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    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Control systems and their industrial application
    7Lopatin A.G., Brykov B.A., Vent D.P.
    Development and Study of Control System with Fuzzy Correction of Proportional Part of PID Controller
    8Valentyn N. Sichkar
    Fingerprint Identification as Access Control System
    10Shikhin V.A., Abd Elraheem A.K., Ren J.
    Real-Time Control of Microgrid via Multi-Agent Approach
    11Kira V. Chupina, Evgeny V. Kataev, Igor A. Sennikov
    Robust Control System for Vessel Descent-Rise Device with Heave Compensation Capability
    12Enin S.S., Omelchenko E.Y., Beliy A.V.
    Crane Anti-Sway Control System with Sway Angle Feedback
    14Emaletdinova L.Yu., Kabirova A.N.
    Development of Neural Network Model of Regulator for Automatic Control System of Technical Object in Absence of Mathematical Model of Object
    15Shnayder D.A., Barbasova T.A., Lapteva Y.V.
    Enhancing Blast Furnace Control Efficiency Based on Self-Organizing Kohonen Neural Networks
    16Kramar V.
    Equivalent One-Time Model with Structural Invariant of Quantum Circuits of Multivariable Multi-Stage Control System
    27Aleksander I. Danilushkin, Aleksej P. Mostovoj, Marina A. Maksimova
    Optimal Control Start-up Modes of Two-section Induction Heaters with DiscreteDistributed Control Actions
    33Vladimir L. Kodkin, Alexandr S. Anikin, Alexandr A. Baldenkov
    Spectral Analysis of Rotor Currents in Frequency-Controlled Electric Drives
    37Kuzishchin V.F., Merzlikina E.I., Hoang Van Va
    Study of Maximal Rapid Response Algorithm Combined with PID-algorithm and Autotuning Module
    40Obychaiko D.S., Shikhin V.A., George Chrysostomou
    Reliability Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems
    44Alexandr N. Neverov, Igor D. Sergeev
    Contact Magnetostrictive Pickup of Amplitudes of Displacement
    48Aleksey V. Kudryashov, Elena S. Galishheva, Alisa S. Kalinina
    Lighting Control Using DALI Interface
    49Georgi M. Martinov, Nikolay V. Kozak, Ramil A. Nezhmetdinov
    Approach in Implementing of Logical Task for Numerical Control on Basis of Concept "Industry 4.0"
    50Khastsaev B.D.
    Study of Possibilities of Structural-Iterative Method to Design Invariant Converters Impedance Parameters
    51Vladimir V. Bulaev
    Adaptive Correction of Open-Loop Control for Linear Dynamical Systems
    52Demyanov D.N.
    Analytical Synthesis of External Perturbation Observer for Bilinear Dynamic System
    53Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I., Fomin A.V.
    Effectiveness Study of PI-controller Parameters Adjustment to Reject Disturbances Acting on Continuous Billet-Heating Furnace
    56Taran V.N., Detistov V.A.
    Optimal Drone Control based on Predictive Model
    58Andrey F. Shorikov, Alexandert Y. Goranov
    About One Adaptive Corretion of Optimal Open-Loop Control for Spacecraft Rendezvous
    60Andreev S.M., Parsunkin B.N., Savinov A.S.
    Evaluation of Constraints Influence on Optimal Control of Billet Heating Before Rolling
    68Savin S.
    Dynamic Estimation of Model Parameters for In-Pipe Walking Robots
    69Savin S.
    Parameter Optimization for Walking Patterns and the Geometry of In-Pipe Robots
    70Malchikov A., Yatsun A., Yatsun S., Savin S.
    Study of the Characteristics of Bipedal Walking Robot Actuators
    74Anatoly A. Anisimov
    Synthesizing Robust Control Systems for Mechatronic Objects with Digital State Controllers and Observers
    78Larisa G. Kopylova, Sergey V. Tararykin
    Specific Features of Implementing Digital Selectively Invariant Electromechanical Systems
    85Kobzev A., Monakhov Yu., Lekareva A.
    Synthesis of Artificial Intelligence Based Adaptive Controllers for Dynamic Objects
    86Eremin E.L., Chepak L.V.
    Compound Controller for One-Class of Non-Affine Plants with Control and Status Lags
    89Liudmila Denisova, Vitalii Meshcheryakov
    Development of Self-Tuning Control System with Fuzzy Compensation of Steady-State Error
    93Glushkin E.Ya., Kochetkov V.P., Kolovsky A.V.
    Application of Square Formulas in the Problems of Research of Automatic Control Systems
    97Lenar A. Galiullin, Asgat H. Sanakulov
    Simulation Model for Internal Combustion Engines Diagnostic
    98Kubil V.N., Mokhov V.A., Grinchenkov D.V.
