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    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Control systems and their industrial application
    2Sotnikov E.A., Osminin A.T.
    Determination of Minimum Level of Available Carrying Capacity of Sections where the Effective Use of Connected Train Formation and Driving Technology is Possible
    3Safin I.R., Lukyanov S.I., Bodrov E.E.
    Calculation Method of an Unwinding Machine Electric Drive’s Breaking Torque Alteration on a Rebar Production Line
    4Зубок А.А.
    Синтез систем со слабодемпфированными объектами регулирования
    5Barankova I., Mikhailova U., Lukianov G.
    Automated Control System of a Factory Railway Transport Based on ZigBee
    6Brylina O.G.
    Multi-Zone Pulse Regulator
    7Rapoport E.Ya., Pleshivtseva Yu.E. / Рапопорт Э.Я., Плешивцева Ю.Э.
    Method of Parametric Optimization of Program Control Actions in Boundary Value Problems of Optimal Control for Distributed Parameter Systems
    Метод параметрической оптимизации программных управляющих воздействий в краевых задачах оптимального управления системами с распределенными параметрами
    8Eremin E.L., Shelenok E.A.
    Discrete Robust Control Algorithm for One Class of Non-Affine Nonlinear SISO Systems
    9Eremin E.L., Shelenok E.A.
    Simulation Modeling of Robust Control System for Nonlinear Non-Affine Objects
    10Mitroshin V.N., Mitroshin Y.V. / Митрошин В.Н., Митрошин Ю.В.
    Optimal Control of Cable Insulation Cooling at Extrusion Line
    Оптимальное управление охлаждением кабельной изоляции при ее наложении на экструзионной линии
    11Efremov A.M., Subbotina T.Yu.
    Use of the IEC 61850 Series of Standards to Create PCS HPP in Russia Background and Application Opportunities
    12Nikolaev A.A., Tulupov P.G., Astashova G.V.
    The Comparative Analysis of Electrode Control Systems of Electric Arc Furnaces and Ladle Furnaces
    14Gelrud Ya.D., Loginovskiy O.V.
    Project Management for Different Stakeholders
    15Loginovskiy O.V., Gelrud Ya.D., Plotnikova N.V.
    The Formation of IT Systems of Industrial Enterprises on the basis of Standard Design Options and Unification of Subsystem Interconnection Modules
    16Galdin M.S., Andreev S.M.
    Model-Based Predictive Control of Twin-Roll Strip Casting Thermal Mode
    17Liberman Ya.L., Letnev K.Yu.
    Automated System for Preventing Accidents with Open-Pit Transport
    19Rutkowski A.L., Kovaleva M.A., Tedeeva N.V.
    The Method of Solving the Automated Control System Design Problem Through Complicated Technological Complex
    20Rutkowski A.L., Kovaleva M.A., Tedeeva N.V.
    The Research of Systems with Incomplete Information in Complex Control Object
    21Bolotaeva I.I., Zarochencev V.M.
    The Research of the Acid Mode of Neutral Leaching for the Purpose of Optimization
    23Sadov V.B., Plotnikova N.V.
    Main Functions of Control System of the Installation with the Drive Sucker Rod Pump
    25Galachieva S.V., Kumaritov A.M., Sokolova E.A.
    The Question of The Solution to the Problem of Prediction of the Critical Conditions
    26Klimenko A.B., Melnik E.V., Ivanov D.I.
    The Configuration Generation Problem for the Informational and Control Systems with the Performance Redundancy
    27Bogdanov A.V., Sazonova T.V., Bondarev A.V.
    Parameters of the Quality and Power Efficiency of the Automatic Controlling the Steam Boiler with the Indistinct Adaptation of the PID-adjuster in the fuzzyTech’s Environment
    28Andreev S.M., Parsunkin B.N.
    Search System of Fuel Combustion Control in Industrial Furnaces
    30Tazmeev A.Kh., Tazmeeva R.N.
    Managing the System of Circulation of Electrolyte in the Plasma Generator with Liquid Electrodes
    31Kvyatkovskaya I.Yu., Popov G.A., Nguyen Xuan Manh
    Analysis Possibilities for using Fiber Optic Sensors in Intelligent Building Control System
    32Buzarov M.M., Voloshin S.B., Shevrikuko U.F.
    The Development of Complex Navigation System of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Operation in the Conditions of Mountain Territories
    33Teterin E., Zhuravlev D., Berchuk D.
    Mobile Extrusion Machine for the Production of Composite Filaments for 3D Printing
    34Ryabchikov M.Yu., Ryabchikova E.S., Grebennikova V.V.
    Automated Support System for Administration of Steel Processing in the Ladle Furnace with a Function of Process Staff Training
    35Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I., Fomin A.V.
    PI-Controller Parameters Tuning Method to Reject Disturbances Acting on Heating Furnaces
    36Emaletdinova L.U., Kabirova A.N., Konopelko R.S.
    A Method of Constructing Neuro-Fuzzy Controller based on Adaptive Algorithm of Self-Organizing Network to Control the Angle of Heel of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    37Kuzishchin V.F., Merzlikina E.I., Hoang Van Va
    Study of the Efficiency of the Control System with Smith Predictor using a Simulator based on Controller OWEN PLC
    38Abramov N.V., Dyagilev V.F.
    The Control of Complex Systems with Account of Relations Stabilization
    39Bukeikhanov N.R, Gvozdkova S.I., Butrimova E.V.
    The Automated Resource Saving System of Use and Regeneration of Lubricant-Cooling Technological Liquid based on Epilam
    40Карагодин В.В., Горин В.А., Смирнов С.В.
    Метод последовательных опорных решений и его применение для нахождения оптимального по быстродействию управления линейными неосциллирующими объектами
    41Nyrkov A., Sokolov S., Chernyi S., Chernyakov A., Karpina A.
    Providing the Integrity and Availability in the Process of Data Transfer in the Electronic Documents Management Systems of Transport-logistical Clusters
    42Gavrilova A.A., Salov A.G., Ivanova D.V.
    System Model Analysis of the Management Effectiveness of the Territorial Producing Company and Considering the Interrelations with the Macroenvironment
    43Shiryaev V., Podivilova E.
    Algorithm of Set-Valued State Estimation for Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems
    44Averchenkov A.V., Kulagina N.A., Averchenkova E.E.
    Condition Monitoring of Machine-Building Complex of the Bryansk Region on the basis of Expert Estimates
    45Gorlenko O.A., Miroshnikov V.V., Borbatc N.M.
    The Analysis of Potential Defects of the Management Decision-Making Process in Complex Organizational Systems
    46Petreshin D.I., Handozhko A.V., Fedonin O.N.
    Development of Software for Self-Learning Technological System
    47Kaspirovich I.E.
    Application of Constraint Stabilization to Nonholonomic Mechanics
    49Mukharlyamov R.G.
    Control of System Dynamics and Constraints Stabilization
    50Shinkarev A.
    Refactoring as Complexity Decreasing Instrument of Representation of Traffic Flow Models Based on Cellular Automata
    51Putov V.V., Stotckaia A.D., Sheludko V.N. / Путов В.В., Стоцкая А.Д., Шелудько В.Н.
    New Technology of Runway Friction Coefficient Measurement and Its Towed Implementation
    Новая технология измерения коэффициента сцепления взлетно-посадочной полосы и реализующий ее буксируемый измерительный комплекс
    52Zimin L.S., Yeghiazaryan A.S.
    Application of Induction Heating Processes of Metal Deformation
    53Safin R.R., Kaynov P.A., Khakimzyanov I.F.
    The Influence of Modes of Preliminary Heat Treatment of Raw Materials in a Drum Apparatus on the Properties and Quality of Wood Fuel
    54Bolshunova O., Korzhev A.
    Sensors for Automatic Moisture Measurement of Bulk and Liquid Materials
    55Krasinkiy A.Ya., Krasinkaya E.M.
    Modeling of Dynamics of Manipulators with Geometrical Consraints as a Systems with Redundant Coordinates
    56Kudryashov A.V., Kalinina A.S., Yagovkin G.N.
    Lighting Regulation Considering Visual Functions
    57Shiriaev V.I., Bragina A.A.
    Control Synthesis of Robotic Manipulator by Lyapunov's Direct Method in Conditions of Incomplete Information
    58Lapeev S.M., Gvetadze S.V., Pahomov A.P.
    New Modes of Incubation and Their Implementation Methodology
    59Filimonova A.A., Barbasova T.A., Kolesnikova O.V.
    Multilevel Resource Planning and Load Management of an Industrial Facility
    60Shutin D., Polyakov R.
    Adaptive Nonlinear Controller of Rotor Position in Active Hybrid Bearings
    61Kazarinov L.S., Barbasova T.A.
