printer Camera
    4_1_14Aleksey Krivonogov
    Non-Invasive Flow Measurement Technology Based on Taylor’s Frozen Turbulence Hypothesis
    4_1_16Фархадов З.И., Амирасланов Б.К.,Юсифов С.И.
    Система автоматической настройки вибрационно-частотного плотномера на основе нечеткой логики
    4_1_19N. I. Pikuleva, A. Sh. Khafizova, D. A. Gashigullin
    Querying Big Graphs in Data Flow Language
    4_1_20Victor I. Shlaev, Maria V. Bilchuk , Sergey A. Tyasto
    Development of a Switching Circuit for the Operation of a Multichannel System in Reception and Emission Modes
    4_1_21V. V. Karagodin, V. A. Gorin, S. V. Smirnov
    Performance-Optimized Control of Special Nonlinear Dynamic Objects: a Numerical Solution
    4_1_22N. A. Tseligorov, A. V. Tchubukin, A. I. Ozersky
    Investigation of the Robust System of the Tunnel Furnace Temperature Control
    4_1_23N. I. Pikuleva, A. Sh. Khafizova, D. A. Gashigullin
    Event Correlation with Undefined Data
    4_1_25Kirill R. Chernyshov, Elena Ph. Jharko
    Nuclear Reactor Reactivity Estimation within NPP Diagnostics Problems
    4_1_26I. A. Tikhomirova, S. V. Tararykin, L. G. Kopylova
    Developing and Studying Selective-Invariant Systems of Controlling Electric Drives with Elastic Kinematic Linkage
    4_1_27Ямпольский Д.А.
    Алгоритмы и реализация программы управления групповым режимом работы лифтов
    4_1_28Alexandеr Kobzev
    Parrying Perturbations in the Systems with Complementary Control
    4_1_29Nelly Sedova, Viktor Sedov, Ruslan Bazhenov
    Collision Risk Level Analysis Based on the Computed Distance and Closing Time of an Autonomous Surface Vessel and Other Objects
    4_1_30Anrey Kostoglotov, Sergey Lazarenko, Igor Pugachev
    Synthesis of Phase-Locked Loop Systems Under Conditions of a Disturbance Based on the Model of the Combined Maximum Principle and the Discrete Invariant Immersion Method
    4_1_31V. V. Zunin, I. I. Romanova
    Development and Implementation of Synchronous Control of Stepper Motors with Acceleration
    4_1_32Zinnur Gizatullin, Maksim Shkinderov
    Increasing the Noise Immunity of the Access Monitoring and Control System under the Influence of Electrostatic Discharge
    4_1_33Zinnur Gizatullin, Maksim Shkinderov
    Research of Electromagnetic Interference in the Power Supply Network of the Access Monitoring and Control System
    4_1_39E. Merzlikina, Hoang Van Va, G. Farafonov
    Automatic Control System with an Autotuning Module and a Predictive PID-Algorithm for Thermal Processes
    4_1_45K. A. Palaguta, B. V. Kirilichev, N. V. Grunenkov
    Simulation of the Operation of the Vibration Amplitude Stabilization Subsystem
    4_1_46Dmitry Lusenko, Ivan Danilushkin
    Adaptation Algorithm for the Parameters of the Heat Carrier Temperature Controller of the Waste Heat Boiler Based on Neural Network
    4_1_48S. Staroletov
    Developing Automata-Based Control Software for Water Purification and Normalization
    4_1_49Andrey Dоlgаnоv, Victoriya Davydova
    Structural Identification of Humanoid-Robot Control System
    4_1_50M. A. Urakseev, K. V. Vazhdaev, A. R. Sagadeev
    Acousto-Optic Displacement Sensor for Mechanical Systems
    4_1_51K.V. Litsin, A.V. Tsukanov, A. I. Zhenenko
    Development of an Automatic System for Regulating Sinter Burden Moisture at JSC «Ural Steel»
    4_1_53Konstantin Yurenko, Pavel Kharchenko, Ivan Yurenko
    Algorithm of Random Search in the Optimal-Terminal Control of a Multi-Mode Moving Object
    4_1_54Брысин А.Н., Микаева С.А., Лебеденко И.Б.
    Определение параметров гидропневматической системы горизонтального позиционирования мобильной платформы.
