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    ¹ Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Control systems and their industrial application
    1Mitroshin V.N.
    System for Distributed Control of Melt Temperature of Polymer in a Screw Extruder
    5Pavlovskaya O.O., Kondakov S.V., Andreeva A.A.
    Modelling Human Operator Driving High-Speed Tracked Vehicle
    6Shoshiashvili M.E., Shoshiashvili I.S., Kartashova T.P.
    Automatic Control System of Rotary Trencher
    8Verevkin A.P., Murtazin T.M.
    Situation models correction for real-time processes control based on simplified algorithm
    9En Un Chye, Kupriyanova O.V., Levenets A.V.
    Development and research of models of data transmission systems with adaptation to communication channel status and implementation of “deferred precision” principle
    10Karagodin V.V., Gorin V.A., Smirnov S.V.
    Sequential Supporting Solutions Method in the Linear Oscillating Objects Control Problems Optimized by Processing Speed
    11Karagodin V.V., Polyansky K.A., Ribakov D.V.
    Sequential Supporting Solutions Method Convergence Research in Optimal Processing Speed Tasks
    12Shishlyannikov D.I., Lavrenko S.A.
    Pilot Test Results for Promising Drives of Sucker-Rod Pumping Units
    13BulatovY.N., Kryukov A.V.
    A multi-agent control system of distributed generation plants
    14Maslakov M.P., Antipov K.V., Dobaev A.Z.
    Method of Activity Transition Graphs Conversion into Modified Petri Nets of Technological Processes
    15Azamatov B.N., Kvasov A.I., Azamatova Zh.K.
    Hydrocyclones Set ACS with Variable Geometry in the HAR TPP System
    16Prakhova M.Yu., Khoroshavina E.A., Krasnov A.N.
    System of Automatic Hydrate Growth Inhibitor Supply to the Gas Field Flowline
    17Prakhova M.Yu., Khoroshavina E.A., Krasnov A.N.
    Cognitive Model-based System of Optimal Control of Methanol Supply to the Flowline
    19Efanov D., Osadtchy G., Sedykh D.
    Protocol of Diagnostic Information Transmission via Radio Channel Concerning Health Monitoring of Russian Rail Roads Infrastructure
    22Gorkavyy M.A., Gorkavyy A.I., Solovyov V.A.
    Conceptual model of intelligent system supporting situation evaluation, forecast and control at power grid companies
    28Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I., Fomin A.V.
    On PI-controller Neural Tuner Implementation in Programmable Logic Controller to Improve Rejection of Disturbances Effecting Heating Plant
    29Barankova I.I., Mikhailova U.V., Lukianov G.I.
    Company Railway Transport Control Automation
    30Kudryashov A.V., Fedorov V.B., Popov E.A.
    Automated Lighting Control System for Workplaces Equipped with Displays
    31Petrov Yu.S., Maskov Yu.P., Sakhanskiy Yu.V.
    Generalized Matrix Analysis of Electric Firing Circuits
    32Spasennikov V.V., Kondratenko S.V., Kuzmenko A.A.
    Methodology of evaluation of operators’ activities in man-machine systems with color estimates
    37Savin S.I., Vorochaeva L.Yu.
    Nested Quadratic Programming-based Controller for Pipeline Robots
    38Savin S.I., Vorochaeva L.Yu.
    Pace Pattern Generation for an Pipeline Robot
    40Podivilova E., Shiryaev V.
    Application of Model and Process Features in Set-valued Dymamical System State Estimation
    41Kudryashov A.V., Kalinina A.S., Yagovkin G.N.
    Pulse Width Modulated LED Light Control and Vision Adaptation
    42Dem'yanov D.N.
    Analytical synthesis of reduced order observer for estimation of the bilinear dynamic system state
    43Scherbakov A.V., Rodyakinà R.V., Demidov A.N.
    Development of Beam Current Local Regulator in Additive Electron Beam Process Control System
    46Khakulov V.A., Ignatov V.N., Karyakin A.T.
    Revisiting Justification of the Concept of the Robotic Mining Excavator
    47Khakulov V.A., Ignatov V.N., Khakulov V.V.
    Open Pit Mining Robotization
    49Susarev S.V., Gubanov N.G., Melnikov E.V.
    Information Systems Analysis and Design Intelligent Techniques for Monitoring of the Inductive Inference Based Large-scale Infrastructural Objects Status in Categorical Models Systems
    50Susarev S.V., Gubanov N.G., Steblev Yu.I.
    Development of Intelligent Hardware and Software Monitoring Complex Structure for Lingering Objects in Real-Time Mode
    51Borodin M.U., Bliznik M.G., Smolyanv I.A.
    On the Possibility of Spectral Method Using for Synthesis of Mechanical Engineering Electric Drive Control Systems
    52Cherny S.P., Soloviev V.A.
    Another Approach to Enhancement of Fuzzy Controller Intellectual Capabilities
    53Kuzishchin V.F., Merzlikina E.I. Hoang Van Va
    PD and PDD algorithms with integrating object: tuning on the basis of approach to suboptimal algorithm
    54Gordeev B.A., Plekhov A.S., Titov D.Y.
    Electromagnetic Field Mathematical Model to Control the Magnetorheological Damper
    55Gordeev B.A,. Plekhov A.S., Titov D.Y.
    Magnetorheological Transformer Physical Model
    56Egorov S.V., Perepelkina S.Yu., Akhmedov A.A.
    Technological Cell Design for Agricultural Products Storage
    57Khadanovich D.V., Shiryaev V.I.
    Adaptation of guaranteed state estimation algorithm to anomalous measurements
    59Abakumov A.M., Antropov V.Y., Randin D.G.
    Electrotechnical Vibration Isolation System with a Magnetorheological Damper
    61Ryabchikov M.Yu., Ryabchikova E.S.
    Optimizing Control System Based on Integration of Competing Search Optimization Algorithms
    62Ryabchikov M.Yu., Burnashev R.E., Ryabchikova E.S.
    Modernization of Modular Transportable Ñrushing and Grading Complexes Automation Systems
    64Lazarenko Kostoglotov Pugachev I.V.
    Terminal Controls Synthesis Method for the Gibbs Function Use
    65Lazarenko S., Kostoglotov À., Derabkin I.V.
    Identification of Design Parameters Using the Combined Maximum Principle and the Decomposition Principle
    66Shelihov E.S., Chernousova A.M., Vasilevykh S.L.
    Automatic Correction Control Program Method Realization of the CNC Machine Tool under Industrial Conditions
    69Andreev S.M., Parsunkin B.N.
    Billet Heating Control Fuel-saving Solution in the Rolling Mill Furnace
    70Filaretov V., Yukhimets D., Subudhi Bidyadhar
    Information-Control System for Cooperative Control of a Mobile Robots Group
    73V.V. Shokhin, O.V. Permyakova, E.A. Khramshina, V.R. Khramshin
    The Use of Frequency Characteristics for Interconnected Drive of a Rolling Mill Modes Research
    74Bochkarev I.V., Khramshin V.R.
    Development of System for Control of Reversible Electric Drive Friction-Plate Electromagnetic Clutch
    75Lukichev D.V., Demidova G.L.
    Speed Control in PMSM Drive with Non-Stiff Load and Unknown Parameters Using PI- and Fuzzy Adaptive PID Controllers
    76Elsukov V.S., Lachin V.I., Lipkin S.M.