    Multi-Objective Ant Colony Optimization for Multi-Depot Heterogenous Vehicle Routing Problem
    99Kotenev V.I., Elkin D.A., Osipov V.S.
    Automatic Control System of Load Bus Reactive Factor
    109Ismagilov F., Vavilov V., Gusakov D.
    Hybrid Magnetic Core for Perspective Supply System of the Aircraft
    113Sosnovskiy N.G., Popov D.N., Siukhin M.V.
    Sensitivity of Dynamic Characteristics of Electrohydraulic Servo Drive
    121Chenfeng Yao, Stanislav S. Voronin
    A Simple Model of Typical Conveyor System with DC Gear Motor
    122Chenfeng Yao, Stanislav S. Voronin
    The kinematic analysis of the SCARA on MATLAB
    123Zhou Jiateng, Ekaterina A. Gartlib
    Mechatronic System of Main Electric Drive of Hot Plate Mill
    124Yakimov I.A., Gasiyarov V.R.
    The Improvement of Operational Efficiency of High Power Electric Arc Furnace due to Electrical Equipment
    125Yakimov I.A., Gasiyarova O.A.
    The Energy-Efficient Control of the Electrical Regime of High-Power Electric Arc Furnaces: the Case of EAF-180 MMK, PJSC
    Section 2. Industrial Mechatronics, Automation and Robotics
    3Ebrahim Najafi Kajabad
    Detection of Vehicle and Brake Light Based on Cascade and HSV Algorithm in Autonomous Vehicle
    4Voinov I.V., Kazantsev A.M., Nosikov M.V.
    Robot-Manipulator MR-48 for Nuclear Industry
    5Munasypov R.A., Tselischev V.A., Tselishchev O.V.
    Pneumatic Drive Employment in Adaptive Suspension of Gyrostabilized Transport Platforms for NC Machining Centers Service
    6M. Rachkov, V. Bebenin
    Automatic Two-Stage Vacuum Gripper System
    7Nikolaev A.A., Tulupov P.G., Zarutskaya Zh.N.
    Features of Electric Mode Control in Shaft Electric Arc Furnaces and Electric Arc Furnaces Equipped with the Consteel System
    8Vladimir V. Tyutikov
    Simplifying Control units During Synthesis of ACS
    12Bobyr M.V., Dorodnykh A.A., Yakushev A.S.
    Analysis of Fuzzy Models of Implication in the Task of Controlling a Mobile Robot
    13Bobyr M.V., Kulabukhov S.A., Sorokoletova A.V. Yakushev A.S.
    Fuzzy Model for Capturing Moving Object with Pneumatic Mechanisms
    15Belonozhko P.P.
    Proper Inertial Motion of Robotic Space Module. Reduced System Dynamics
    25Lapikov A., Masyuk V.
    Approach to Solution of Inverse Problem for Multisectional Parallel Mechanisms
    27Mantserov S.A., Ilichev K.V.
    Group Robotic Platform Based on Mechanisms of Swarm Intelligence
    29Yurasova E.V., Volosnikov A.S.
    Expanding Functionality of Angle-Parameter-Code Measuring Transducers
    Section 3. Electric Power Systems and Renewable Energy Sources
    3Faida .L., Sivkova .P, Nikonova .Yu.
    To the Problem of Building the Self-Adaptive System of Electric Domestic Heating
    4Mikhail P.P.
    Symmetric 14-pole as Element of Electrical Energy Transmission
    5Boris N. Abramovich, Yuriy A. Sychev, Roman Yu. Zimin
    Selection of Shunt Active Filter Main Parameters in Conditions of Centralized and Distributed Power Supply Systems
    7Sharafeev T.R., Osokin V.Ju., Kulikov A.L.
    Cyber-Security Problems in Smart Grid
    9Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov, Grigory O. Arsentiev
    Intelligent Electrical Networks Based on Controlled Energy Routers
    10Ryzhkova E.N., Mladzievskiy E.P., Tsyruk S.A.
    Resistive Neutral Grounding Device with Increased Thermal Withstand Capability
    12Kulikov A.L., Osokin V.Ju., Obalin M.D.
    Improving Accuracy the Fault Location on Transmission Line 6-35 kV for Double Earth Fault
    13Telegin V.V., Morozova A.V.
    Modeling and Calculation of Parameters of Autonomous Electrogenerating Complexes
    16Repkina N.G., Repkin D.A., Levin M.N.
    Structural Synthesis of System of Remote Interrogation of Metering Devices
    17Pleshkova T.A., Pushkov A.P., Repkina N.G.