    4_1_55M. A. Vernezi, D. V. Nazarenko, E. H. Abderrazzak
    Vibration Suppression of Stepper Motors by the Electric Method
    4_1_56Andrey M. Trunin, Andrey N. Ragozin, Stanislav N. Darovskih
    An Investigation of the Application of an Artificial Neural Network and Machine Learning to Improve the Efficiency of Gas Analyzer Systems in Assessing the State of the Environment
    4_1_59P. I. Tutubalin
    Method of Increasing Information Security of Petrochemical Industry Enterprises Using NFC Technology
    4_1_60A. A. Nikolaev, P. G. Tulupov.
    Electric Arc Furnace Control System with Smelting Stage Diagnostic Function and Adaptive Non-Linear Impedance Controller
    4_1_61A.A. Nikolaev, V.A. Efremov , P.G. Tulupov
    Improved Methodology for Estimating Specific Energy Consumption in Electric Arc Furnaces when Changing Electrical Modes
    4_1_63E. Krushel, A. Panfilov, O. Stepanchenko
    Distributed Proportional-Integral Control Law Capabilities for the Temperature Maintaining System within the Vertical Greenhouse
    4_1_64Georgi Martinov, Nikolay Kozak, Svetlana Evstafieva
    Implementation of Dynamic Changes in Machine Kinematics in the Electroautomatic Subsystem of the CNC System
    4_1_67E. Abdulova
    Some Issues of Assessing the Risk Potential of Technological Process at Nuclear Power Plants
    4_1_68S. Jatsun, A. Malchikov, A. Yatsun
    Investigation of the Oscillatory Effect in a Copy Control System
    4_1_70Igor Shardyko, Maria Samorodova, Victor Titov
    Series Elastic Actuator Control Based on Active Damping Injection with Positive Torque Feedback
    4_1_73S. N. Baskov, K. V. Litsin, D. M. Utyamishev
    Search for More Efficient Automatic Feed of the Mold Flux to the Continuous Casting Machine Crystallizer
    4_1_75Vladimir Nosenko, Alexey Silaev, Stepan Efremkin
    Control System for the Assembling Rubber Products Technological Process Using Radio Frequency Identification
    Section 2.2. Industrial Mechatronics and Robotics
    4_2_1Maksim V. Arkhipov, Lyudmila B. Kocherevskaya, Vladlena V. Matrosova
    Conrol of Manipulation Robot Interacting with Elastic Objects Using Simmechanics
    4_2_3Aruquipa A. Grover, Rojas S. Gabriel
    Design and Implementation of a Delta Robot Based on FPGA for the Automation of the Collection of Solid Products
    4_2_6K. I. Boldareva, A. D. Lukyanov, M. A. Vernezi
    Development of a Mechatronic Systems Module Control System Based on MEMS Orientation Sensors
    4_2_7S. F. Jatsun, E. V. Saveleva, A. S. Yatsun, A. A. Postolny
    Upper Limb Exoskeleton Control System
    Section 2.3. Real Time Embedded Control
    4_3_1M. Maslakov, V. Khmara, A. Kabyshev
    Development of a Pneumatic Transport System for the Container Delivery of Process Materials
    4_3_2V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov, M. Smirnov
    The Dynamic Regulator that is Robust to the Object of Control Varying
    4_3_3Evgeny A. Titenko
    Parallel Sorting Algorithm for the Operation of Industrial Intelligent Systems
    4_3_4Aleksey V. Zinkevich
    ESP8266 Microcontroller Application in Wireless Synchronization Tasks
    4_3_6K. I. Kostromitin, B. N. Dokuchaev, D. A. Kozlov
    Development of a Methodology for Providing Hardware Protection of a Computational Algorithm Based on a Local Distributed Network
    4_3_8A. I. Martyshkin
    Development of Methods and Recommendations for Energy-Efficient Programming of Microprocessor Controllers
    Section 2.4. Sensors and Computer Vision
    4_4_1R. G. Vildanov, A. S. Khismatullin
    Automation of the Processing of Diagnostic Information from the Magnetization Loss Sensor
    4_4_3M. Lyasheva, S. Lyasheva, M. Shleymovich
    Image Compression Method Based on Analysis of Energy Features
    4_4_4Htet Aung, Alexander V. Bobkov, Nyan Lin Tun