    Elliptic Component Analysis
    62Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I., Fomin A.V.
    On Development of Method to Calculate Time Delay Values of Neural Network Input Signals to Implement PI-Controller Parameters Neural Tuner
    63Galiullin L.A., Valiev R.A.
    Automation of Diesel Engine Test Procedure
    64D.Yu. Bogdanov, G.Ya. Pyatibratov, A.B. Bekin
    System Implementation of Speed Restriction While Developing the Force Compensation Systems
    66Lukyanov A.D., Minkin M.S., Onoyko T.S.
    Control of Precision Positioning of Low Rigid High Inertia Objects
    67Sonkin D.M., Meita R.V., Khrul S.A. / Сонькин Д.М., Мейта Р.В., Хруль С.А.
    One of Possible Approaches to Estimate Availability of Distributed Hardware and Software Systems
    Методология комплексной оценки состояния многоуровневых распределенных систем
    69Valiev R.A., Khuzyatov Sh.Sh.
    Pattern-design Software of Automated Control Systems
    70Shiryaev V., Khadanovich D.
    On the Measurement Noises Adaptation of Set-Membership State Estimation
    71Shaykhutdinov D., Leukhin R., Stensenko I.
    Features of the Control System of Technological Process of Production of Mechatronic Drive based on the Testing of the Magnetic Properties of the Structural Elements
    72Сысоев Н.И., Гринько Д.А., Гринько А.А.
    Повышение эффективности бурения шпуров путем управляемого наложения импульсов осевого усилия и крутящего момента на буровой резец
    73Akhmetsagirov R.I., Nasibullin R.T.
    The Control Parameters of Automatic Control System of the Process of Producing Ferromagnetic Powders by Plasma Erosion of a Metallic Anode
    74Romanov A.M., Slaschev B.V., Zolotykh A.I.
    Highly Reliable Information Network for Distributed Control Systems
    75Lukichev D.V., Demidova G.L.
    Speed Control in PMSM Drive with Non-Stiff Load and Unknown Parameters Using PI- and Fuzzy Adaptive PID Controllers
    76Pokhlebin A.V., Pozdeev A.V., Golyatkin I.A. / Похлебин А.В., Поздеев А.В., Голяткин И.А.
    Control Algorithms of Inelastic Resistance Forces of Hydropneumatic Springs
    Алгоритмы регулирования сил неупругого сопротивления пневмогидравлических рессор
    77Kodkin V.L., Baldenkof A.A., Kachalin A.Y.
    Reducing Resource Consumption in Heating Systems by Optimization of Their Dynamics
    78Zhdanov A., Belyaev L., Morozov V.
    The Control System for Mechatronic Unit of Implantable Left Ventricle Assist Device
    79Kozko A.
    Intelligent Content Managment System For Discussion Forum
    80Prakhova M.Yu., Krasnov A.N., Khoroshavina E.A.
    The Automatic Diagnostic System of Gas Well Flooding
    81 Baskov S.N., Litsin K.V.
    Research of Vector-Pulse Start System of Synchronous Motor with Intermediate Transformer and Sensorless Determination of Angular Rotor Position with Mathematical Methods
    Section 2. Industrial mechatronics, automation and robotics
    1Shoshiashvili M.E., Shoshiashvili I.S.
    Principles of Construction of Control Devices for Mechatronic Pipe-lay Complexes
    2Шошиашвили И.С., Шошиашвили М.Э.
    Система управления роботизированным траншеекопателем
    3Vokhmintsev A., Timchenko М., Yakovlev K.
    Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Unknown Environment using Dynamic Matching of Images and Registration of Point Clouds
    4Smirnov Y.S., Yurasova E.V., Safronov V.V.
    Tracking Amplitude Resolver-to-Digital Converters
    5Bulgakov A., Emelianov S.
    Robotization of Building Panels Mounting
    6Bobyr M.V., Kulabukhov S.A., Milostnaya N.A.
    Fuzzy Control System of Robot Angular Attitude
    7Bobyr M.V., Yakushev A.S., Milostnaya N.A.
    Fuzzy algorithm of a mobile robot’s motion
    8Bagautdinov I., Bogdanov E., Zhilin S., Zhuravlev E.
    Vector form Description of Hydraulic Cylinders Interaction with Links of Actuating Unit
    9Kiryanov A.V., Kiryanov V.P.
    Improvement of Metrological Characteristics of the Laser Pattern Generators with Circular Scanning Mode by the Use of Hybride Angular Encoder
    10Ignatiev K.V., Kopichev M.M., Putov A.V.
    Autonomous Omni-Wheeled Mobile Robots
    11Pyatibratov G.Ya., Danshina A.A., Altunyan L.L.
    Methods of Efficient Parameters Multifactorial Determination of Industrial Manipulators Gears and Electric Drives
    12Omelchenko E.Ya., Enin S.S., Proskurin Ya.V.
    Servodrive Robotic Devices Load Limit
    13Krasinskaja Je.M., Ilyina A.N., Rukavishnikova A.S.
    On Modeling of the Dynamics of a Mobile Manipulator as a Mechatronic System
    15Lavrinov D.S., Khorkin A.I.
    Problems of Internal Calibration of Precision Laser Triangulation 2D Scanners
    16Kutlubaev I.M., Zhydenko I.G., Bogdanov A.A.
    Basic Concepts of Power Anthropomorphic Grippers Construction and Calculation
    17Kiselev V.V., Volodin V.D., Sharonov A.A.
    Application of Method of the Sliding Averaging for Truck Loader Crane Instalation Managemement System Handholds Position Sensors Indications Processing
    18Salah Reda Bdoor, Osama Ismail, Magdy Raouf Roman, Yehia Hendawi
    Design and Implementation of a Vision-based Control for a Ball and Plate System
    19Chernyshev A.D., Kulmukhametova A.S.
    Development Control for an Individual-Wheel-Drive Vehicle
    20Maklakov A.S., Demov M.A., Maklakova E.A., Gasiyarov V.R., Voronin S.S.
    EMC Research of 18-Pulse Circuit Consisting of 3LNPC Converters with SHE
    21Gasiyarov V.R., Maklakov A.S., Voronin S.S., Maklakova E.A.
    Simulation Modeling of the Rolling Mill Stand 5000 OJSC MMK
    22Voronin S.S., Maklakova E.A., Gasiyarov V.R., Maklakov A.S.
    Simple Hydraulic Drive Model of the Typical Industrial Mechatronic System
    Section 3. Electric power systems and renewable energy sources
    1Vavilov V., Aflyatonov R., Yakupov A.
    Usage of the Solar Radiation Potential in the Republic of Bashkortostan of Russian Federation
    2Vavilov V., Ismagilov F., Yakupov A.
    Multicoordinate Vibration Sensor for Cargo Condition Monitoring
    4Ismagilov F., Vavilov V., Yushkova O.
    Multicriteria Optimization of the High-Speed Magnetoelectric Generator on Hybrid Magnetic Bearings
    5Varganova A.V., Panova E.A., Patshin N.T.
    Overhead Lines Optimal Cross-Section Choice in the Task of Industrial Power Systems Engineering
    6Nikolaev A.A., Anokhin V.V., Lozhkin I.A.
    Estimation of Accuracy of Chosen SVC Power for Steel-making Arc Furnace
    7Pavlyuchenko D.A., Achitaev A.A., Shevtsov D.E.
    Controlled Switching for a Group of Induction Motors
    8Fedorov O.V.
    Assessment of Influence Parameters of Electric Equipment at a Size of Losses the Electric Power in Intra Factory Networks of Low Voltage
    9Gracheva E.I., Naumov O.V.
    Identification of Probability Characteristics of the Laws of Distribution Low-Voltage Devices Shop Networks
    10Gracheva E.I., Naumov O.V.
    Researches of Indicators Reliability and Probabilistic Characteristics of Elements Electric Equipment of Shop Electric Networks
    11Sheryazov S.K., Ptashkina-Girina O.S.
    Increasing Power Supply Efficiency by Using Renewable Sources
    12Махмудов Т.Ф.
    Исследование статической устойчивости Ангренской ТЭС применением функции Ляпунова в квадратичной форме
    13Vozmilov A.G., Ilimbetov R.Yu., Astafev D.V.
    Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Effectiveness of an Electrostatic Air Cleaning Filter
    14Shempelev A., Iglin P.
    Development of Methods for Calculating the Aggressive Gas Content in Condensate at the Output from a Steam Turbine Condenser
    15Shuin V., Lebedev V., Filatova G.
    Study of Possibility of Digital Voltage Transformers Usage in Fault Location Determination
    16Vozmilov A.G., Ilimbetov R.Yu., Astafev D.V.