    Dynamic Stability of Synchronous Turbogenerators with Longitudinally-Transverse Excitation
    20Bezdushniy D.I., Sharafeev T.R., Vukolov V.Ju.
    Information Analysis of Relay Protection Operation
    22Yablokov A., Filatova G., Timofeev A.
    Research of Methods for Fault Location Determination Using Signals from Digital Current and Voltage Transformers
    24Gracheva E. I., Naumov O.V.
    Probabilistic Forecasting Changes In Magnitude Of Insulation Resistance Of Line Cable And Wire Workshop Networks
    27Shilin A., Shilin A., Dementyev S.
    Smart Towers of Overhead Lines of Active-Adaptive Power Grid: Concept, Implementation, Prospects
    30Serebryakov A.S., Osokin V.L., Bezdushniy D.I.
    Active and Inactive Power in AC Circuits with Controlled Key Elements
    37Kovalenko D.V., Kisselyov B.Yu., Ivanova E.V.
    Calculation of Resonant Modes for Power Supply Systems and Development of Measures on Higher Harmonics Filtering
    38Pavel V. Ilyushin, Andrew V. Pazderin
    Requirements for Power Stations Islanding Automation
    39Biryulin V.I., Gorlov A.N., Kudelina D.V.
    Method for Cable Lines Insulation Monitoring
    40Alexander M. Ershov, Galimyan S. Valeev, Rustam G. Valeev
    Logical Signs Characterizing Modes Breaks Phase and Neutrals Wires of Overhead Line of 380 V Electrical Network
    42Zvada P., Pitko Ju.
    Analysis of the Use of Synchronization Methods in Intelligent Electronic Devices
    45Biryulin V.I., Gorlov A.N., Kudelina D.V.Calculation of Cable Lines Insulation Heating with the Account of High Harmonics Currents
    46Kubarkov Y., Alehin R.
    Application of Adaptive PSO and GA algorithms for Voltage Optimization and Reduction of Power Loss
    47Ershov A.M., Khlopova A.V., Sidorov A.I.
    Voltage Changes in Case of 6-10 kV Overhead Line Phase Wire Breakage in 6-10/0.38 kV Electic Network
    49Gandzha S., Kiessh I., Aminov D.
    Development of Engineering Technique for Calculating Magnet Systems with Permanent Magnets
    50Gandzha S., Kiessh I.
    Selection of Winding Commutation for Axial Gap Machines with any Phases
    52Muntyanov S.N., Volovich G.I., Yakovlev V.A.
    AC Digital Voltmeter Error Caused by Amplitude Quantization
    53Dolgikh N.N., Kovalenko D.V., Faifer L.A.
    Calculation of Incidental Losses of Electric Power under Non-Sinusoidal Modes with Allowance for Actual Heating of Conducting Parts
    54Dolgikh N.N., Satpaev D.S., Faifer L.A.
    Analysis of Incidental Power Losses from Interharmonics Based on Wavelet Transform
    56Osipov D.S., Satpaev D.S., Kisselyov B.Yu.
    Analysis of Single Phase-to-Ground Fault in Mixed Neutral Ground Systems Using Wavelet Transform
    59Sandalov V.M., Romanov K.V.
    Device of Autonomous Power Supply
    60Smolentsev N.I., Voinov I.V., Sirekanyan V.V.
    Electromechanic Energy Storage. Development and Research Investigation
    62Iuliia V. Chernenko
    Effect Of Switchgear Failures In Calculations Of Structural Reliability Of Power Supply Circuits At Industrial Facilities
    64Platonova E.V., Chistyakov G.N.
    Cluster Analysis of Geomagnetic Disturbances Impact on Reliability of Microprocessor Protection
    67Krivoshein I.L., Suslov ..
    Improvement of Determination Accuracy of Direction Search of Single-Phase Earth Fault
    68Evgeniya A. Panova, Artem T. Nasibullin
    Development of Algorithm for Adaptive Relay Protection of Autotransformer of Substation Hub Industrial Supply
    71Sologubov A.Yu., Kirpichnikova I.M.
    Approach to Accounting of Non-Linear Properties By Example of Electric Drive with DC Motor Controlled Type Inverter H-bridge
    73Kovernikova L.I., Luong Van Chung, Fedchishin V.V.
    Modeling Non-Linear Load Currents by Mixture Distribution Separation
    74Shuin V., Filatova G., Vorobeva E.
    Development of Single-Phase Earth Fault Location Algorithms Using Cable Line Simulation Models
    75Rakhmatullina G.E.