    Controlling functionally undefined nonlinear objects with random relative order and unstable equilibrium state
    78Muravyova E.A., Sharipov M.I.
    Two Fuzzy Controller Synthesis Methods with the Double Base of Rules: Reference Points and Training Using
    79Muravyova E.A., Sharipov M.I.
    Fuzzification Concept Using the Any-time Algorithm on the basis of Precise Term Sets
    81Kazarinov L.S., Kolesnikova O.V., Barbasova T.A., Filimonova A.A.
    Efficiency Evaluation Method for Boilers Performance with a Team-based Breakdown of Outcomes
    82Kazarinov L.S., Shnayder D.A., Kolesnikova O.V.
    Heat Load Control in Steam Boilers
    83Vasilev I., Antonova E.
    Supporting Decision-Making in Organizing Railway Container Terminal Operations
    84Kodkin V.L., Anikin A.S., Baldenkov A.A.
    Experimental Research of Asynchronous Electric Drive with Positive Dynamic Feedback on Stator Current
    85Nikulin O.V., Shabanov V.A.
    Improving Reliability of Drill Rig Electric Drive Control System
    92Korochensev V.I., Zorchenko N.K., Potapenko A.A.
    Analysis of Sonar Navigation Systems in Coastal Zone
    95Kuvshinov G.E., Chupina K.V.
    Automatic Control System for Underwater Autonomous Vehicles Power Supply
    96Burkov A.
    Main Provisions of Theory of Reliability in Relation to Shipboard Electrical Equipment
    97Kuvshinov G., Burkov A.
    Study of Ships Electrification
    98Kiryanova N., Kataev D., Yadykin I.
    Comparison of Two Methods of Power Systems Stability Degree Asessment
    100Lavrinov D.S., Khorkin A.I.
    Laser Triangulation 2D Scanner Signal Processing for Premium Thread Pitch Measurement
    101Ganin P., Moskvin V., Kobrin A.
    Redundant Industrial Manipulator Control System
    105Polyanina A.S.
    Control Parameters for Processes of Amplitude Stabilization in the Vicinity of Orbital-Stable Limit Cycles
    107Klyuev R.V., Bosikov I.I., Kelekhsaev V.B.
    Method for Determining of the Ventilation Object Transfer Function According to Normal Operation (by the Example of Mining and Processing Complex)
    108Klyuev R.V., Bosikov I.I., Kelekhsaev V.B.
    Development of Indicators for Performance Functioning Natural-Industrial System Evaluation at the Mining and Processing Complex Using the Analytical Hierarchy Method
    110Ishmatov Z., Polyakov V., Plotnikov Iu.
    Robust currents control in the electric drive
    111Fomin A.À.
    Microgeometry of surfaces after profile milling with the use of automatic cutting control system
    113Tyutikov V.V., Voronenkova A.A.
    Analytical Synthesis and Analysis of Industrial Facility Control System Versions
    115Martinov G.M., Kozak N.V., Nezhmetdinov R.A.
    Implementation of Control for Peripheral Machine Equipment Based on the External Soft PLC Integrated with CNC
    117Vishnevskiy A.A., Yasoveev V.Kh., Khasanov Z.M.
    Correction of dynamic errors of fiber-optic pressure sensor based on dynamic reflexive transformation method
    118Kovalev I.A., Nikishechkin P.A., Grigoriev A.S.
    Approach to Programmable Controller Building by its Main Modules Synthesizing Based on Requirements Specification for Industrial Automation
    120Dubovik S., Kabanov A.
    Quasipotentials in Synthesis of Control Systems Based on Knowledge
    122Galiullin L., Valiev R.
    Diagnostics Technological Process Modeling for Internal Combustion Engines
    124Bolotin I.V., Egorov U.N.
    Synthesis of structures of automatic control systems engineering muscles
    128Filaretov V.F., Konoplin N.Yu., Konoplin A.Yu.
    Approach to Creation of Underwater Vehicles Information Control System
    129Samotylova S.A., Torgashov A.Yu., Goncharov A.A.
    Structural identification of soft-sensor of MTBE unit
    130Zemtsov N.S., Hlava J., Frantsuzova G.A.
    Using the Robust PID Controller to Manage the Population of Thermostatically Controlled Loads
    131Filimonova A.A., Barbasova T.A.
    Automated System for Simulation of Electricity Consumption in the Iron and Steel Plant
    Section 2. Industrial mechatronics, automation and robotics
    1Vokhmintsev A., Timchenko Ì., Karyakina A.
    Real-time Visual Loop-closure Detection using fused Iterative Close Point Algorithm and Extended Kalman Filter
    2Kutlubaev I.M., Zhydenko I.G., Permyakov A.F.
    Construction Basics of adaptive group actuators of anthropomorphic grippers actuating link groups
    3Kolganov A.R., Lebedev S.K., Gnezdov N.E.
    Rational Adjustments of Positioning Systems of Industrial Manipulators
    4Sarvarov A.S., Mikhaylets V.F., Vasil’ev A.E.
    Analytical Study of Underactuated Mechanisms of Anthropomorphic Robotic Gripper
    6Nikolaev A.A., Tulupov P.G., Savinov D.A.
    Mathematical Model of Electrode Positioning Hydraulic Drive of Electric Arc Steel-Making Furnace Taking into Account Stochastic Disturbances of Arcs
    7Nikolaev A.A., Tulupov P.G., Savinov D.A.
    Statistical Analysis of Random Fluctuations of Currents in the Electric Arc Steel-making Furnace for Different Melting Techniques
    8Gubankov A., Gornostaev I.
    Development of method of forming signals for the actuators of manipulators with redundant degrees of mobility
    11Ivanov K.M., Gerasimenko A.V., Lyu G.P.
    Determination of moment for power system separation control action during an out-of-step condition
    12Chernyshev V.V., Arykantsev V.V., Kalinin Ya.V.
    Passive foot control in cyclic walking mechanism
    13Omelchenko Ye.Ya., Belyy A.V., Lymar A.B.
    Angle Setting in a Positional Electric Drive of Robot Devices
    14Makarov A.M., Serdobintsev Y.P., Mushkin O.V., Lapikov M.A.
    Research of the Process of Automatic Gripping of Air-Penetrating Flexible Containers with Vacuum during Sorting of Free-Flowing Products
    16Kruglov S.P., Kovyrshin S.V., Kovaleva N.S.
    Optimization of Material Handling at the Automatic Warehouse Based on the Adaptive Control Algorithm
    17Lavrentyeva M.V., Chimitov P.Ya.
    Implementation of Recognition Algorithm with NXOpen API in Siemens NX
    20Veselov G.E., Sklyarov A.A., Ovsyanikova Ju.D.
    Attractor-repeller Method of Mobile Robots Control for Obstacle Avoidance
    23Karali Patraa, Amit Jha, Tibor Szalay
    Tool Ñondition Monitoring in Micro-drilling Using Vibration Signals and Artificial Neural Network
    27Drovnikov A.N., Menshenin S.E., Mienshenina E.A.
    Working out and Investigating the Manipulator for Constructive Work
    32Konoplin Al.Yu., Konoplin N.Yu.