    The Usage of Ozone in Agriculture Technological Processes
    17Krasnykh A.A., Krivoshein I.L., Kozlov A.L.
    Single-phase Earth Fault Location in a Branched Distribution Network 6-35 kV of Overhead Lines
    18Skubienko S.V., Yanchenko I.V., Babushkin A.Yu.
    Using an Absorption Heat Pump in the Regeneration System of Turbine Model К-300-240-2 Manufactured by Kharkov Turbo Generator Plant (KhTGP)
    19Obukhov S.G., Plotnikov I.A., Sheryazov S.K.
    Methods of Effective Use of Solar Power System
    20Zasypkin A., Shchurov A.
    Centralize Ice Melting Controlled System
    21Andreev M.V., Sulaymanov A.O., Borovikov Yu.S.
    Universal Mathematical Model of Hydraulic and Steam Prime Movers
    22Novozhilov A.N., Akayev A.M., Novozhilov T.A.
    Currents in the Synchronous Condenser Windings at Turn-to-Turn Fault in the Rotor Winding
    23Sychev Yu.A., Belsky A.A.
    Methods of Compensation of Voltage Dips, Deviations and Distortions in Electrical Networks with Highly Variable Loads and Long Lines
    24Chumanov V.I., Chumanov I.V.
    Speed Control of Remelting in the Electroslag Process by Changing the Rotation Speed Consumable Electrode
    25Felix Byk, Myshkina L.
    Comparison and Choice of Measures to Improve the Reliability of Distribution Grid Companies
    26Breido Joseph, Kalinin A., Tomilova N.
    Field and Simulation Study of the Hydrodynamic Heater for Fluid Environments
    27Parshina G., Feshin B.
    The System for Designing Stope Face Power Supply and Coal Mine Electrical Services Staff Knowlegde Control
    28Sekretarev Yu.A., Panova Ya.V.
    Investigations of Possible Using a Generalized Fuzzy Interval for Analyzing Operating Conditions of Power Equipment at Hydropower Plants
    29Olhovskiy V.Ya., Myateg S.V., Myateg T.V.
    Analyzes of High Harmonics Generation and Power Losses of Low Power Consumers within 1000 V Networks
    30Kuznetsov K., Zakirova A.
    Harmonic Composition of the Rectified Current in Traction Substations when Using Different Rectifier Circuits
    31Andreev A.Y., Inahodova L.M., Kazantsev A.A.
    The Application of New Effective Ways to Reduce Losses of Electric Energy and Power in National Distributive Electric Networks
    32Krupenev D., Perzhabinsky S.
    Algorithm for Adequacy Discrete Optimization by Using Dual Estimates when Planning Development of Electric Power Systems
    33Gusev A., Suvorov A., Sulaymanov A.
    Measure of Reliability Tools for Simulating Electric Power Systems and Alternative Approach of Their Verification
    34Cheremisin V.T., ErbesV.V., Komyakov A.A.
    Evaluation of the Actual Effectiveness of Energy-Saving Devices based on Artificial Intelligence
    35Girshin S.S., Kuznetsov E.A., Petrova E.V.
    Application of Least Square Method for Heat Balance Equation Solving of Overhead Line Conductors in Case of Natural Convection
    36Novozhilov A., Issabekov Zh., Novozhilov T.
    Method to Protect Lines of Two Cables from Single Phase-to-earth Fault
    37Polishchuk V.I., Gnetova D.A.
    Diagnostics System Improvement of Turn-to-Turn Short Circuits of Synchronous Generator Rotor Winding
    38Klyuev R.V., Bosikov I.I.
    Research of Water-Power Parameters of Small Hydropower Plants in Conditions of Mountain Territories
    39Bartolomey P., Semenenko S.
    Accelerated Power Systems Power Flow Calculations Using Phasor Measurements
    40Mukhlynin N.D., Pazderin A.V.
    The Model of Distribution Grids State Estimation and Optimization based on the Energy Balances Equations
    41Sekretarev U.A., Mitrofanov S.V.
    Decision Support System for Hydro Unit Commitment
    42Minullin R.G., Kasimov V.A., Yarullin M.R.
    Multichannel Radar Control of Icing on Wires Overhead Transmission Lines
    43Minullin R.G., Kasimov V.A., Yarullin M.R.
    Comparison of Radar Equipment Readings and Weight Sensors Indications during Ice Deposits Detection on Overhead Transmission Lines
    44Malgin G.V., Veynblat A.V., Schekochikhin A.V.
    Improving Energy Efficiency of Power Supply System for a New Far Perspective Multiple-Well Platforms of Oil Field
    45Sekretarev Yu., Sultonov Sh., Nazarov M.
    Optimization of Long-Term Modes of Hydropower Plants of the Energy System of Tajikistan
    46Korzhov A.V., Korzhova M.E.
    A Method of Accounting for Fuzzy Operational Factors Influencing 6(10) kV Power Cable Insulation Longevity
    47Lukutin B.V., Shandarova E.B., Fuks I.L.
    Energy Efficiency of Photovoltaic Power Plants in Stand-Alone Power Supply Systems
    48Efanov D., Osadtchy G., Sedykh D.
    Development of Rail Roads Health Monitoring Technology Regarding Stressing of Contact-Wire Catenary System
    49Пряткина В.С., Белов А.А., Шафорост Д.А.
    Повышение эффективности использования твердого топлива на ТЭС
    50Kochneva E., Sukalo A.
    Computation of Calculated Measurements Values with Higher Accuracy Comparing to Measurements Themselves
    51Girshin S.S., Bigun A.Ya., Petrova E.V.
    Analysis of Dynamic Thermal Rating of Overhead Power Lines in the Conditions of Forced Convection Considering Non-linearity of Heat Transfer Processes
    52Mukhlynin N.D., Komlev Yu.M.
    Method of Direct Coordinatewise Discrete Optimization in Choosing the Optimal Normal Open Points in Distribution Grids
    53Goryunov V.N., Osipov D.S., Dolgikh N.N.
    The Application of Wavelet Transform for Identification of Single Phase to Earth Fault in Power System
    54Ufa R.A., Vasilev A.S., Suvorov A.A.
    Development of Hybrid Model of B2B HVDC
    56Fedosov E.M., Sattarov R.R., Volkova T.A.
    The Influence of Electrical Equipment Insulation Aging Degree on the Growth Rate of Partial Discharges Power
    57Ozhegov A.N., Derendyaeva L.V., Dubovtseva L.V. / Ожегов А.Н., Дерендяева Л.В., Дубовцева Л.В.
    Application of Diakoptics Method for Industrial Enterprise's Electrical Circuitry Decomposition by Communications Nodes in the Mode Calculation of Higher Harmonics
    Применение метода диакоптики для декомпозиции по узлам связи электрической схемы промышленных предприятий при расчете режима высших гармоник
    58Cherepanov V.V., Bakshaeva N.S., Suvorova I.A. / Черепанов В.В., Бакшаева Н.С., Суворова И.А.
    Economic Feasibility Study of the 20 kV Voltage Application at Industrial Enterprises
    Исследование экономической целесообразности применения напряжения 20 кВ на промышленных предприятиях
    59Basmanov V.G., Zakalata A.A., Kholmanskikh V.M. / Басманов В.Г., Закалата А.А., Холманских В.М.
    On the Issue of Periodicity of Non-Destructive Examination of Urban Electric Cable Lines
    К вопросу выбора периодичности неразрушающей диагностики кабельных линий городских электрических сетей
    60Sosnina E., Shalukho A., Lipuzhin I. / Соснина Е.Н., Шалухо А.В., Липужин И.А.
    Research of Isolated Electrical Systems Stability with Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power Stations
    Исследования устойчивости изолированных систем электроснабжения с ветро-дизельными электростанциями
    61Yudin A.V., Manin A.V., Yudin V.V.
    Power Leveling in the Parallel Work of Modular Energy Sources
    62Kryukov О.V., Serebryakov A.V. / Крюков О.В., Серебряков А.В.
    Active and Adaptive Algorithms of Autonomous Wind Power Plants Control and Monitoring
    Активно-адаптивные алгоритмы управления и мониторинга автономными ветроэнергетическими комплексами
    63Kostin A., Mezentsev P., Oboskalov V.
    Classical and Behavioral Decision Models using in the Context of Electrical Power Systems Development
    64Maksimov S., Trofimova S., Maksimova A. / Максимов С.П., Трофимова С.Н., Максимова А.Е.
    The Means of Losses Reduction and Electric Lines Operation Reliability Increase
    Пути снижения потерь и повышения надежности эксплуатации электрических сетей
    65Teregulov T.R., Sharifov B., Valeev A.R.