    Use of Reactive Currents for Melting Ice on Overhead Transmission Lines of 10kV
    78Loskutov A., Pelevin P. Pattern
    Recognition Methods Application to Power Systems Protection and Control
    79Bessolitsyn A.V., Golgovskikh A.V., Novikov A.V.
    Estimation of Possibility to Use Electromagnetic Relays at Frequencies Below Industrial One
    80Cheremisin V.T., Erbes V.V., Komyakov A.A.
    Development of Device for Monitoring of Energy Efficiency of Production Processes at Enterprises
    81Nagay I.V., Nagay V.I., Kireev P.S.
    Increasing Sensitivity of Backup Protection of Transit Overhead Lines with Branches
    82Kulaev I., Kubarkov Y.
    Regulation of Voltage and Optimization of Power Losses in Active-Adaptive Networks
    88Golov V., Kormilicyn D.
    Oscillatory Stability Regions of Electrical Power System with Controlled Extra-High Voltage Transmission Line
    90Fomin I., Makhianova N., Belikov R.
    Remote Monitoring of Circuit Breakers in Partitioned Power Line
    91Andreev A.A., Vozmilov A.G., Kalmakov V.A.
    Results of Experimental Study of System Maintaining Battery Optimal Temperature
    93Petrov A.V., Kostyukov D.A., Zhukov M.V.
    Investigation of Error of Express Estimation of Total Harmonic Distortion Current and Voltage with Frequency Deviation in Electric Network
    94Kononov Yu.G., Rybasova O.S., Sidirov K.A.
    Identification of Overhead-Line Parameters from PMU Data with Compensation of Systematic Measurement Errors
    102Malafeev A.V., Tremasov M.A.
    Method for alculating Torque-Rate Characteristics of Feed Pump in Pumping, Turbining and Return Flow Mode
    104Martyanov A.S., Troickiy A.O., Korobatov D.V.
    Performance Assessment of Perturbation and Observation Algorithm for Wind Turbine
    105Goman V., Fedoreev S.
    Experimental Study of Moveable Contact Joint Characteristics in Power-Distribution Equipment
    106Aleksey A. Kuvshinov, Aleksey N. Chernenko, Vera V. Vakhnina
    Peculiarities Of Power Transit By Overhead Lines Under Conditions Of Geomagnetic Disturbances
    107Aleksey A. Kuvshinov, Vera V. Vakhnina, Dmitry A. Kretov
    Natural Power And Transmission Capacity Of Compensated Distribution Line With Losses
    110Kolosok I., Gurina L.
    Wavelet Analysis of PMU Measurements for Identification of Cyber Attacks on TCMS
    111Kulikov A.L., Sharygin M.V., Voroshilov A.A.
    Method of Reducing Technical Losses of Electric Power in Transformer Groups by Means of Automatic Switching-off of Transformers
    113Vadim Z. Manusov, Nasrullo Khasanzoda, Lola Sh. Atabaeva
    Two-Way Energy Flow Optimization Based on Smart Grid Concept
    114Shepelev A.O., Petrova E.V., Sidorov O.A.
    Consideration of Active Resistances Temperature Dependency of Power Transformers When Calculating Power Losses in Grids
    116Mitrofanov S.V., Baykasenov D.K., Suleev M.A.
    omplex System of Protection of Autonomous Solar Power Plant with Sun-Tracking System
    120Mitrofanov S.V., Agapov V.A.
    Substantiation of Using DC transmission with Developing Mathematical Model in Environment Matlab
    124Vadim Z. Manusov, Dmitry V. Orlov
    Diagnostics of Current Technical State of Transformer Equipment Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
    127Topolskiy D.V., Yumagulov N.I., Galiyev A.L.
    Development of Technical Solutions for Digital Substations Using Ddigital Instrument Combined Current and Voltage Transformers
    129Burianina N., Lesnykh E., Suslov K.
    Principles of Current Protection Based on Three Instantaneous-Value Samples
    135Basmanov V.G., Kalinina E.A, Kholmanskikh V.M.
    Selecting Optimum Stage Switching Interval for Capacitor Unit as Way to Increase Efficiency of Reactive Power Regulation
    136Aleksandra V. Varganova, Maksim M. Lygin, Vadim R. Khramshin
    Fuel Mix Optimization of Utility Boilers of Industrial Power Stations
    137Ozhegov A.N., Derendjaeva L.V., Zakalata A.A.
    Network Reduction in Calculation of Oscillatory Characteristics of Branching Point Resistor of Electric Loads at Industrial Enterprise
    Section 4. Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives
    1Zheltov A.S., Bychkov A.E., Kachalov A.V.