    System for Automatic Soil Sampling by Underwater Vehicle
    33Filaretov V., Gubankov A.
    Synthesis of an Adaptive Speed Control System for a Mechatronic Complex
    34Filaretov V., Gubankov A.
    Adaptive Speed Control System for End-Effectors of Multilink Manipulators
    35Voinov I.V., Kazantsev A.M., Nosikov M.V.
    A Navigation System of Mobile Robot, Based on Bearing Measurements of Beacons
    36Voynov I.V., Telegin A.I., Timofeev D.N.
    Synthesis of Robot Manipulators with Specified Properties
    Section 3. Electric power systems and renewable energy sources
    3Sharygin M.V., Kulikov A.L.
    Automatic Control System of Power Supply of Active Consumers
    4Fayda E.L., Sivkova A.P., Nikonova T.Y.
    Self-adjusting Air Temperature Control System in Residential Accommodation with Electric Heating
    5Shpiganovich A.N., Shpiganovich A.A., Fedorov O.V.
    Concerning the Opportunity of Fail-safe Systems Development
    6Kravets A.G., Kanavina M.A., Salnikova N.A.
    Development of an Integrated Method for Placement of Solar and Wind Energy Objects in the Lower Volga
    8Vikharev A.P., Repkina N.G., Pleshkova T.A.
    Express Analysis of Changes in Amount of Deflection of Overhead Power Lines
    9Vikharev À.P., Repkin D.À., Repkina N.G.
    Thermal Calculation of Covered Conductor for Overhead Lines
    13Biryulin V.I., Gorlov A.N., Kudelina D.V.
    Fuzzy Modeling of Effeciency of Energy and Fuel Resource Use at Regional Level
    15Ryzhkova Y.N., Tsyruk S.A., Matyunina Yu.V.
    Control of Resistive Neutral Grounding based on the Smart Grid Principles
    17Makulov I.A., Alitdinov A.E.
    The Equipment and Application Features of Induction Heating in Oil and Gas Industry
    18Konovalov Y.V., Nurbosynov D.N.
    Optimization of Power Supply System Reactive Power Compensation at the Oil Field Electrical Substation
    19Perekopnaya Y.A., Resh A.G., Gribanov A.I.
    Combined Heating Unit for Heat-Transfer Fluid
    20Osintsev K.V., Zhirgalova T.B., Khasanova A.V.
    Operation Principles of Gas Turbine Generator
    24Toropov E.V., Lymbina L.E., Khasanova A.V.
    Way of electricity generation
    26Grigoryev A.V., Malyshev S.M., Zaynullin R.R.
    Unified Ship Power Grids with Alternators and DC Power Distribution
    27Sheludko V.N., Belskii G.V., Grigoryev A.V.
    Issues of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electric Equipment on Ships with Electric Propulsion Systems
    28Orlov A.I., Volkov S.V., Savelyev A.A.
    Operation of the Electric Main Multiphase Load Balancing Unit
    29Biryulin V.I., Gorlov A.N., Kudelina D.V.
    Evaluation of Normative Values of Slow Voltage Variations
    30Efimov N.N., Papin V.V., Kurnakova N.Yu.
    Method of Calculating Compact High-Performance Accumulator For Multifunctional Heat Station Based On Cascade Heat Pump System
    32Rozhentcova N.V., Ganin P.V., Rudakov A.I.
    Structural and computer optimization model of a solar-wind hybrid electrical system in the software environment Matlab Simulink
    33Sheryazov S.K., Ptashkina-Girina O.S.
    Estimation of Renewable Energy Resources for Heat Supply Systems
    34Rudenko N.V., Ershov V.V., Evstafiev V.V.
    Improvement of ecological and resource-consumption properties of hybrid power supply plants of mobile base stations
    35Bessolitsyn A.V., Golgovskikh A.V., Novikov A.V.
    Experimental Study of Current Error of up to 50 Hz Current-measuring Transformer
    36Komyakov A.A., Cheremisin V.T., Erbes V.V.
    Simulation of Power Consumption in Railway Power Supply Systems with of Artificial Intelligence Aids
    37Filatova G.A., Shuin V.A., Shadrikova T.Yu.
    Comparison of Electrical Variables of Transient Process for Earth-to Ground Fault Location in Medium Voltage Cable Networks
    39Patrashkin E.A., Andreev A.N.
    IEC-61850 Use in Central Relay Protection and Automation Network Systems
    40Shestakova A.L., Kirpichnikova I.M.
    Study of Russian Law Trends related to Energy Efficiency and Saving based on Renewable Energy Sources
    41Sheryazov S.K., Obukhov S.G., Shelubaev M.V.
    Renewable Sources in System Distributed Generation
    42Zasypkin A.S., Shchurov A.N.
    Optimization of Discrete Control of Rectifier Unit for Ice Melting
    43Savina N.V., Myasoedov Y.V., Myasoedova L.A.
    Intellectualization of Urban Power Distribution Networks
    44Dar’enkov A.B., Guzev S.A., Fedorov O.V.
    Autonomous power plant with variable speed based on multi-windings generator
    45Gracheva E.I., Naumov O.V.
    Research of Processes On Contact Surfaces of Low-Voltage Switching Devices
    46Krasnykh A.A., Krivoshein I.L., Kozlov A.L.
    Research of single-phase faults in 6-35 kV branched overhead distribution network
    47Suslov E.A.
    Step Voltage Signalling Device
    49Smirnov A.A., Malugin S.A., Bakanov A.V.
    Designing Integrated PV Facility with Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System Mounted on the South Building Face
    51Belsky A.A., Dobush V.S.
    Autonomous Electrical Heating Facility Supplied by Wind Turbine for Elimination of Oil Wellbore Paraffin Deposits
    52Korzhov A.V., Sapozhnikov S.B., Ignatova A.V.
    Variation of Dissipative Properties of 6 (10) kV Cable Insulation as a Supplementary Diagnostic Criterion
    53Panova E.A., Khramshin V.R.
    Modelling Variable Frequency Drives as Part of Complex Load for Grid Unbalanced Mode Computation
    55Nadtoka I., Firuz Makhmaddzonov, Vyalkova S.
    Maximal Electrical Load Modeling and Forecasting for the Tajikistan Power System Based on Principal Component Analysis
    56Tsygulev N.I., Khlebnikov V.K., Shelest V.A.
    Algorithm for Selection of Automatic Voltage Regulator Setting to Reduce Power Losses
    58Sidorova V.T., Karchin V.V.
    Method for Identification of Break Points in 35 kV Complex Overhead Distribution Networks
    59Kolosok I., Tikhonov A.
    Identification of Parameters of the FACTS Models for Power System State Estimation
    61Lachin V.I., Solomentsev K.Yu.
    Increase in High-speed Performance of Electrical Network Parameters Measurement
    62Shelest V.A., Tsygulev N.I., Khlebnikov V.K.
    Ground fault current calculation and analysis programme
    66Andreev A.A., Vozmilov A.G., Kalmakov V.A.
    Development of the Experimental Assembly for Studying the System Maintaining Battery Optimal Temperature
    68Greshnyakov G.V., Korovkin N.V., Silin N.V.
    Magnetic Shields Special Design for Power Cables
    69Kinsht N.V., Petrunko N.N.