    Simplified Solar Panel Modeling in MATLAB/Simulink Considering Bashkortostan Republic (Russia) Environment Characteristics
    66Lizunov I.N., Misbakhov R.Sh., Bagautdinov I.Z.
    The Centralized System of Relay Protection and Automation for Substations of Medium Voltage
    67Карагодин В.В., Полянский К.А., Рыбаков
    Выбор оптимального варианта построения системы бесперебойного электроснабжения ответственных потребителей специальных объектов с заданным уровнем надежности
    68Shabanov V.A., AlekseevV.Y., YusupovR.Z.
    Adaptive Control of Transfer Switches and Synchronous Motors Self-Starting at Oil Pumping Stations
    69Sirotkin E.A., Martyanov A.S., Solomin E.V., Kozlov S.V.
    Emergency Braking System for the Wind Turbine
    70Lisitskiy K.E., Strumelyak A.V.
    Algorithms of Identifying Required Reduced Voltage Fluctuation Rate for Flicker Normalization
    71Obukhov S.G., Sarsikeyev Ye.Zh., Sholokhova I.I.
    Forecasting and Simulation of Electrical Loads in Decentralized Zones in Russia
    72Kuznetsov A.A., Buchelnikova O.S., Kuznetsova M.A.
    Test Standard Samples for Corrosion Concrete Supports by Spectral Analysis Methods
    73BulatovYu.N., Kryukov A.V.
    Optimization of Automatic Regulator Settings of the Distributed Generation Plants on the basis of Genetic Algorithm
    74Ershov A.M., Valeev G.S., Valeev R.G.
    Protection of Overhead Lines with Voltage of 380 V from the Single-Phase Short Circuits
    75Ryzhkova Y.N., Tsyruk S.A.
    Ferroresonance Suppression in Distribution Networks
    76Tsyruk S.A., Senchuk D.A., Kudrin B.I.
    On the Possibilities of Using Demand-Side Management Approach for the Power Market Control in Russian Federation
    77Eroshenko S.A., Samoylenko V.O., Pazderin A.V.
    Renewable Energy Sources for Perspective Industrial Clusters Development
    78Petrusev A.S., Rulevskiy V.M., Sarsikeyev Ye.Zh., Lyapunov D.Yu.
    Solar Tracker with Active Orientation
    79Klimova G.N., Leonova V.K.
    Siberian Federal District Balance of Electric Energy
    80Kirpichnikova I.M., Maliugina A.A.
    The Energy Efficiency of Photovoltaic Power Plants
    81Loskutov A., Loskutov A., Zyrin D., Vukolov V. / Лоскутов А.Б., Лоскутов А.А., Зырин Д.В., Вуколов В.Ю.
    Electric Power Distribution for the Cities and Elaboration of Method of Reducing Value of the Short-Circuit Current based on Algorithm of Dividing Network
    Анализ различных топологических структур распределения электрической энергии для городов и разработка методики борьбы с высокими значениями тока короткого замыкания на основе алгоритма деления сети
    82Gandzha S., Kiessh I.
    A Proposal of Doubly-Fed Alternator for Windmill Application
    83Gandzha S., Kiessh I.
    Optimal Designing of Brushless Axial Gap Electric Machines for Low Power Windmills
    84Osipov D.S., Plankov A.A., Rumyantseva E.V.
    Studies of Dynamic Stability of Nodes of Electric Power Systems with Asynchronous Loading Taking into Account Higher Harmonics
    85Martyanov A.S., Korobatov D.V., Sirotkin E.A.
    Modeling of Battery Charging Algorithms
    86Martyanov A.S., Korobatov D.V., Solomin E.V.
    Research of IGBT-Transistor in Pulse Switch
    87Korobeynikov S.M., Akramova M.S., Akramov B.K.
    Polygraph Registration of Brain Response to Magnetic Field of Power-line Frequency
    88Kireev P.S., Sarry S.V.
    Mathematical and Physical Modeling of Arc Transient Resistance for Relay Protection Operating Estimation
    89Ukraintsev A.V., Nagay I.V.
    "Virtual" Power Line Method to Correct the Calculation of Current Ground Faults in the Parallel Overhead Transmission Lines 110-220 kV
    90Lebedev V., Yablokov A.
    Examining Ferroresonance Phenomena in Circuits with Closed and Open Core Voltage Transformers
    91Khalyasmaa A.I., Sandakov Ya.V., Semerikov A.S.
    Power Equipment Technical State Assessment based on Structural Reliability Characteristics
    92Kozlov S.V., Sirotkin E.A., Solomin E.V.
    Wind Turbine Rotor Magnetic Levitation
    93Vainshtein R.A., Kolomiets N.V., Shestakova V.V.
    The Impact of Load, Comprising Asynchronous Motors, on the Negative-Sequence Currents in the Generator Circuit in Unbalanced Conditions
    94Lyapin A.I., Chichirov A.A., Chichirova N.D.
    Calculation of Physical and Chemical Processes in TPP - Open Heat Network as Displacement Reactor Model with Recycle
    95Dolinger S.Y., Lyutarevich A.G., Plankov A.A.
    Basic Approaches to Implementation of FACTS Devices Control System Taking into Account Electrical System Mode Optimization
    96Sedov A.V., Onyshko D.A., Lipkin S.M.
    Principle Of Defining The Compatible Cells For Battery Based On Clustering The Generalized Feature
    97Kulikov А.L., Obalin M.D., Vukolov V.U., Bezdushniy D.I.
    Adapting and Improving the Accuracy of Fault Location Algorithms on Power Transmission Lines on the basis of Statistical Simulation
    98Batulko D.V., Nikitin K.I., Bigun A.YA.
    Special Zero-Sequence Current Transformers to Determine Fault Connection in Medium Voltage Networks
    99Pashkovskiy S.N., Vainstein R.A., Yudin S.M.
    Transformation of Zero-Sequence Electric Quantities for Protection Against Line-to-Ground Fault in the Networks with Various Neutral Grounding Modes
    100Kubarkov Y., Makarov Ya.
    Application of Multi Agent in Solving Problems for Operation of a Smart Grid
    101Nagay I.V., Nagay V.I., Kireev P.S.
    Accounting for the Longitudinal Regimes of Asymmetry to Designing the Backup Protection of Power Distribution Qrid
    102Berezkin E.D., Nagay V.I., Sarry S.V.
    Evaluation Method of the Spatial Configuration of Induction Interference
    103Utegulov B.B.
    Development of Mathematical Models of Digital Protection Devices from a Single Phase Earth Faults in Networks with Voltage 6-10 kV
    104Tavarov S.Sh., Sidorov A.I., Medvedeva Yu.V.
    Servicing of the 500 kV Transmission Lines with the use of Calculate Cards of Intensity Distribution in Electric Field of Industrial Frequency
    105Iontseva O., Ancharova T.
    Expediency of Disaggregation of Workshop Transformer Substations
    106Zaytsev E.S.
    Development of Thermal Equivalent Circuits for Calculating the Temperature Transients of Underground HVCL With XLPE Insulation
    107Loktionov E.Y., Martirosyan A.A., Shcherbina M.D.
    Solar Powered Free-Piston Stirling – Linear Alternator Module for the Lunar Base
    108Oshchepkov V.A., Vladimirov L.V., Batulko D.V.
    The System of Determining the Faultconnection in the Distribution Network
    109Oshchepkov V.A., Gorunov V.N., Vladimirov L.V.
    Remote Control Determining the Location of Power Lines Damaged with Single Phase Ground Fault
    110Topolskiy D.V., Topolskiy N.D., Solomin E.V.
    Development of Algorithms of Interaction between Electronic Instrument Transformer and Substation Automation System
    111Kostin V.N., Belsky A.A.
    Wind and Diesel Paralleled Generators Characteristics of Operating Parameters
    112Titova G.R.
    The Evolution of Decision Making about Building Electrical Systems
    113Oboskalov V., Sergey G.
    Iterative Techniques for Assessment of Electrical Power System Structural Reliability
    114Nadtoka I., Vyalkova S.
    Short-Term Forecasting using Fuzzy Neural Network Accountability Air Temperature and Natural Lighting
    117Yanchenko S.
    Harmonic Phenomena of Typical Low-Distortion Residential Equipment
    118Goldstein W.G.
    Increasing the Efficiency and Speed of the Submodes Analysis of Short Circuits
    119Ruban N.Yu., Andreev M.V., Borovikov Yu.S.
    Software and Hardware Simulation Tools of Automatic Load-Frequency Control System
    120Huzmiev I.K., Chipirov Z.Ah.