    Face Detection in Real Time Live Video Using YOLO Algorithm Based on VGG16 Convolutional Neural Network
    4_4_5Behruz Saidov, Vladimir Telezhkin
    Simulation of Ultrasonic Sensor at Lower Ultrasonic Range in Data Transmission
    4_4_6A. L. Surkaev, S. I. Blaginin, V. I. Usachev
    Impulse Pressure Sensor of Shock Wave of Electric Explosion Wire in Air
    4_4_7Aliia Khasanova, Alisa Makhmutova, Igor Anikin
    Image Denoising for Video Surveillance Cameras Based on Deep Learning Techniques
    4_4_8Edward Rzaev, Anton Khanaev. Aleksandr Amerikanov
    Neural Network for Real-Time Object Detection on FPGA
    4_4_9Oksana Bogatireva, Igor Bogachkov, Nikolai Gorlov
    Monitoring of Branched Faber-Optic Cables
    4_4_10A. S. Miroshnikov, I. A. Berko, A. A. Berko
    Optimization Method for Parallel Algorithm for Face Recognition in Graphic Images
    4_4_11A. S. Miroshnikov, I. A. Berko, A. A. Berko
    Optimization Method for the Parallel Algorithm for Finding Faces in Graphic Images
    4_4_13S. N. Tereshchenko, E. D. Moiseeva
    Computer Vision for Determining the Fraction of Proppant for Hydraulic Fracturing
    Section 2.5. Theory and Applications of Dynamical Measurements
    4_5_1N. I. Yumagulov, A. L. Galiev, D. V. Topolsky
    Feedback in the Power Stabilization System of a Reference Generator with an Oscillatory Circuit
    4_5_2Andrey Sedov
    The Spectral-Trajectory Identification of Complex Objects by the Realizations of Measured Signals at Operation Monitoring, Control and Diagnostics
    4_5_3A. Valeev, R. Tashbulatov, A. Tokarev
    Development of Condition Monitoring of Industrial Machines using Strain Gauge Analysis and Locating Defects via Pulse Control
    4_5_5A. N. Krasnov, I. N. Мymrin, M. Yu. Prakhova
    Improving the Noise Immunity of the Vortex Flowmeter Measurement Signal
    4_5_6Sergey Gerasimov, Vladimir Glushnev, Igor Zhelbakov
    Subsample Time Delay Estimation by Quadratic Interpolation of Correlation Function of Digitized Ultrasonic Probing Signals
    4_5_9Кузора С.С.
    Динамика изменения качества деятельности организаций инновационной инфраструктуры
    4_5_11S. N. Fedorov, A. N. Krasnov, M. Yu. Prakhova
    Separate Measuring the Liquid and Gas Delivery of Oil Wells with a Single Flowmeter
    4_5_12Ivan V. Bryakin, Igor V. Bochkarev, Vadim R. Khramshin, Ekaterina A. Khramshina
    A New Method of Detecting Subsurface Metallic Objects
    Section 2.6. Modeling and Computer Technologies for Industrial Applications
    4_6_8Ахмедов М.А., Ахмедова С.М., Магоммедли Х.М.
    Внедрение результатов имитационного моделирования ГПС в реальных производственных системах
    4_6_10J. V. Doronina, A. V. Skatkov
    Analysis of Resource Availability of Production Systems Based on the Principle of Permanent Evaluation Functional Taking Into Account the Type of Multi-Modeling Topology
    4_6_11E. B. Doronina, A. V. Skatkov, Yu. V. Doronina
    Modeling Maintenance and Repair Intensity of Production System Based on Variable Structure Process
    4_6_13Alexander N. Tkachev, Ivan V. Shkuropadsky, Dmitry N. Chernoivan
    Modeling the Spatial Distribution of the Magnetic Field in Magnetic Systems of Electrical Devices Using Block Elements and Fundamental Solutions
    4_6_14Viktor Bogachev, Alexandra Kravets, Taras Bogachev
    Comparative Analysis of the Use Egalitarian and Utilitarian Approaches in the Freight Transportation Optimization Problem
    4_6_15A. Zatonskiy, R. Bazhenov, S. Beknazarova
    Advantages of Freeware-based Simulation Tools for Technical and Technological Modeling
    4_6_17Vladimir Telezhkin, Andrey Ragozin, Behruz Saidov
    Prediction of Signals in Control Systems Based on Fuzzy Time Series
    4_6_18Sergey Gushanskiy, Viktor Potapov
    Investigation of Quantum Algorithms for Face Detection and Recognition Using a Quantum Neural Network
    4_6_21Халилов Э.О.