    Integrated Partial Discharges Picture Interpretation as a Set of Interrelated Processes
    71Silin N.V., Ignatev N.I., Kalmykov D.V.
    Advanced Electromagnetic Control Method of Transformer Equipment
    73Kobzar A.V., Babenko G.S., Turchanovich N.N.
    Performance Potential of Energy Savings Using Solar Energy in Heat Supply Systems for Buildings in the Primorsky Krai
    74Chernenkov V., Makarov D., Likhachev I.
    Theoretical Prerequisites for Vortex Pipes Use with the Purpose of Fluid Temperature Potential Increase
    75Chernenkov V., Makarov D., Likhachev I.
    Determination of Strains and Loads of Underground Hot-water Systems Constructed without Canals
    78Matveev A., Shcheklein S., Pahaluev V.
    Determination of Heat-transfer Agent Consumption and Efficiency of a Thermosyphon Water-heating System with the Flat-plate Solar Collector
    80Kasharin D.V.
    Using biopositive constructions made of composite materials in water and electricity supply for recreational facilities
    81Goman V., Fedoreev S.
    Autonomous Wireless Current Sensor
    82Vakhnina V.V., Kuvshinov A.A., Chernenko A.A., Kretov D.A.
    Power Grid Configuration Influence on the Geomagnetically Induced Currents Value in Power Transformers
    84Basmanov V.G., Vtyurin A.V., Kholmanskikh V.M.
    Estimating the Condition of 6-10 kV Cable Lines with Impregnated Paper Insulation According to Their Length and Operational Reliability
    85Koshkin I., Kushnir V., Benyukh O.
    Simulation of 6 (10) kV Electrical Networks for Fault Location
    87Ershov A.M., Khlopova A.V., Sidorov A.I.
    The Results of Power Grid Research Modes in Case of 6-10 kV Overhead Lines Phase Wire Breakage
    88Bakshaeva N.S., Suvorova I.A., Cherepanov V.V.
    Voltage Quality Improving in Power Distribution Networks with Abruptly Variable Load by Application of Reactive Power Series Compensation Devices
    89Derendiaeva L.V., Zakalata A.A., Ojegov A.N.
    Application of Equivalenting Method for Electric Power Grid Subsystems in Calculating the Higher Harmonics Mode
    90Lazukin À.V., Shurygin D.À., Krivov S.À.
    Control Characteristic Selection at SDBD Plasma Unit Long-term Operation
    91Gizatullin F.A., Khakimyanov M.I., Khusainov F.F., Shafikov I.N.
    Analysis of Losses in the Cable Line of Well Submersible Electric Motor
    92Cherepanov V.V., Kalinina Å.À.
    Calculation of Voltage Vibrations and a Short-Term Flicker Indicator Arising up During Working of Asynchronous Engines with Abruptly Variable Loading
    93Klimova T.G., Nikolaeva O.O., Temkina R.V.
    Phasor Measurement Units Use to Determine Automatic Excitation Controller Parameters of a Synchronous Generator
    94Andreenkov E., Shunaev S.
    Sensor Design for the Diagnostic System of Hanging Isolated Power Grids
    98Savvatin M., Klimova T.
    Localization Sources for Low Frequency Oscillations with Different Origin on Synchronized Vector Measurements
    100Goman V., Fedoreev S.
    Automated Information-measuring Non-commercial Power Metering System Based on Autonomous Wireless Current Sensors
    101Munts V., Volkova J., Ershov M.
    Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Unit with Partial Oxidation Reforming Performance Evaluation
    102Gudkov A.V., Dadonov D.N., Krotkov E.A.
    Research Features of Voltage Static Load Characteristics in Electric System of Russia
    103Gudkov A.V., Dadonov D.N., Krotkov E.A.
    Thermal Wear of Cable Lines Insulation Research due to Current Flow of High Harmonics at Oil Extraction Electrical Generating Systems
    104Kuznetsov A.A., Lavrukhin A.A., Kuznetsova M.A.
    Schemes and problems of SCADA System for electrical energy control on railway rolling stock
    105Kireev P.S., Nagay I.V., Nagay V.I.
    Mathematical Model of an Arc Column Taking into Account Thermodynamic Processes in the Damaged Equipment
    106Nagay I.V., Nagay V.I., Sarry S.V.
    Three-phase Short Circuit through an Electric Arc in the 6-10 kV Unbalance Switchgear
    107Martyanov A.S., Korobatov D.V., Solomin E.V.
    Simulation Model of Public Street Lighting Provided by a Photovoltaic Converter and Battery Storage
    109Isakov R., Ferenets A.
    Research of Remote Backup Protection Functioning at the Software and Hardware Complex RTDS
    110Isakov R., Davletbaev A., Suleymanova N.
    Observability of Electric Power Networks Factoring in (n-1) Security
    111Volovich G.I., Kirpichnikova I.M., Topolskiy D.V.
    Experimental Operation of the Adaptive Electronic Instrument Transformer of Current and Voltage
    112Topolskiy D.V., Topolskaya I.G., Sirotkin E.A.
    Improvement of Efficiency of Information Exchange between a Digital Substation and a Grid Control Centre
    113Zatsepina V.I., Zatsepin E.P.
    Redundancy in Power Supply systems of Mining Enterprises under the Influence of Negative Factors
    114Elistratov V., Denisov R.
    Justification of Wind Turbine Operation and Management Modes for Russian Arctic Conditions
    115Elistratov V., Konischev M., Fedorov M.
    Optimization of Power Supply of the Circumpolar Territories on the basis of Renewable Energy Sources
    116Fedorov O.V.
    Expeditious Forecasting of Power Consumption
    117Kuznetsov K., Zakirova A., Averyanov U.
    Specific Energy of 50 Hz Electromagnetic Field
    118Kirpichnikova I.M., Volkova O.S., Maliugina A.A.
    Combined Lighting System Energy Efficiency Evaluation by the Light Flux Regulation
    119Ufa R.A., Vasilev A.S., Suvorov A.A.
    Development of Hybrid Model of B2B HVDC
    Section 4. Power electronics, electrical machines and drives
    1Dudkin M.M., Brylina O.G., Ponosov D.A.
    Adaptive Thyristor Voltage Converter for a Smooth Start of Induction Motors Supplied by Stand-Alone Power Plants
    2Burkov A.P., Krasilnikyants E.V.
    Re-examination to Adjustment the Rotor Magnetic Field Observer in the Induction Motor
    3Shprekher D.M., Babokin G.I., Kolesnikov E.B.
    Parameter Control and Forecast for Electric Drive Parameters of Cutter-Loader
    5Kopylova L.G., Tararykin S.V., Tikhomirova I.A.
    Structural and Parametric Synthesis of Astatic Control Systems for Electric Drives based on Separation of Harmonic Load Torque Model
    7Susdorf V.I., Êuzmin R.V., Galamaga K.V.
    Control Correlation when Adjusting Parameters of Microhydroelectric Power Plant at Variable Load
    8Susdorf V.I., Min Thu Aung, Meshkov A.S.
    Design of Series-Wound Motor Control
    9Vasilyeva M.A.
    Equipment for Generating Running Magnetic Fields for Peristaltic Transport of Heavy Oil
    10Belousov E.V, Zhuravlev A.M.
    Evaluation of Limit Regulation Values for Positional Electric Drive in a System Equipped with Cycloconverters
    12Domanov V.I., Vladimirovna G.S.