    Energy Consumption Powered by Graphics Processing Units (GPU) in Response to the Number of Operating Computing Unit
    122Vukolov V., Trapeznikov I., Zyrin D., Loskutov A. / Вуколов В.Ю., Трапезников И.А., Зырин Д.В., Лоскутов А.А.
    Development of the Algorithm for Determining Locations Breaking the Electrical Network
    Определение мест размыкания распределительных электрических сетей в задаче повышения надежности электроснабжения потребителей
    123Kotov O., Kotova E.
    Reconstruction Variants Reliability Estimation of Industrial Area Power Supply System
    125Sumarokova L.P., Ershov V.A.
    Analysis and Evaluation of the Appropriateness of the Use of Cogeneration Biogas Plants
    126Dubrov V., Oganyan R., Shaykhutdinov D.
    To the Choice of the Principle Functioning Diagnostic System of Digital Substations
    127Shahmaev I.Z., Gaisin B.M., Shiryaev O.V.
    A New Method of Taking Management Decisions at Designing and Developing Electric Power Systems
    129Sosnina E., Asabin A., Kralin A., Bedretdinov R. / Соснина Е.Н., Асабин А.А., Кралин А.А., Бедретдинов Р.Ш.
    Research of Voltage and Power Solid-State Regulator in 6–20 kV Network
    Исследование твердотельного регулятора напряжения и мощности в сети 6-20 кВ
    130Iuldasheva A.I., Malafeev A.V.
    The Structural Reliability and Adequacy Assessment of the Industrial Electric Power Systems with Local Power Plants
    131Vyguzova M., Ilyin A., Kudriashova A.
    Development of the Mathematical Model of Vermicomposting Process
    132Bliznyuk D.I., Kovalenko P.Y., Berdin A.S.
    Defining the Instantaneous Power of Alternating Current During Electromechanical Transients
    133Ignatiev D., Fedyushin V., Gusev S.
    Security Analysis via the most Valuable Elements Revealing
    134Matveev D.A., Khrenov S.I., Zhuykov A.V.
    Research on the Performance of the Controlled Arc Suppression Reactors in 6–35 kV Electric Distribution Networks
    135Lupachev A., Sapelkin I., Smagin A.
    Interval Criterion of the Steady-State of the Transient in the Measuring Circuit
    136Gavrishev S.E., Pytalev I.A., Gaponova I.V.
    Alternate Sources of Energy Based on the Objects of Mining Enterprises
    Section 4. Power electronics, electrical machines and drives
    2 Shprekher D.M., Babokin G.I., Kolesnikov E.B. / Шпрехер Д.М., Бабокин Г.И., Колесников Е.Б.
    System of Neural Network Control and Prediction Technical Conditions Electromechanical Systems
    Система нейросетевого контроля и прогнозирования технических состояний электромеханических систем
    3 Solovev D.B., Merkusheva A.E.
    Study of Transients in Measuring Circuits for Negative Sequence Currents based on using Rogowski Coils
    4 Luk’yanov S.I., Vasil’ev A.E., Logunova O.S.
    Improvement of Electric Frive of Withdrawal and Straightening Unit in Continuous Casting Machine
    6 Borodin M.Yu., Borodin E.M., Metelkov V.P.
    Application of Integral Equations for Analysis of Electrodynamic and Thermal Processes in Electric Drive
    7 Dar’enkov A.B., Plekhov A.S., Titov D.Yu., Gordeev B.A.
    Parameters of Electromechanical Complex Mode at Its Foundation Vibration
    8 Dar’enkov A.B., Varygin I.A., Komrakov D.A.
    Analysis of Thermal Operating Conditions of a Bilateral Switch of a Three-Phase Matrix Frequency Converter
    9 Ahmed M. Omara, Sleptsov M.
    Direct Torque Controlled IPM SM Drive System with Bidirectional Interleaved DC/DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Application
    10 Lyutarevich A.G., Dolinger S.Y, Plankov A.A.
    Development of Permanent Magnet Motor Calculation Technique
    11 Ivanov A.S., Nusratov P.R., Timofeev A.S., Gromova O.V.
    Energy-Efficient Drive System for Lift-and-Carry Transfer Mechanisms
    12 Malygin I.V., Plastun A.T.
    Synchronous Motor with Ring Windings Electromagnetic Torque Calculation Alhorithm with ANSYS Package Usage
    13 Lysenko O.A.
    The Study of Dynamic Characteristics of an Electric Drive of Centrifugal Pump with Taking into Account Tooth Harmonics of Induction Motor
    14 Tatevosyan A.A., Tatevosyan A.S., Zaharova N.N.
    The Study and Calculation of Magnetic Field of the DC Electromagnet with the Split Poles and Polar Tips
    15 Batseva N. L., Shuvalov A.Yur.
    The Second Order Polynomial Load Model Impact on Stability of the Synchronous Motor
    16 Kozjaruk E.A., Vasilev Y.B.
    Research Methods of Increase Efficiency Algorithms Pulse Width Modulation for Semicondactor Inverter
    18 Zezyulkin G., Gordilovskiy A.
    Development Algorithms of Optimal Stationary Impulse Models of Multiphase Multi-Bridge Key Transducers
    19 Tsvetkov A.N., Safin A.R., Gibadullin R.R.
    Hardware-Software System Test Bench for Studies of a Reciprocating Electrical Machine
    20 Sattarov R.R., Ismagilov F.R, Babikova N.L.
    Electromagnetic Restoring Forces in Low Energy Electromechanical Vibration Generators
    21 Dementyev Yu., Bolsynov M., Kojain N.
    Self-controlled Drive According to the Hypersynchronous Converter Cascade Circuit
    22 Burkov A.F.
    Research and Development of Structural Diagram of Ship's Electric Drives
    24 Lobov B., Mikitinskiy A., Kolpachshan P. / Лобов Б.Н., Микитинский А.П., Колпахчьян П.Г.
    The Control of Dosing Pumps by Modern Electric Drive
    Применение современного электропривода для управления насосами-дозаторами
    25 Volkova T.A., Aletdinov R.F., Papernyuk V.A.
    Research of Mixing Dielectric Liquids under the Electric Field Influence
    26 Pugachev A.
    Induction Motor Temperature Influence on Scalar Control Systems Efficiency
    27 Samoylenko V.O., Pazderin A.V.
    Semiconductor Power Electronics for Synchronous Distributed Generation
    29 Dementyev Yu.N., Umurzakova A.D.
    The Indirect Methods of Control the Output Coordinates for the Three-Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor
    30 Pugachev A.
    Simulation of Induction Motor Temperature Determination by Additional Voltage Injections
    31 Vasukov I.V., Bolshenko A.V., Pavlenko A.V.
    Output Filter Designing for Power Supplies Considering Leakage Inductance
    32 Pavlenko A.V., Bolshenko I.A., Bolshenko A.V.
    The Algorithms of Designing of the Internal Combustion Engine Electromagnetic Gas Exchange Valve Actuator with Specified Dynamic Parameters
    33 Smolin V.I., Topolskaya I.G., Volovich G.I.
    The Energy Method for Monitoring the Instantaneous State and the Formation of a Synchronous Motor Control Variables
    34 Pyatibratov G.Ya., Kravchenko O.A., Kivo A.M.
    Design Principles and Implementation of Advanced Simulators for Training Astronauts to Work in Zero or Low Gravity Conditions
    35 Gandzha S.
    Proposals for the Design of High-Speed Electric Machines
    36 Plotnikov Iu., Braslavsky I., Ishmatov Z.
    Comparative Analysis of the Supercapacitors Wiring Diagrams in Frequency-Controlled Electric Drives
    37 Ptakh G.K., Zvezdunov D.A., Mustafaev R.R.
    Selection of Stator Yoke Height of Traction Switched Reluctance Motor
    38 Belousov E.V., Sychev D.A., Zhuravlev A.M.
    Optimization of Function Control Action for the Electric Drive with Field Regulated Reluctance Machine
    39 Grigoryev M.A., Shishkov A.N., Savosteenko N.V.
    Power Circuit Schemes in AC Drive is Made by Condition of the Minimum Electric Losses
    40 Korzhavin M.E., Savosteenko N.V., Khayatov E.S.
    Pulse Vector Control for Transport Applications
    41 Andriyanov A.I., Sachenko E.A.
    Mathematical Model of a Three-Phase Transistor Controlled Rectifier with a PI Voltage Controller in Regeneration Mode