    Reduction of Dynamics Load in Interconnected Electric Drives
    2Boris N. Abramovich, Yuriy A. Sychev, Pavel A. Kuznetsov
    Mathematical Modelling of High-Frequency Electrical Motors with Harmonic Elimination Filters for Technological Complexes
    3Potapov L.A., Maklakov V.P.
    Modeling of Surface Effects in Massive Rotors of Electromagnetic Brakes
    6Potapov L.A., Averchenkov V.I., Butarev I.Y.
    Modeling Electromagnetic Processes in Magnetelectric Dampers with Disk Non-Magnetic Rotors
    7Mytsyk G.S, Myo Min Thant, Hlaing Min Oo
    Informational and Methodological Support for Construction of AC Load Electronic Simulators
    8Tikhonova O., Malygin I., Plastun A.
    Calculation of Inductive Resistances of Induction Motor with Ring Windings by ANSYS Maxwell
    9Mytsyk G.S, Tin Aung Zaw
    Issue of Structural-Parametric Optimization of Fed-Converted Generators
    10Laletin V.I., Malyshev E.N., Prismotrov N.I.
    Study of Gear Ratio Influence of Reducer on Characteristics of Discrete Electric Drive
    11Strizhkov I.G., Chesnyuk E.N., Oskin S.V.
    Method for Calculating Asynchronous Motor Slip in Tasks of Electric Drive
    13Veniamin F. Samoseiko, Aleksandr V. Saushev
    Electromagnetic Torque of Reluctance Machines with Star-Shaped Stator and Rotor in the Context of Polyharmonic Current in Winding
    14Konesev S.G., Khazieva R.N., Bochkareva T.A.
    Mathematical Modeling of Inverter with a Hybrid Resonant Circuit Operation Modes
    15Denisov V., Tretyakova M.
    Positional Asynchronous Electric Drive with Vector Control and Non-linear Correction
    16Kruglova T., Yaroshenko I., Rabotalov N.
    Cyber-physical System of Intelligent Diagnosis of Generator Winding Insulation
    17Sergei G. Voronin, Dmitry A. Kurnosov, Pavel O. Shaburov
    Synthesis of Phase Currents of Optimal Form of Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets
    18Barakin N.S., Vanurin V.N., Bogatyrev N.I.
    Features of Calculation of Asynchronous Generator with Autotransformer Wye-Connected Stator Winding
    19Nikolaev A.A., Gilemov I.G., Denisevich A.S.
    Analysis of Influence of Frequency Converters with Active Rectifiers on the Power Quality in Internal Power Supply Systems of Industrial Enterprises
    21Ismagilov F.R., Vavilov V.E., Sayakhov I.F.
    Analysis of Performance of Disc-Type High-Speed Generators Design with PMs
    22Krasovsky A., Sobolev V., Solovev V.
    Output Power Control Switched Reluctance Drive For Automotive Applications
    23Gizatullin F.A., Khakimyanov M.I., Khusainov F.F.
    Technological Parameters Influence on Energy Intensity of Oil Wells Pumps
    24Flur R. Ismagilov, Vyacheslav Ye. Vavilov, Valentina V. Ayguzina
    Genetic Algorithms for Electrical Machine Optimal Design
    25Glushchenko A.I., Petrov V.A., Eremenko Y.I.
    On Neural Tuner Development to Decrease Instantaneous Output Torque Oscillations for Rolling Mill Drive
    26Bolshenko I., Gumme A., Batishchev D.
    Control of Electromagnetic Valve Actuators Working Under External Effects of Revolution
    27Malafeev S.I., Konyashin V.I.
    Induction Motor Drives for Electric Mining Shovels: Synthesis, Design and Research
    28Malafeev S.I., Malafeev S.S.
    Compensation of Voltage Loss in Power Line Mining Enterprise
    30Yudin V.V., Yudin A.V., Pankratov M.V.
    Analysis of Processes in Electromagnetic Devices in Case of Non-Sinusoidal Influence
    31Korobatov D., Martyanov A., Solomin E.
    Modeling of Switching Control Algorithms over the Power Transistors of Bi-directional Synchronous-Vector Rectifier for Storage Battery Charge
    33Riabov Ie., Liubarskyi B.
    Determination of Phase Flux-linkage of Flux Switching Motor with Spatial Magnetic System
    34Koptjaev E., Popkov E.
    Direct-Conversion Electric Propulsion System
    35Pustovetov M.Yu.
    Method for Taking Into Account of Magnetization Curve Nonlinearity at Variable Frequency of Feeding Voltage
    36Pyatibratov G.Ya., Altunyan L.L., Danshina A.A.
    Electromechanical Force Compensation System of Weight Removal of Patient for Rehabilitation by the Medical Simulator
    37Pyatibratov G.Ya., Danshina A.A., Altunyan L.L.