    Operation Analysis of the Induction Motor Coordinated Rotation Control System
    14Ismagilov F.R., Vavilov V.E., Sayakhov I.F.
    Adaptive Wings Applicalion Problem
    15Tikhonova O.V., Malygin I.V., Plastun A.T.
    Electromagnetic Calculation for Induction Motors of Various Designs by “ANSYS Maxwell”
    16Litovets A.V., Serikov A.V., Serikov V.A.
    Energy Efficiency Increasing for the Power Transformer by means of the Liquid Heating Unit
    17Vasilev B.U., Kozjaruk E.A.
    Research Methods of Increase Efficiency Algorithms Pulse Width Modulation for Semiconductor Inverter
    18Abakumov A.M., Stepashkin I.P.
    Research of the Adaptive Automatic Control System at the Natural gas Air-Cooling Unit
    22Bogdan A.V., Barakin N.S.
    Asynchronous Generator Mathematical Model for of Asymmetrical Modes Calculation
    23Vecherkin M.V., Sarvarov A.S., Makarov A.V.
    Transient Moment Oscillating Component Assessment and Choice of Net Switchover Time at Reactor Start of High-voltage Induction Motor Drives
    24Bogdan A.V., Tropin V.V.
    Analysis of Transient Start Asynchronous Motor Series Compensated Reactive Power
    26Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I., Petrov V.A.
    Neural Tuner Based Adaptive Control System Development to Improve Roll Bite Process Effectiveness
    31Oskin S.V., Didych V.A., Vozmilov A.G.
    Key Ways of Energy Saving in Pump Units for Melioration and Irrigation Systems
    32Dmitrieva O.S., Dmitriev A.V., Patrakova G.R.
    Evaluation of the Cooling System Calculation Technique for Oil-Immersed Transformers
    33Metelkov V.P., Braslavskiy I.Ya., Kostylev A.V.
    Some Peculiarities of the Simulation of Electric Drives with Random Mode Loading
    34Djabasova D.N., Ovsyannikov V.N., Starikov A.V.
    Analog prototype of the fast response servo drive with asynchronous motor
    35Metelkov V.P., Ziuzev A.M.
    On an Estimate of the Rotor Winding Temperature at Start-up of High-voltage Induction Motors
    36Kurnosov D.A., Voronin S.G.
    Analysis of the Phase Control of Synchronous Electric Motor with Permanent Magnets
    38Merzlov V.S., Khatagov A.Ch., Kryzhanovskaya I.V.
    Frequency Doubler with Phase Selection of Ribbon Beam Electrons
    39Chernyshev A.D., Lisovskaya T.A., Lisovskiy R.A.
    Comparative Analysis of Different Electrical Motor Types as a Traction Drive Part in Electrical Transmission
    40Funk T.A., Grebnev A.I., Sabel'nikov A.A.
    Mathematical Description of Sensorless Pulse-vector Control System of Asynchronous Motor at Constant Voltage Supply
    41Klinachev N.V., Sogrin A.I., Kuleva N.Yu.
    Rational topology selection for the high-performance semiconductor converter’s power bus
    42Sarapulov F.N., Sarapulov S.F., Smolyanov I.A.
    Compensated Linear Induction Motor Characteristics Research by Detailed Magnetic Equivalent Circuit
    43Solodkiy E.M., Varzanosov P.V., Belonogov A.V.
    Induction Motor Sensorless Vector Control with an Adaptive Speed Observer and Direct Electrical Angle Correction in Coordinate Transformations
    44Dar’enkov A.B., Smirnov A.Yu., Zimin A.Yu.
    Vibration Dampers Simulation Tests on Experimental Setup
    45Pugachev A.A.
    Efficiency Increasing of Induction Motor Scalar Control Systems
    46Bychkov A.E., Zheltov A.S.
    Speed Coordinated Electric Drives in the Woodworking Machines
    48Moshkin V.I.
    Pulsing Linear Electromagnetic Motor Mechanical Work within the Desaturated Magnetic System
    49Ptakh G.K., Zvezdunov D.A., Yakovenko A.E.
    Switched Reluctance Drive of Draglines ESH 20.90 Main Machinery
    50Konesev S.G., Khazieva R.T., Kirillov R.V.
    Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic components Work Modes in Push-pull Converters
    51Grachev P.Yu., Bazarov A.A., Tabachinskiy A.S.
    Compact Windings Design for Traction Induction Motors and SCIGs
    52Chupina K.V., Usoltsev V.K.
    Fuzzy Control Electric Drive for a Vessel Descent-Rise Device
    53Arzhanov K.V., Shurygin Y.A.
    Energy Efficient Stepper Drives for CNC machines
    54Grachev P.Yu., Strizhakova E.V., Tabachinskiy A.S.
    Starter-Generator Design and Analysis of Start/Stop Processes for HEVs
    55Volkov D.V., Stashinov Yu.P., Shurygin D.N.
    Automatic Load Distribution in Multi-motor Electric Drives
    56Usynin Yu.S., Sychev D.A., Imanova A.A.
    Energy Saving in Electric Drives of Pilgering Mills
    57Pugachev A.A., Kosmodamianskiy A.S., Strekalov N.N.
    Comparative Assessment of Thermal Processes in Frequency Converters
    58Lopatkin N.N.
    Voltage Quality Comparison of Space Vector PWM Voltage Source Multilevel Inverter under Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Switching Sequence Variants: Voltage Waveforms, Spectra and THD
    59Lopatkin N.N., Zinoviev G.S.
    Voltage Quality Comparison of Space Vector PWM Voltage Source Multilevel Inverter under Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Switching Sequence Variants: Voltage Harmonics Integral Factors
    63Shtym A., Zhurmilova I.
    Ground Heat Exchangers of Geothermal Heat Pumps and Analysis of their Constructive Features and Types
    64Zhurmilova I., Shtym A.
    Thermophysical Properties of Low-potential Geothermal Energy System Hole Fillers
    67Tiapkin M., Volkov S., Tiapkin G.
    Selection of Three-Level Low Voltage Inverter Circuit Topology for a High Speed Electric Drive
    68Ivanov A.S., Nusratov P.R., Stepanov V.M.
    Use of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Principles for Switched Reluctance Motors Development
    69Abramovich B.N., Sychev Y.A.
    Hybrid Correction System Adapted for a Variable Speed Drive
    70Antipin A.S., Udintsev V.N., Nazarov S.L.
    Exciter Synchronous Machine Low Power on the basis of High-speed Regulator Current
    71Starostina Ya.K., Sidorov S.N.
    Low-element Diode-transistor Module Use in the Energy Saving Asynchronous Positioning Electric Drive
    73Mugalimov R.G., Mugalimova A.R., Zakirova R.A.
    Feasibility Study of Modernization and Improvement of Asynchronous Engines Energy Efficiency during their Overhaul
    74Polyakov V., Plotnikov Iu., Braslavsky I.
    DC-DC converter Operating Modes as a Part of the Energy Storage System in Frequency-controlled Electric Drives
    75Malarev V.I., Kopteva A.V.
    Borehole Electric Steam Generator Electro-Thermal Calculation for High-Viscosity Oil Productive Layers Development
    76Andriyanov A.I.