    42 Zyuzev A.M., Stepanyuk D.P., Bubnov M.V.
    Application of Passive Power Filter with Induction Motor Soft Starter
    43 Koptjaev E., Balashevich V., Abramov S.
    Power Rectifier for Direct Current Link
    44 Grachev P.Yu., Gorbachev E.E., Tabachinskiy A.S.
    Power Converters with Compact Winding SCIGs for HEVs, Micro Hydroelectric Power Stations and Wind Turbines
    45 Zyuzev A.M., Bubnov M.V., Mudrov M.V. / Зюзев А.М., Бубнов М.В., Мудров М.В.
    Sucker-Rod Pump Unit Electric Drive Simulator
    Симулятор электропривода штанговой глубинной насосной установки
    46 Nesterov K.E., Mudrov M.V., Zelentsov V.I.
    Simulator of the Shunting Locomotive’s Electric Drive
    47 Bolshunova O., Kamyshian A., Bolshunov A.
    Diagnostics of Electric Motors Technical Condition using Wavelet Analysis
    48 Shonin O.B., Novozhilov N.G., Kryltsov S.B.
    Sensorless Estimation of the Rotor Speed for the Use in V/f Control Systems of IM Drives
    49 Isaev A.V., Nefed’ev A.I.
    Mechatronics Conversion System: A Conceptual Energy Model
    50 Isaev A.V., Nefed’ev A.I.
    Automated Water Supply System based on a Series Excited Electric Motor
    51 Kodkin V.L., Anikin A.S., Shmarin Y.A.
    Dynamic Load Disturbance Correction for Alternative Current Electric Drives
    52 Chernoskutov D.
    Research of High Current Interruption Process in SF6 Gas Insulated Disconnecting Switch
    53 Romanov A.M., Slaschev B.V., Volkova M.A.
    A Comparison of Hardware Implementations of FOC Controllers for Asynchronous Motor Drive Based on FPGA
    54 Chernoskutov D.
    Computer Measuring Technology of Electric Field Strength and Breakdown Calculation Methodic for SF6 Circuit Breaker
    55 Burkov A.F., Verevkin V.F.
    The Analysis of the Experience of Technical Operation of Ship Electric Drives
    56 Bubnov A.V., Emashov V.A., Chudinov A.N.
    Angular Velocity Indirect Determination Device Structure for the Synchrophase Electric Drive
    57 Bochkarev I.V., Khramshin R.R.
    Device for monitoring permanent magnet friction brakes
    58 Karandaev A.S., Khramshin V.R., Khramshin R.R., Barankova I.I.
    Conceptual area of development of power saving thyristor electric drives of rolling mills
    59 Evdokimov S.A., Kondrashova Yu.N., Karandaeva O.I., Gallyamova M.S.
    Stationary system for monitoring technical state of power transformer
    60 Khramshin V.R., Radionov A.A., Kornilov G.P., Odintsov K.E.
    Improvement of electric and mechanical system for automated strip tension control at continuous wide-strip hot-rolling mill
    61 Karandaev A.S., Yachikov I.M., Khramshin V.R.
    Methods of multi-parameter diagnostics of electric equipment condition within on-line monitoring systems
    62 Braslavsky I.Ya., Esaulkova D.V., Metelkov V.P., Kostylev A.V.
    On Universal Thermodynamic Models for the TEFC Induction Motors
    63 Maklakova E.A., Gasiyarova O.A., Voronin S.S., Gasiyarov V.R.
    Experimental Determination of Resultant Roll Force at Hot Plate Mill 5000
    Section 5. Signal processing and real time embedded control
    1 Volobuev S.V., Ryabtsev V.G., Utkina T.Yu. / Волобуев С.В., Рябцев В.Г., Уткина Т.Ю
    Automatic Recovery of Memory Operability in Microprocessor Based Control System
    Автоматическое восстановление работоспособности модулей памяти в микропроцессорных системах управления
    2 Gordeev B.A., Okhulkov S.N., Zlobin P.A., Plekhov A.S.
    Extreme Values Revelation of Magnetorheological Transformers Dynamic Rigidity of Hydromounts
    3 Gordeev B.A., Okhulkov S.N., Ermolayev А.I., Titov D.Yu.
    Determining the Managing Signals Optimum Phase in Magnetorheological Transformers of Hydromounts
    4 Lysyannikov A.V., Kondrashov P.M.
    Automatization of Constant Determination in Rheological Models of Experimental Data
    5 Khmara V.V., Lobotskiy Yu.G. and Kabyshev A.M.
    Microprocessor Control of Devices Systems of Pneumatic Container Delivery for the Analysis of Samples of Concentrating and Metallurgical Production
    6 Sokolov R.I., Abdullin R.R., Dolmatov D.A.
    Development of Synchronization System for Signal Reception and Recovery from USB-Keyboard Compromising Emanations
    7 Sokolov R.I.
    Theoretical Investigation of Gaussian and non Gaussian Noise Masking Properties
    8 Abdullin R.R.
    Comparative Analysis of Video Signal Filtering Quality by Various Nonlinear Methods in Nonstationary Mode
    9 Putov A.V., Ignatev K.V., Kopichev M.M.
    Infrared Camera Based Robot Position Determening and Control System
    10 Lachin V.I., Solomentsev K.Y, Demidov O.Y.
    Microprocessor Instrumentation and Control Systems for Power Generating Objects’ Parameters
    11 En Un Chye, Levenets A.V.
    A Simple Method for Estimating the Frequency of the Periodic Component of a Measuring Signal
    12 En Un Chye, Bogachev I.V., Levenets A.V.
    Selection Criteria of the Compression Algorithm in Information-Measuring System
    13 Kovalev O.F., Yanchenko I.P.
    Hardware Solution for Haar Wavelet Transform in Real Time
    14 Yurenko K., Fandeev E.
    Structure and Functions of On-Board Autodriver System of Train
    15 Fayzrakhmanov R.A., Bakunov R.R.
    The Reduction of Learning Sample in Information-Measuring and Control Systems based on Brain-Computer Interface Technology
    16 Ismagilov I.I., Khasanova S.F.
    Algorithms of Quasi Evaluation of Polynomial Trend of the Digital Signals based on Oblique Discrete Walsh Transformations
    17 Kovalenko P.Y., Bliznyuk D.I., Berdin A.S.
    Improved Extrema Detection Algorithm for the Generalized Empirical Mode Decomposition
    18 Kazimirov A.N., Telezhkin V.F.
    Research of Methods of Transformation of Chaotic Signals in Radio Engineering Systems
    19 Pagozin A.N., Telezhkin V.F.
    Processing of Signals as the Sum of the Determined Function and Realization of Stationary Casual Process
    Section 6. Modeling and computer technologies
    1 Круглова Т.Н., Работалов Н.Н., Мельников М.А.
    Применение аппарата нечеткой логики для вибрационной диагностики электрооборудования
    2 Shaposhnikov Yu.A., Tyunin A.V.
    Modeling Technique for Gas Duct Cavity of Heat Engine
    3 Rulevskiy V.М., Pravikova A.A., Lyapunov D.Yu.
    Autonomous Inverters' PWM Methods for Remotely Controlled Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
    4 Kruglova T.N.
    Wavelet Analysis for Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Machines Using Current Signals
    5 Daher Sayfeddine, Bulgakow A.
    Unconventional Evaluation of Micro-UAV Stability Problem using Water Drop Representation
    6 Mokeyev V.V.
    On Application of Generalized Jacobi Method in Face Recognition by Linear Discriminant Analysis and Principal Component Analysis
    7 Sukhovilov B.M., Sartasov E.M., Grigorova E.A. / Суховилов Б.М., Сартасов Е.М., Григорова Е.А.
    Improving the Accuracy of Determining the Position of the Code Marks in the Problems of Constructing Three-Dimensional Models of Objects
    Повышение точности определения положения кодовых марок в задачах построения трехмерных моделей объектов
    8 Dementyev Yu.N., Kritsky A.B. / Дементьев Ю.Н., Крицкий А.Б.
    The Advanced Automated Hardware-Software Complex of Control and Management of Functioning of the Megapolises Complicated Heat-Supplying Systems
    Усовершенствованный автоматизированный программно-аппаратный комплекс контроля и управления функционированием сложных теплоснабжающих систем мегаполисов
    9 Korolkova L., Mashrabov N. / Королькова Л.И., Машрабов Н.
    Limits for GI/GI/N Queues
    Предельные показатели многолинейной системы массового обслуживания
    10 Herreinstein A.V., Herreinstein E.A., Mashrabov N.
    Method of Temperature Field Computation under Variable Thermophysical Material Properties
    11 Morozova A.
    Model of Quality Metering Determination and Comparison of Arbitrary Nature Objects Based on Their Bisubjective Estimation