    Determination of Actuator and Electric Drives Efficient Parameters of Lifting Devices
    39Lopatkin N.N.
    New Implementation of Nearest Vector Selecting Space Vector Control for Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter
    40Lopatkin N.N.
    Voltage THD and Integrated Voltage Harmonics Factors of Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter with Nearest Vector Selecting Space Vector Control
    41Lubov E. Roginskaya, Anton S. Gorbunov
    Application of Autotransformer Converters of Number of Phases in DC Power Supplies with Increased Energy Parameters
    42Lubov E. Roginskaya, Anton S. Gorbunov
    Determination of Installed Power of Autotransformer Phase Number Converters to Improve Electromagnetic Compatibility
    43Smirnov A.Yu., Zimin A.Yu., Kudryashov D.A.
    Research on Waveform Pulses on Step Drive Running with Inductor Motor
    44Strelkov V.F., Andryukhin M.V.
    Peculiarities of Operation of Radar Antenna Variable Speed Electric Drive
    46Abdulveleev I.R., Khramshin T.R., Kornilov G.P.
    Novel Hybrid Cascade H-bridge Active Power Filter with Star Configuration for Nonlinear Powerfull Industrial Loads
    48Khramshin T.R., Kornilov G.P., Khramshin R.R.
    A Novel Neutral Point Potential Stabilization Technique for Three-Level Inverter-Fed Direct Torque Control of Synchronous Motor
    49Ptakh G.K., Yakovenko A.E., Zvezdunov D.A.
    Switched Reluctance Drive of Draglines ESH 20.90 Main Machinery
    50Azaliya A. Imanova, Vladislav V. Platonov, Viktor Y. Bespalov
    Increase of Rolling Mill Electric Drive Precision
    51Sergey P. Gladyshev, Artyom D. Golykov, Danil Levkin
    Electric Circuit of Brushless Motor Electric Drive
    52Artyom . Zhuravlev, Nikolay V. Kormilicin, Evgeny S. Khayatov
    Design of Electric Drives with Improved Mass-Dimensional Indicators
    54Artyom A. Gryzlov, Lada A. Doykina, Sergey S. Bukhanov
    Design of Fast Response Electric Drive
    55Anatoly T. Tsirkunenko, Sergey S. Bukhanov, Marat A. Ramazanov
    Increase in Reliability of Frequency Converters of Rolling Mill
    57Fernando Bento, Jorge O. Estima, Antonio J. Marques Cardoso
    Performance Evaluation of Three Variable Speed AC Motor Drives under Different Load Profiles
    58Prakht V., Dmitrievskii V., Kazakbaev V.
    Theoretical Performance Analysis of Ultra Premium Efficiency PM Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor with Ferrite Magnets
    59Kazakbaev V., Prakht V., Dmitrievskii V.
    Comparative Assessment of Power Consumption of IE2 Induction and IE5 Synchronous Reluctance Motors in Multistage Centrifugal Pump Application
    60Andriyanov A.I.
    Comparative Efficiency Analysis of Non-Linear Dynamics Control for Converters with Unipolar Reversible Modulation Based on Target-Oriented Control
    61Andriyanov A.I.
    Calculation of Fixed Points of Desired Dynamic Modes for DC-to-DC Converters
    68Denis N. Kuimov, Maxim S. Minkin
    Algorithm of Switching of Phases for Sensorless Management of Process of Movement of Secondary Descrete Part of Electromechanical Converter
    70Vinogradov K.M., Moskvichev A.V.
    High-speed Autonomus Generator with Field Regulated Reluctance Machine
    72Sychev D.A., LIU Lin, GOU Xinyue, MU Shicai
    Loss Components in Electric Drive of Cold Pilger Mill. Control Law Optimization
    73Igor V. Bochkarev, Ivan V. Bryakin, Vadim R. Khramshin
    Control of Operational Condition of Electromagnetic Devices of Automation Systems
    74Baskov S.N., Litsin K.V., Baskova T.V., Litsina D.Yu., Usatyi D.Yu.
    Influence of Intermediate Transformers on Energy Performance of High-Voltage AC Drives
    75Gartlib E.A., Baskova T.V., Gasiyarova O.A.
    The Use of a Neural Network for Building a Process System Torque Controller - Synchronous Motor
    76Luo ZhiNan, Maklakov A.S.
    Research of Bridge Crane Hoist Control System with Skew Controller
    Section 5. Signal Processing and Real Time Embedded Control
    3Ryabtsev V.G., Evdokimov A.P., Mudar Almadi
    Microprocessor Matrix Switcher for Diagnosing Digital Systems on Single Crystal
    4Shilin A.A., Kuznetsova N.S., Avdeyuk D.N.