    Comparative Analysis of Efficiency of Time-delayed Feedback for Non-linear Dynamics Control of Composite DC-to-DC Power Converters
    77Solovev D.B.
    Improvement of Protective Relaying Efficiency for Motor Drives at Mineral Processing Plants
    78Smolin V.I., Topolskaya I.G., Yakovlev V.À.
    Dynamic Properties of the Asynchronous Motor Electromagnetic System
    79Ahmed M. Omara, Sleptsov M.A.
    Efficient Electric Traction Drive Configuration for Battery Electric Vehicles
    80Husainov Sh.N., Gladyshev S.P., Belousov E.V.
    Mathematical Modeling of the Field Regulated Reluctance Machine and its Limiting Capabilities
    81Chetoshnikova L.M., Buhanov S.S., Gryzlov A.A.
    Analyzing the Problem of Increasing Industrial Electric Drive Reliability
    82Kruglov G.A., Gorozhankin A.N., Bespalov V.Y.
    Calculation methods of electric drives and generators based on the field regulated reluctance machine
    83Kuznecov K.B., Golykov A.D., Gryzlov A.A.
    Specific Weight-size Parameters for the Semiconductor Technology
    84Dementyev Yu.N., Umurzakova A.D., Negodin K.N.
    The Study of the Electric Drive with Indirect Control of the Output Variables of the Asynchronous Motor
    85Abdulveleev I.R., Khramshin T.R., Kornilov G.P.
    Comparison of capacitor voltages balancing methods for cascaded H-bridge STATCOM
    86Kovalev K., Ivanov N., Tulinova E.
    Magnetic Field Distribution in the Active Zone of Synchronous Generators with Electromagnetic Excitation
    87Baskov S.N., Baskova T.V., Litsin K.V.
    Investigation of harmonic composition of non-sinusoidal signal of synchronous motor at vector-pulse start
    88Maklakov A.S.
    Development of mathematical model of 3L NPC BtB converter
    89Maklakov A.S.
    Simulation of 3L NPC VSI with SHE PWM at different switching angles
    90Maklakova E.A.
    Speed Control System Settings of Plate Mill by Bode Diagram
    Section 5. Signal processing and real time embedded control
    1Khmara V.V., Kabyshev A.M., Lobotskiy Yu.G.
    Automatic Microprocessor-Based Performance Diagnosis of Capsule Charging/ Discharging Stations of the Pneumatic Transportation System
    3Efanov D.V., Sapozhnikov V.V., Sapozhnikov Vl.V.
    Self-Checking Method for Concurrent Error Detection System Development Based on the Constant-Weight Code “2-out-of-4”
    4Guseva A.I., Malykhina G.F., Militsyn A.V.
    Early fire prevention in the plant
    5Kropotov Y.A., Belov A.A., Ermolaev V.A.
    Transfer Induction Flow Data Networks Packet Random Multiple Access
    6Kropotov Y.A.
    Methods for Acoustic Signals Probability Density Models Estimation in Telecommunications Audio Exchange Systems
    7Margatskaya E.A., Kurnosov D.A.
    Differential Optical Sensor for Measuring Small Linear Displacement
    9Sapozhnikova M.U., Gayanova M.M., Nikonov A.V.
    Nonlinear Filtering Algorithms of Acoustic Signals in Oil Producting Wells
    12Fufachev A.S., Sintsov A.V., Luppov A.V.
    Data Compression Techniques for Improving of Performance and Reliability of a Multifunctional Radio Receiving Center
    13Tyncherov K.T., Selivanova M.V.
    Modular wavelet approach for reinforced plastic pipelines operation quality evaluation
    15Krylov S.M., Orlov S.P., Saraev M.V.
    Multifunctional Programmable System-on-Chip for Heterogeneous Signals Processing
    16Bozhokin S.V., Suslova I.B.
    Comparative Analysis of Mathematical Simulating of the Non-stationary Heart Rate Variability in Diagnostic Medical Systems
    17Ibryaeva O., Salov D.
    Matrix Pencil Method for Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Signal Processing in Two-Phase Flow Conditions
    18Grecheneva A.V., Dorofeev N.V., Kuzichkin O.R.
    Positioning of the Goniometric Monitoring System based on the Phase Measuring Principle
    19Yurenko K.I., Fandeev E.I.
    Classification Systems of Automatic Train Driving with Positions of the Modern Automatic Control Theory
    20Proskuryakov A.Y.
    Processing and forecasting of time series in systems with dynamic parameters
    21Yakovleva D., Zhilenkov A., Karpov A.
    Synthesis of the Synchronous Machine Model Operating Natural Stator Windings Phase Signals and Using Generator Catalogue Data
    23Gerasimov V.A.
    FPGA-based Implementation of a High Resolution and High Carrier Frequency Pulse-width Modulator
    24Khuzyatov Sh.Sh., Valiev R.A.
    Organization of Data Exchange through the Modbus Network between the SIMATIC S7 PLC and Field Devices
    25Lozin O.I., Kucher A.I., Labadze O.E.
    Accounting For the Object Symmetry at Electric Impedance Tomography Data Processing
    27Urakseev M., Vazhdaev K., Sagadeev A.
    Microcontroller Acousto-optical Information-Measuring System for Object Movement Control
    28Zakasovskaya E., Tarasov V., Glushchenko A.
    Information Security Issues in the Distributed Information Measurement System
    29Urakseev M.A., Vazhdaev K.V., Sagadeev A.R.
    Optoelectronic Devices on Traveling and Standing Elastic Waves for Microprocessor Control Systems
    Section 6. Modeling and computer technologies
    1Gibadullin R.F., Vershinin I.S., Minyazev R.Sh.
    Realization of replication mechanism in PostgreSQL DBMS
    4Tavaeva A.F., Petunin A.A.
    Investigation of Cutting Speed Influence on Optimality of the Tool Path Route for CNC Laser Cutting Machines
    7Dulesov A.S., Karandeev D.Y., Dulesova N.V.
    Optimal redundancy of radial distribution networks by criteria of reliability and information uncertainty
    9Kargapoltsev S.K., Krakovsky Y.M., Luzgin A.N.
    Non-parametric Classification of Technical Condition Parameters based on Shift and Scale Tests
    11Dolotovskij I.V., Larin E.A., Lenkova A.V.
    Energy Utility System Mathematic Modelling and Optimization at the Hydrocarbon Processing Plant
    12Dezhina I.
    Definition of Strain-Stress State of Soil Ground with Allowance for Elasto-viscoplasticit
    13Khludova M.V.
    Evaluation Model for the Stochastic Flowshop Cyclic Scheduling Problem
    14Pashkovskiy À.V., Tkachev À.N., Bahvalov U.À.
    New standard Element Types for Magnetic Field Calculation in the Electromechanical System
    16Igizianova N.A., Igizianova A.Y.
    Modeling and Experimental Investigations on Disturbing Currents Potential with a High-Temperature Fluid Field
    17Mikhaylov A.A., Bazuyeva S.A.
    Use of Probabilistic Splitting Distributions of the Original Data During the Sequential Synthesis Problem-solving Algorithm
    18Mikhaylov A.A., Bazuyeva S.A.
    Creation of Messages for the Problem Solving Algorithm
    20Ziganshin Sh.G., Izmailova E.V., Maryashev A.V.