    12 Tatarinova N.V., Suvorov D.M.
    Development of Adequate Computational Mathematical Models of Cogeneration Steam Turbines for Solving Problems of Optimization of Operating Modes of CHP Plants
    13 Zubkov E.V.
    Computer Modeling of the Automated Tests of Diesel Engines Various Conditions of Their Operation
    14 Sagdatullin M.K.
    The Mathematical Model for Finite Element Calculation of Thin-Walled Structures
    15 Gavrikov M., Sinetsky R., Knyazev D.
    Technology and Software of System of the Metrological Analysis of Cellular Cylindrical Surfaces of Large-Size Products
    16 Tsurikov A.N., Guda A.N.
    Method, Algorithm and Device for Training of Artificial Neural Network: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Realization
    17 Brodov Yu., Plotnikov P., Nevolin A.
    Influence of Ground Air Mass Motion on Operation of Air-cooled Oil Coolers of Gas-turbine Units
    18 Tikhonova O., Malygin I., Plastun A. / Тихонова О.В., Малыгин И.В., Пластун А.Т.
    The Modeling and the Calculation of the Subexciter with Permanent Magnets by Dint of “ANSYS Maxwell”
    Моделирование и расчет подвозбудителя с постоянными магнитами в среде “ANSYS Maxwell”
    19 Kramar V.
    Construction of Equivalent Matrix Model of Multivaruable Multi-Stage Control System
    20 Shleymovich M.P., Medvedev M.V., Lyasheva S.A. / Шлеймович М.П., Медведев М.В., Ляшева С.А.
    Object Detection in the Images in Industrial Process Control Systems based on Salient Points of Wavelet Transform Analysis
    Детектирование объектов на изображениях в системах управления технологическим процессом на основе анализа особых точек вейвлет-преобразования
    21 Lapin A.P., Kuznetsova K.V.
    Modification Features of the Measurement Equation for Vortex Sonic Flowmeters
    22 Anikin I.V., Khaled Alnajjar.
    Efficient Pseudo-random Number Generator Based on Fuzzy Logic
    23 Mikhaylov A.A., Bazuyeva S.A.
    The Structural-Parametrical Integration of Modules for Software Algorithms. Part I
    24 Mikhaylov A.A., Bazuyeva S.A.
    The Structural-Parametrical Integration of Modules for Software Algorithms. Part II
    25 Kolesnikov A., Kostyukov A., Maslova M.
    Mathematical Model of Multi-Section Screw Extruder Manufacturing Polymer Products
    26 Ruchay A.
    A New Predicting Method based on Estimate of Holder Exponent by Continuous Wavelet Transform
    27 Канюков С.И., Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю.
    Применение теории нечетких множеств для выбора решений в САПР технологических процессов ковки
    28 Канюков С.И., Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю.
    Подход к разработке концепции онтологии проектирования переходов ковки на прессах
    29 Anikin I.V., Makhmutova A.Z., Gadelshin O.E.
    Symmetric Encryption with Key Distribution Based on Neural Networks
    30 Bogatenkov S.A., Malovechko S.N. and Kosterin V.V.
    Secure State Power System Models Building
    31 Potapov L.A., Fedyaeva G.A., Smorudova T.V.
    Modeling Electromagnetic Processes in Electromagnetic Brakes and Slip Clutches with Hollow Ferromagnetic Rotors
    32 Khristodulo O., Gvozdev V., Davletbakova Z.
    Spatial Information Processing for Decision-making Support of Siting Sources of Technogenic Hazards Using Computer Technologies
    33 Tomilova N., Kalinin A., Tomilov A.
    Automated Control System for Operational and Perspective Modes of Heat Supplying Systems of Megalopolises
    34 Gvozdev V.E., Khristodulo O.I., Blinova D.V.
    Information Support of Technogenic Safety Management on the Basis of Mathematical Modeling and GIS Technologies
    35 Rizaev I., Takhavova E. / Ризаев И.С., Тахавова Э.Г.
    Statistical Methods of Making Decision on Repair of Technical Means
    Принятие решения по ремонту технических средств на основе статистических методов
    36 Ivanov V.P., Morozova A., Shkaberin V.A.
    Method of Synthesis of Special Control for Autonomous Systems
    37 Zhirabok A., Zuev A., Pavlov S., Shumsky A., Solyanik S.
    Fault Diagnosis in Linear Systems with Non-Parametric Method
    38 Doronina J.V., Dymchenko I.V., Syrykh O.А.
    Methods of Structural Synthesis of Geographic Information System Configuration Variants for Archaeological Activity
    39 Katasev A.S., Kataseva D.V.
    Expert Diagnostic System of Water Pipe Gusts in Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Processes
    40 Katasev A.S., Emaletdinova L.Yu., Kataseva D.V.
    Neuro-Fuzzy Model of Complex Objects Approximation with Discrete Output
    41 Syranov D.V., Kovalnogov V.N., Zolotov A.N.
    Modeling, Research and Optimization of Heat Losses During Transport in Energy Systems
    42 Korniliev M.G., Kovalnogov V.N., Zolotov A.N.
    Modeling and Analysis of the Efficiency of the Convective Drying of Capillary-Porous Bodies with Ultrasound
    43 Sinyavskaya E.D., Shestova E.A.
    Assessment Adequacy and Updating of the Fuzzy Control Models Parameters of the Production Facilities
    44 Melyukov V.V., Repkin D.A., Zapol'skikh S.N.
    Optimum Control Problem of the Hybrid Welding Process
    45 Dulesov A.S., Khrustalev V.I., Dulesova N.V.
    Quantification of Information in the Closed Structure of a Technical System
    46 Mokhov V.A., Grinchenkov D.V., Spiridonova I.A.
    Research of Binary Bat Algorithm on Example of the Discrete Optimization Task
    47 Kulikov D.S., Mokeyev V.V.
    On Application of Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis to Control Driver’s Behavior
    48 Bakhvalov Yu.A., Yufanova A.L., Grechikhin V.V. / Бахвалов Ю.А., Гречихин В.В., Юфанова А.Л.
    Synthesis of Optimal Electromagnetic Actuators on Basis of Solving Inverse Problems
    Синтез оптимальных электромагнитных приводов на основе решения обратных задач
    49 Zakharov V.M., Eminov B.F., Shalagin S.V.
    Representation of Markov’s Chains Functions over Finite Field based on Stochastic Matrix Lumpability
    51 Meshkov Е.I., Gerasimenko T.E.
    Modelling of Сonvective Heat Transfer in the Rotary-Drum Furnace
    52 Nikolaev Yu.N.
    Aspects of Assessment of Organizational and Technical Reliability and Design of Construction Processes with Target Reliability Level using Computer-Aided Technologies
    53 Nikolaev Yu.N.
    The Algorithm of Automated Formation of Planning and Technical Solutions of Construction Operations on Variant Basis
    54 Klyuev R.V., Bosikov I.I.
    Mathematical Models and Methods Development for Organization and Technological Decision Making to Ensure a Higher Efficiency of Nature-Industry System Operation
    55 Samsonova N.V., Shevtchenko O.Y.
    The Algorithm for Creating Geospatial Database to Ensure the Effective Functioning of the Gas Distribution Network
    56 Volman M.A., Semenov V.K.
    System of Training Programs for Simulation of Reactor Measurements
    57 Solovev D.B., Severin S.D.
    Study of Transient Current Measurement Using Micro-CAP Circuit Simulator
    58 Getmanskiy V.V., Nasonov A.A., Novokshcenov A.A.
    Coupled Model of Hydraulic Circuit System and Multibody Dynamics System of Vehicle
    59 Makarovskikh T.
    A-trails and their Application to Industrial Process
    60 Puzin V.S., Sokolov A.A., Sokolova E.A.
    Set-Theoretic Methods For Control And Automation Of Image Processing
    61 Plotnikova L.V., Kashipova L.A.
    Development of Software for Analysis of the Structure of Industrial Heat and Power Systems
    62 Matrenin P.V., Manusov V.Z.
    The Cyclic Job-Shop Scheduling Problem. The New Subclass of the Job-Shop Problem and Applying the Simulated Annealing to Solve It
    63 Sukhinets Zh.A., Gulin A.I.
    Modeling of Converters and Devices with Distributed RC-parameters with the Required Accuracy in the Specified Frequency Range
    65 Serdobintsev Yu.P., Ivanyuk A.K.
    Analyzing the Stress-Strain State of Object Bodies Subjected to Hydrostatic Pressure using Modern CAD Systems
    66 Терехин А.А., Пашнина Н.А.