    Intelligent Reflectometer for Monitoring Overhead Power Lines
    7Lanskikh V.G., Vakhrushev V.Yu., Lanskikh Yu.V.
    Method of Synthesizing Non-Linear Pseudo-Random Sequence Generator
    8Lyuminarskaja .S., Lyuminarsky I..
    Theoretical Study of Electrical Contact Dustiness Impact on Transition Resistance
    9Matantsev A., Urazbakhtina Yu., Nafikova R.
    Method for Minimizing Semiconductor Gas Sensors Errors Based on Signals Processing with Use of Artificial Neural Network
    11Varlamov D.B., Savchits A.V.
    Development of Adaptive Regulator in Instrumental Version
    14Romashov V.V., Khramov K.K., Doktorov A.N.
    Experimental Verification of Mathematical Models of Noise Curves of Direct Digital Synthesizer AD9910
    15Olonichev V.V., Staroverov B.A., Smirnov M.A.
    Optimization of Program for Run Time Parametrical Identification for ARM Cortex Processors
    16Lvovich I.Ya., Preobrazhenskiy A.P., Choporov O.N.
    Research of Opportunities for Reducing Transmission Errors in Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing Signals
    18Glushkin E.Ya., Kochetkov V.P., Kolovsky A.V.
    Application of Square Formulas in Problems of Research of Automatic Control Systems
    19Zakasovskaya E., Tarasov V.
    Recognition of Moving Objects by Intelligent Distributed Information and Measurement System
    20Polyakov D.A., Pugach V.N., Nikitin K.I.
    Power Transmission Lines Monitoring System
    24Kostromitin K.I., Dokuchaev B.N., Skorobogatov A.V.
    Using Methods of Thermal, Electric, Adapter and Probe Control to Analyze Work of Integral Chips
    27Kolpakov A.A., Kropotov Yu.A.
    Optimizing Use of Genetic Algorithms for Computing Graphics Processors for Problem of Zero Bit Vector
    29Sadykov M.F., Andreev N.K., Goryachev M.P.
    Hardware-Software of Device for Technical Condition Control of Engine as Part of Truck Autopilot System
    Section 6. Modeling and Computer Technologies
    4Gibadullin R.F., Vershinin I.S., Minyazev R.Sh.
    Development of Load Balancer and Parallel Database Management Module
    6Sedykh, D., Gordon M., Efanov D.
    Computer-Aided Design of Railway Signalling Systems in Russian Federation
    16Pashkovskiy A.V., Tkachev A.N., Bahvalov U.A.
    New Standard Elements for Calculating Magnetic Fields of Electromechanical and Magnetic Systems with Permanent Magnets
    22Ahmed W. M. A., Fomenkov S.A., Gaevoy S.V.
    Reducing Approximation Time of Cluster Workload by Using Simplified Hypergamma Distribution
    24Dmitry B. Borzov, Ilya I. Masyukov, Alexander S. Sizov
    Planning of Program Placement in Cubic Multiprocessor Systems
    28Igor V. Anikin, Rinat M. Gazimov
    Privacy Preserving Data Mining in Terms of DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm in Distributed Systems
    31Chye E.U., Shein A.B.
    Method of Solving Nonhomogeneous Differential Equation for Dynamic Systems Modeling
    35Eugenie L. Eremin, Evgeniy A. Shelenok
    Modeling of Decentralized Combined Control System for 2-DOF Manipulator with Input Constraints
    37Khludova M.
    Performance-Reliability Modeling for Long-Running Programs
    43Shempelev A., Iglin P.
    On Mathematical Model of Condenser Equipped with Water-Jet Ejector
    44Shilin A.N., Snitsaruk D.G.
    Computer Modeling of Optical Schemes for Measuring Profilograms of Shells of Rjyevolution
    50 .., .., ..
    60Orlov S.P., Girin R.V., Uyutova O.Yu.
    Artificial Neural Network for Technical Diagnostics of Control Systems by Thermography
    64Korzhakov A.V., Oskin S.V.
    Investigation of Influence of Pulse Voltage Form on Change of Voltage Gradient of Magnetic Field in Working Zone of Acoustic and Magnetic Device Model
    65Sergeev Yu.S., Sandalov V.M., Karpov G.E.
    Developing Model of Switched Reluctance Electric Vibration Drive for Debugging of Executive Body Complicated Movements Control Algorithms
    68Smagin K.A., Khrenov S.I., Timofeev E.M.
    Statistical Aspects of Particle Behaviour in Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators
    70Ukhobotov V.I., Ptashko E.A.