    Technique for Search of Pipeline Leakage According to Acoustic Signals Analysis
    22Potapov L.A., Maklakov V.P.
    Electromagnetic Processes Simulation in the Angular Accelerometer with a Hollow Non-magnetic Rotor
    23Goncharov V.I., Rudnicki V.A., Liepinsh A.V.
    Numerical Form of the Automatic-control System Mathematical Models based on the Real Interpolation Method Approach
    26Anikin I.V.
    Using Fuzzy Logic for Vulnerability Assessment in Telecommunication Network
    27Anikin I.V., Alnajjar Kh.Kh.
    Correlation Immune Pseudo-random Number Generator Based on Fuzzy Logic
    28Ozhiganova Ì., Kostyukov A.D., Maslova M.A.
    Functional model of firewall application layer protection for web-based information systems
    29Bukeikhanov N.R., Gvozdkova S.I., Nikishechkin A.P.
    Automation of the Technological System “Gas Nitriding – Recycling Processes”
    30Grigorchuk S.E., Krivosheev M.O., Pirozhnikova A.P.
    Generalized Problem Modelling on “Block Indicator” Assignment
    33Litvinov S.V., Trush L.I., Avakov L.I.
    Some Features of Temperature Field Definition in Axisymmetric Problems
    34Chepurnenko A.S., Yazyev S.B.
    Non-stationary Temperature Field Modeling in Electric Cable with PVC insulation
    38Kanukov S.G., Khatagov A.Ch., Soin A.M.
    Virtual Dynamic Objects Designing for Computer Training Complexes
    41Shashkin V.Ju.
    Mathematical Modelling of Heating System Hydraulic Modes
    42Krivonogov A.A., Kartashev A.L.
    Mathematical Model of Transformation Plane Flow to Spatial One
    43Shempelev A.G., Iglin P.V., Tatarinova N.V.
    On Condenser Mathematical Model Method Introduction into Steam Turbine Unit Mathematical Model
    44Filaretov V.V., Gorshkov K.S., Kurganov S.A.
    Multiple Fault Diagnosis in Analog Circuits Using the Indirect Compensation Theorem
    45Lapshin V.L., Glukhov A.V., Rudykh A.V.
    Experimental Studies of Mechano-rheological Model Simulating Shock Interactions
    47Antyasov I.S., Sokolov A.N.
    Impedance Boundary Conditions of Multilayer Enclosing Structures for Electrodynamic Processes Modeling inside an Anechoic Chamber
    50Letavin D.A.
    Small-Size Bandpass Filter in the Form of Two Short-Circuited Meander Lines
    52Orlov G.A., Kotov V.V., Orlov A.G.
    Pipes Fracture Simulation and Changes of Wall Thickness Variation under Internal Pressure
    54Kuzmin V.A., Zagrai I.A., Shmakova N.A.
    Modeling of Thermal Radiation of Combustion Products in the Gas Generator
    57Zvonareva Yu.N., Vankov Yu.V., Onuchin E.M.
    Modelling of the Thermal Network Operational Mode Directed at Increase of Its Power Efficiency
    60Tatarinova N.V., Suvorov D.M., Shempelev A.G.
    Approaches to Building Computational Mathematical Models Based on the Flow and Power Characteristics of Cogeneration Steam Turbine Stages and Compartments
    65Tushev S.A., Sukhovilov B.M.
    Photogrammetric System Accuracy Estimation by Simulation Modelling
    67Kinsht N.V., Kai Wu, Petrunko N.N.
    Partial Discharges and the Problem of Initial Conditions
    68Kuzmin V.A., Zagrai I.A.
    Simulation of thermal radiation from heterogeneous combustion products of peat burning in power plants
    72Boldyrev A.V.
    Simulation of the Pulse Voltage Converter Power Part
    73Alikov A.Y., Kalinichenko A.V.
    Efficiency of Unstructured Text Search Improving Methods in the Electronic Archive of Computer-aided Design Systems
    75Kovalenko A.I., Klimova T.G.
    Synchronous Machine Parameters Definitions by Optimization Methods Use
    77Lvovich I.Ya., Preobrazhenskiy A.P., Choporov O.N.
    Use of the Combined Approach for Diffraction Structures Design with Necessary Values of Scattering Characteristics
    78Dergachyov K.V., Korostelyov D.A., Podvesovskii A.G.
    Computer Simulation of Drop Impingement Erosion of Wet-steam Turbine Blades to Identify the Efficiency of Active Erosion Preventive Measures
    80Safin R.R., Salimgaraeva R.V., Beliakova E.A.
    Mathematical Modeling of Crushed Wood Thermal Treatment Process
    83Repp P.V.
    Diagnostics and Assessment of the Industrial Network Security Expert System
    85Klinachev N.V., Shaburov P.O.
    Technique for Debugging of the Data Exchange between the PC and Microprocessor-Controlled Electromechanical Systems based on the Modbus RTU Protocol
    88Ventsov N.N., Podkolzina L.A.
    Studying the Effect of Paralleling Settings on the Functioning of a Barcode Recognition App
    91Sidorov O.Yu., Sarapulov F.N., Shvydkiy E.L.
    Ingot Macro Structure Simulation During the Crystallization Under the Traveling Magnetic Field
    92Kashuba V.B., Sitov I.S., Eliseev A.V.
    Mathematical Modelling in Tasks of Control of Vibration Technological Complexes Dynamic State
    93Dar’enkov A.B., Baykov A.I., Gordeev B.A.
    Vibration Dampers Simulation Tests on the Experimental Setup
    94Demidenko L.L.
    Simulation of the Cooling Process of the Continuously Cast Bar with Heat Insulation
    95Chistyakova T.B., Novozhilova I.V., Kozlov V.V.
    Program Complex for Resource-saving Control of the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Process
    97Bzhikhatlov I.A., Perepelkina S.J.
    Research of Robot Model Behaviour Dependin on Model Parameters Using Physic Engines Bullet Physics and ODE
    98Andreev N.K., Malatsion A.S.
    Multi-frequency acoustic method for cement bond logging based on one-sided excitation and reception of elastic waves from the top of a well
    99Herreinstein A.V., Midonocheva N.S., Mashrabov N.
    Piston Motion Mathematical Model in the Tube Influenced by Burning Gas
    101Kats E.I., Kitaev A.M.
    On the Approach to CNC Machining Simulation Improving
    105Fedorov E.Yu., Ferenets A.V.
    Computer-aided Design of Vehicle Electrical Harnesses
    149Nikishin K.I., Konnov N.N., Pashchenko D.V.
    Implementation of time-triggered Ethernet using colored petri net
    150Bodyan L.A., Ponomarev A.P., Melnichenko M.A.
    Computer-aided Design and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes in the Packaging Industry
    151Slavgorodskaya D.V., Bugaev V.G.
    Ship Hull Resistance to the Dynamic Ice Body Impact
    154Klinachev N.V., Kuleva N.Yi., Voronin S.G.
    Reduction to relative units and setting the observer of flux linkage vector projections of the stator winding in the synchronous machine with the rotor’s magnetic field
    155Lvovich I.Ya., Preobrazhenskiy A.P., Choporov O.N.
    Simulation of Two-dimensional Periodic Perfectly Conducting Diffraction Grating with the Dielectric Layer
    156Milovzorov D.G., Yasoveyev V.Kh.