    Применение двуручных роботов-манипуляторов в гибких технологических процессах
    4_6_22E. S. Abramova, K. V. Makarov, A. A. Orlov
    Method for Undefined Complex Human Activity Recognition
    4_6_25Svetlana Vyalkova, Ivan Nadtoka
    Analysis of Hybrid Model Error of Short-Term Forecast of Energy Consumption in Moscow
    4_6_27G. Samigulina, Z. Samigulina
    Development of a Knowledge Base for a Unified Artificial Immune System for Complex Objects Control
    4_6_30Sergey P. Orlov, Roman A. Uchaikin
    Colored Petri Net Models for Computer Equipment Maintenance Management at an Enterprise
    4_6_31Vitaly Promyslov, Kirill Semenkov
    The Estimation of Control System Parameters in “Network Calculus” from Experimental Data
    4_6_32Vladimir Evsin, Svetlana Shirobokova, Sergei Vorobyev
    Mathematical Model of an Industrial Distributed Ledger as a Queueing System with Multiple Tickets of Unlimited Depth
    4_6_34V. A. Dovgal
    Making Decisions about the Placement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on the Implementation of an Artificial Immune System in Relation to Information Processing
    4_6_36D. A. Gaponova, R. V. Rodyakina, A. V. Shcherbakov
    Investigation of the Closed-Loop Control System Operation for the Additive Manufacturing Process Using a Nonlinear Heat Transfer Model
    4_6_37M. M. Gavrikov, R. M. Sinetsky, A. M. Narmatova
    Algorithm for Dynamic Scale Adaptation of Reference Functions Based on Image Implementations
    4_6_40A. Y. Kubarev, A. E. Usachov, E. V. Mikhaylova
    Modeling of Partial Discharge Waveforms in the Generalized Model of Power Transformer Insulation
    4_6_41Sergey Vasyukov, Alexander Maсovey, Alexander Tronnikov
    Algorithms for Direct Digital Transmission of Control Signals Through the Vehicles On-Board DC Network
    4_6_43Anna Kolodenkova, Sergey Novokschenov, Leonid Lopatin
    Representation and Storage of Knowledge Using Computer Technology in Industrial Equipment Diagnosing
    4_6_45Valeriy Korol, Mikhail Lankin, Igor Lankin
    Method for Determining the Magnetic Characteristics of High-Coercive Permanent Magnets
    4_6_50I. Y. Lvovich, A. P. Preobrazhenskiy, O. N. Choporov
    The Simulation of Indoor Object Positioning Processes
    4_6_52A. Baklanov, G. Tkachenko, I. Lankin
    Development of a Method for a Comprehensive Assessment of the Functional State of Power Oil Transformers
    4_6_53Stanislav Gladkikh, Anton Lankin, Oleg Naugolnov
    Complementary Assembly Method for Reducing Energy and Resource Consumption in the Production of Electromagnetic Drives
    4_6_54A. Lankin, S. Gladkikh, N. Narakidze
    Construction of Mathematical Models for Predictive Diagnostics of Electromagnetic Drives
    4_6_59A. N. Kazimirov
    Monitoring the State of Technological Equipment in the Application to the Educational Process
    4_6_60Зрячев С.А., Ларин С.Н.
    Создание системы поддержки принятия решений для послепродажного обслуживания авиационной техники
    4_6_64E. Merzlikina, V. Nesterenko, A. Repin
    Multiparametric Multiextremal Optimization Algorithm Software Simplex Evolution for MATLAB and Simintech Libraries
    4_6_67Yu. N. Slesarev, A. A. Vorontsov
    Analysis of Models of Solenoids Used to Simulate the Reproduction Signal of Magnetostrictive Tiltmeters
    4_6_68A. I. Martyshkin
    Research and Development of an Intelligent Agent for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
    4_6_70Denis Chernov
    Definition of Protective Measures of Information Security of Automated Process Control Systems
    4_6_71Nikolay Grebennikov, Pavel Kharchenko
    Development of a Computer Model of a Passenger Train Using Data from Devices for Train Operation Parameters Registration
    4_6_250Вялкова С.А., Надтока И.И.
    Анализ погрешности гибридной модели краткосрочного прогнозирования электропотребления г. Москвы.