    Automatic Generation of Fuzzy Rules for Control of Mobile Robot with Track Chassis Based on Numerical Data
    72Kinsht N., Petrunko N.
    Various Kinds of Test Influences in Circuit Diagnostic Problem
    79Shchuchkin D., Podbereznaya I., Khoroshev A.
    Modeling Magnetic Hysteresis in Magnetic Systems of Magnetizing Devices for Flaw Detection in Steel Ropes
    98Tushev S., Sukhovilov B., Sartasov E.
    Robust Coded Target Recognition in Adverse Light Conditions
    112Rykov A., Luppov A., Krasikov M.
    Identification and Classification of Signal Distortions Based on Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
    114Rustem Ayr. Nizamov, Evgenii Yu. Fedorov
    Layout of Items and Structural Assemblies of Electrical Equipment of UAV
    117Frid A.I., Vulfin A.M., Berkholts V.V.
    Architecture of Modular system for Assessing Security of Telemetry Information Transmission System
    119Bushmeleva K., Uvaysov S., Bushmelev P., Uvaysova A.
    Detection of Methane Leaks from the Main Gas Pipeline for Remote Sensing with Oblique Laser Beam
    122Rustam T. Murzakaev, Anatoliy N. Poliakov, Vadim V. Artemev
    Solution of Kinematics Problem of 5-DOF Manipulator Emitter for Non-Destructive Defectoscopy
    125Kostoglotov A., Lazarenko S., Pugachev I., Kornev A.
    Analysis of Dynamic Errors in Estimating Parameters of Structurally Uncertain Measurement Processes Based on Quasioptimal Intellectual Algorithms of Combined Maximum Principle
    131Lekh I., Taranenko P.
    Development of Functional Electromechanical 1D Model of Coriolis Flowmeter Measuring Tubes
    138Solodusha S.
    Amplitudes of Test Signals for Identification of Volterra Kernels
    139Filaretov V., Kurganov S., Gorshkov K.
    Cancellation-free Symbolic Analysis of Switched-Capacitor Circuits
    141Evich L.N., Ostroukh E.N., Panasenko P.A.
    Methods for Solving Optimization Problems with a Multimodal Objective Function Based on Hybrid Algorithms
    145Tyugashev A.
    On Use of Adaptive Schedules in Semantic Modeling of Real-Time Control Algorithms
    147Alexey S. Katasev, Lilia Yu. Emaletdinova, Dina V. Kataseva
    Neural Network Model for Information Security Incident Forecasting
    148Alexey S. Katasev, Lilia Yu. Emaletdinova, Dina V. Kataseva
    Neural Network Spam Filtering Technology
    150Vikulov E., Denisov O., Meshcheryakov V.
    Event-Driven Simulation of Server Stations Load Balancing
    159Sapozhnikova M.U., Nikonov A.V., Vulfin A.M.
    Intrusion Detection System Based on Data Mining Technics for Industrial Networks
    Section 7. Theory and Applications of Dynamical Measurements
    5Andrey N. Serov, Nikolay A. Serov, Ekaterina A. Dolgatcheva
    Influence of Nonlinearity of ADC Conversion Function on RMS Measurement Error
    6Grachev N.N., Safonov S.N.
    Investigation of the Sensitivity and Stability of Transfer Characteristic of Electromechanical Measuring Transducer of Small Values of Velocity Head of Rarefied Gas
    8Andrey N. Serov, Aleksandr A. Shatokhin, Gennady V. Antipov
    Method to Reduce the Measurement Error of the Spectrum by the Demodulation Technique
    10Sergey V. Shalobanov
    Defect Search In Automatical Control Systems With Depth To Dynamic Block
    11Shady Sayed, Samer Wagdy, Moutaz Hegazy, Ahmed Badawy
    Sensitivity Measurements of a Symmetrical and Decoupled Resonant Gyroscope
    12Gerasimov S., Zhelbakov I.
    Correlation Analysis of Probing Signals as a Special Case of The Digital Signal Processing Methods in an Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Measurement Applications
    19Rakhimov N.R., Khakimova A.I.
    Optoelectronic Information-Measuring Systems for Determining Physical and Chemical Parameters of Oil-Containing Fluids
    21Shilin A., Petrushkin A., Bukreev V.
    Method for Measuring Motor Speed Obtained from the Spectral Characteristics of Current Consumption Form
    22Yumagulov N.I., Galiyev A.L., Topolskaya I.G.
    Unit for Stabilizing Power of Reference Generator
    23Solodusha S., Yaparova N.
    Numerical Solutions of Dynamic Measurement Challenges by Volterra Equations
    24Limorenko M., Terenteva A., Podchasov E.
    Development of Systematical Biases Exclusion Methods for Technical Measurements