    Concept of Information Signals Reforming for the Tilt Measurement Systems with a Triaxial Accelerometer
    160Mashunin Yu.K.
    Concept of Technical Systems Optimum Designing (Mathematical and Organizational Statement)
    161Mashunin Yu.K.??
    Optimum Designing of the Technical Systems Concept (Numerical Realization)?
    162Zamoryonov M.V., Kopp V.Ya., Zamoryonova D.V.
    “Storage Device – Cell – Storage Device” Structure Modeling
    163Zamoryonov M.V., Kopp V.Ya., Zamoryonova D.V.
    Defining Information System Characteristics with account of Different Applications Service Types
    164Frid A.I., Berkholts V.V., Grebnev N.Ju.
    Provision of Secure Access to the Complex Technical Device Lifecycle Support System
    165Dobrzhinskaya T.Y., Dobrzhinskii Y.V., Pankov M.A.
    Diagnostic Modeling of Mixed Analog-digital Systems
    168Tagirova K.F., Vulfin A.M., Ramazanov A.R.
    Data Mining in the Diagnostics of Oil Extraction Equipment
    169Alsheva K.V., Lapin A.P.
    Investigation of the strouhal number in the convertion function for vortex sonic flowmeters
    170Tagirova K.F., Ramazanov A.R.
    Data Warehouse for Intelligent Oil Wells Control Systems
    171Saraev P.V., Pogodaev A.K., Galkin A.V.
    Information Architecture and Analytics Systems with Interval Data Types
    172Lisiyenko V.G., Borodin M.J., Bliznik M.G.
    Welding Arc as a Control Object in Technological Processes
    184Zakharov A., Barinov A., Zhiznyakov A.
    Faces Selection in Images Using the Spectral Graph Theory and Constraints
    185Zakharov A., Barinov A., Zhiznyakov A.
    Human Head Detection Algorithm on Images Using Graph Embedding in the Vector Space
    188Shchuchkin D.A., Khoroshev A.S., Pavlenko A.V.
    Application of GMSH + GetDP Software Suite for Calculation of Non-stationary Electromagnetic Fields of Electrical Devices
    189Korochensev V.I., Zorchenko N.K., Potapenko A.A.
    Methods for Reducing Sonar Equipment Error in the Sea Wedge
    191Korovkin N., Goncharov V., Silin N.
    Ice-Melting ProcessModeling on Transmission Lines
    192Silin N., Korovkin N., Minevich T.
    Simulation of Grounding Devices for Power System Lightning Protection Provision
    194Grekhov L.V., Jianhui Zhao, Xiuzhen Ma
    Fast-response solenoid actuator computational simulation for engine fuel systems
    197Russkov O.V., Saradgishvili S.E.
    IT-method for Uneven Energy Consumption Planning
    198Leontev V.V., Saragishvilli S.E.
    Steganography Based on the Hadamard Transform and Modification of the DEMD
    205Shikhin V.A., Pavluk G.P.
    Sensitive Boarder Method for Control Performance Indices Adjustment
    207Timerbaev N.F., Ziatdinova D.F., Safin R.G., Sadrtdinov A.R.
    Gas Purification System Modeling in Fatty Acids Removing from Soapstock
    211Solodusha S., Orlova I.
    Integral Models of Non-linear Non-stationary Systems and Their Applications
    213Korostelyov D.A., Dergachyov K.V., Gulakov K.V.
    Application of Computer Simulation to Identify Erosion-fatigue Properties of Wet-steam Turbine Blades Materials
    214Mokeev V.V.
    Eigenstate Analysis as a Tool for Enterprise Performance Assessing
    216Shleymovich M.P., Medvedev M.V., Lyasheva S.A./i>
    Contour Segmentation based on Image Points Energy Estimation in Object and Processes Control Systems
    217Kachanov A.N., Korenkov D.A.
    Analysis of factors influencing the parameters of the electromagnetic field in wood during HF drying
    221Gurin I.A., Lavrov V.V., Spirin N.A.
    MES Development for Optimal Distribution of Fuel and Energy Resources in Blast-Furnace Production
    222Spirin N.A., Grebneva N.V., Gurin I.A.
    Computer Technologies and Tools for Creation of Information Modelling Systems for Process Tasks Solution in Metallurgy
    223Bormotin K.S., Belykh S.V.
    Numerical Solving for the Problem of Multi-point Forming of Thick Double-curvature Plates in the Creep Mode
    226Stulov A., Tikhonov A., Paikov I.
    Development of Physical Processes Simulation Technology in Power Transformers by means of Ramified Electrical Equivalent Cir
    228Oganyan R., Narakidze N., Shaykhutdinov D.
    Method of Two-stage Complex Diagnostics of Digital Substations on the basis of the Full-scale-model Tests Theory
    229Galkin A., Sysoev A., Saraev P.
    Variable Structure Objects Remodelling based on Neural Networks
    230Panov A.Yu., Kuznetsov S.V., Ivanov S.V.
    Forming a Common Information Space for Mechanical Engineering Cluster Product Life Cycle based on CALS Technologies Principles
    231Moslem Parsa, Meysam Parsa, Fatemeh Jaferi
    Performance Evaluation using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Fuzzy TOPSIS
    234Evtushenko S.I., Petrov I.A., Alekseev S.A., Alekseeva A.S.
    Structural Optimization of Stationary Plates of Industrial and Technological Equipment
    235Kosmodamianskiy A.S., Vorobiev V.I., Korchagin V.O.
    Contact Spot For Conformal Interface of the Railroad Locomotive Wheel with the Rail
    236Dema R.R., Kalugina O.B., Tyuteryakov N.Sh.
    Energy Consumption Dependents at Wide-strip Hot Rolling on a Mode Option of Rolls Lubrication Modeling
    247Kaftannikov I.L., Plaksina I.G., Topolsky N.D.
    Development of Polysubtitles Video Player for Multilingual Technical Support of Digital Substations Equipment
    248Prokofiev A.O., Smirnova Y.S., Silnov D.S.
    Examination of Cybercriminal Behaviour while Interacting with the RTSP-server
    250Dimitrienko Y.I., Zakharov A.A.
    Computer Technologies for Adaptive Mesh Generation in SIGMA Preprocessor
    251Galich S.V., Deogenov M.S., Semenov E.S.
    Control Traffic Parameters Analysis in Various Software-defined Networking Topologies
    256Zakasovskaya E., Glushchenko A., Tarasov V./i>
    Construction of Asymmetric Cryptosystems Using Finite Non-commutative Algebraic Groups
    257Zakasovskaya E., Gorenko N., Sinenko P.
    Synthesis and analysis of steganography hidden information by tomographic methods
    258Buhtoyarov V.F., Imanova A.A., Haytov E.S.
    Parallel Calculation Methods Use in Electrotechnical Complexes
    259Buhtoyarov V.F., Imanova A.A., Haytov E.S.
    Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in Capillary-Porous Materials at their Grinding by Pressure Release
    Section 7. Theory and applications of dynamical measurements
    7Serov A.N.
    Frequency Estimation Methods for Stationary Signals
    12Malafeev S.I., Tikhonov Y.V.
    Identification of Parameters of Power Line Supplying Excavator in Career
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