    Оценка влияния количества лучей ультразвуковых преобразователей расхода на характеристики качества измерений
    67 Sukhorukov S.I., Soloviev V.A., Cherniy S.P.
    The Question of Evaluation of Limiting Characteristics of De-icing the Power Line Wires
    68 Khashimov A.B.
    Mathematical Modeling of Complex Antenna System
    69 Yaresko S.I., Balakirov S.N., Yaresko S.I., Balakirov S.N., Goryainov D.S.
    Modelling of the Process of Laser Treatment the Tip of the Tool Cutting Wedge and Its Feature
    70 Vasileva O.V., Budko A.A., Lavrinovich A.V.
    Simulation Approach for Optimization Processes in the Magnetoplasma Accelerator
    71 Efanov D., Sapozhnikov V., Sapozhnikov V.
    On Variety of Sum Codes with On-Data Bits and One Weighted Data Bit in Concurrent Error Detection Systems
    72 Agliullin I.N., Talyzin V.A., Yu.I. Choni.
    Minimax Approximation of a Complex-Valued Function Modulus by Means of Linear Programming
    74 Kuzmin V.A., Maratkanova E.I., Zagray I.A.
    Modeling of Thermal Radiation of Heterogeneous Combustion Products in the Model Solid Rocket Engine Plume
    75 Korotkiy V.A., Usmanova E.A., Khmarova L.I.
    Dinamic Connection of Second-Order Curves
    76 Igizianova N.A., Potapov V.I.
    Mathematical Modeling Methods in the Studying of Physical Processes in the Currentcarrying Nonmetallic Melts
    77 Khovanskova V., Khovanskov S., Rumyantsev K.
    Using Multiagent System for Solving Tracing Problems
    78 Talyzin V.A., Agliullin I.N., Kushnirenko V.N.
    Model of Interdependent Equation with Restriction on Structural Parameters
    79 Petrov Yu.S., Sokolov A.A.
    Increase of Effective Management of Technological Processes of the Mountain Enterprise on the basis of the Analysis of Information on Technogenic Cycles
    80 Raikhlin V.A., Vershinin I.S., Gibadullinn R.F.
    Reliable Recognition of Masked Geospatial Scenes During Transmission over the Network
    81 Saidaliev Sh.S., Valeev R.G.
    The Simulation of Neutralling System in Matlab/Simulink Environment for Research Conditions Electrical Safety
    82 Abdulloev R.T., Tryapitsyn A.B., Khanzhina O.A.
    The Electrochimical Сorrosion Processes Simulating of Grounding Devices
    83 Gumerov A.Z., Nasibullin R.T., Sarimov L.R.
    Modeling of the Starter-Generator Device for Truck KAMAZ
    85 Lozbinev F.Y., Gamov А.А., Spasennikov V.V.
    Modeling of Element Reliability of a Corporate Telecommunications Network in the Territory of the Russian Federation
    86 Ritov M.Y., Gorlov A.P., Eryomenko V.T.
    Mathematical Modeling of the Assessing Process the of Security Level of the Complex Organizational and Technical Systems of Industrial Enterprises
    88 Kudoyarova V.M., Pavlov V.P.
    The Spline Method for the Solution of the Transient Heat Conduction Problem with Nonlinear Initial and Boundary Conditions for a Plate
    89 Antyasov I.S., Sokolov A.N.
    Investigation Limits of Applicability of the Method Nicolson-Ross-Weir to Calculate the Permittivity and Permeability Radar Absorbing Material
    90 Томаев М.Х.
    Выбор оптимальной стратегии макрозамен в циклящихся программных алгоритмах, реализованных на языке "С++"
    91Groppen V.O.
    Experimental Verification of Deployed Capacitors as a New Type Engines
    92Prokudina L.A.
    Mathematical Modeling of Unstable Flow Modes of Thin Layers of a Viscous Fluid in the Heat-mass- transfer Devices
    93 Muravieva O.V., Petrov K.V., Myshkin Yu.V.
    Modeling Interactions between the Magnetic and Eddy Current Fields of the Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducer
    95 Khatagov A.Ch., Kryzhanovskaya I.V., Zhelokov I.E.
    Computer Sketch Designing of O-type Microwave Device Collector
    96 Grinchenkov D.V., Kushchiy D.N., Kolomiets A.V.
    One Approach to the Solution of Subject Search Problem of Electronic Educational Resources on the Internet
    97 Чистякова Т.Б., Аразтаганова А.М.
    Компьютерная система моделирования для управления процессами получения многоассортиметных термоусадочных полимерных пленок
    98 Akhmedzyanov D.A., Kishalov A.E., Markina K.V.
    Сomputer-Aided Engineering Design of Main Aviation GTE Units
    99 Klochkova N., Obukhova A., Protsenko A.
    Simulation of Special Purpose Induction Installation by Means of Flux Software Package
    100 Knyazev S.Yu., Shcherbakova E.E. / Князев С.Ю., Щербакова Е.Е.
    The Numerical Problem Solving on Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions for the Helmholtz Equation
    Численное решение задач на собственные значения и собственные функции для уравнения Гельмгольца
    101 Knyazev S. Yu., Shcherbakova E.E., Shcherbakov A.A. / Князев С.Ю., Щербакова Е.Е., Щербаков А.А.
    Simulation of Melting Ice on Overhead Power Line Wires by the Point Sources Method
    Моделирование плавки гололеда на проводах воздушных линий электропередач с помощью метода точечных источников поля
    102 Gadasina L.V., Sedov M.S., Kuranova O.N.
    Building an Automatic Analysis System of Tests Results within the Analytical Unit of the E-Learning System of the Mass Trade Workers in JSC 'Russian Railways'
    103 Ulanov Al.M., Ivanov M.A.
    Analysis of Possibility Modeling of the Multiarc Welding in ESI SYSWELD
    104 Gorshkov K.
    The Simulation Technique for Large-Scale Tree Structured Interconnects
    105 Horev A.A., Bykov A.I., Sokolov A.N.
    Design and Research of Characteristics of the Analog Acoustic Noise Generator
    106 Letavin D.A., Sychugov S.G., Korotkov A.N., Chechetkin V.A.
    Automated Generating of the Reflectarray Layout
    107 Lvovich I.Ya., Preobrazhensky A.P., Nechaeva A.I.
    The Use of Intellectual Technologies for Construction of Models of Objects with Necessary Average Values Scattering Characteristics
    108 Menshikh V.V., Pyankov O.V.
    Development of Mathematical Model Relationship of Internal Estimates Information-Analytical System with Key Indicators
    109 Burtseva О.А., Tkachev А.N., Abuladze N.R. / Бурцева О. А., Ткачев А.Н., Абуладзе Н.Р
    Methods for Research of Nonconservative Systems States
    Методы исследования состояний неконсервативных систем
    110 Filaretov V., Kurganov S., Gorshkov K.
    Generalized Parameter Extraction Method for Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis
    111 Abaev Z.K., Galachieva S.V.
    Mathematical Model Elaboration in Terms of Baking Time Influence on the Resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking under Tension
    112 Krasinskiy A.Ya., Ilyina A.N.
    About the New Results in Modeling of the Ball and Beam System Dynamic
    113 Chistyakova T.B., Teterin M.A., Razygrayev A.S.
    Computer System of Big Data Analysis for Polymeric Films Quality Management
    114 Tyrsin A.N., Surina A.A., Kuklin A.A.
    Modeling of Risk in Multidimensional Stochastic Systems
    115 Tynchenko V.S., Petrovsky E.A., Tynchenko V.V.
    The Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Construction of Technological Objects Neural Network Models
    116 Tynchenko V.V., Solovyov E.A., Tynchenko S.V.
    Design of Grid Systems to Solve Complex Industrial Engineering Problems
    117 Berestova S.A., Misyura N.E., Mityushov E.A., Shtang T.V.
    Smooth Conjugation of Two Intersecting Planes Arbitrarily Oriented in Space
    118 Shvartsburg L.E., Butrimova E.V., Yagolnitser O.V.
    Automation of Management of Ecological Parameters of the Technological Processes of Cutting on the basis of Forecasting Their Negative Impact on the Person and Environment
    119 Mayatskaya I.A.
    Application of Mathematical Methods in Recognition of Plant Objects
    121 Khoroshev A.S., Puzin V.S., .Schuchkin D.A.
    About the Possibility and Efficiency of Austenitic Steel Rope Condition Magnetic Control
    122 Sheludko A.S., Shiryaev V.I.
    Guaranteed State and Parameter Estimation for One-Dimensional Chaotic System
    123 Korobkin D.M., Fomenkov S.A., Kolesnikov S.G.
    A Function-Based Patent Analysis for Support of Technical Solutions Synthesis
    124 Кацай Д.А., Исупова Т.Д., Бирюков А.Д.
    Система бесконтактного управления управления антропоморфным роботом
    125 Бекин А.Б., Богданов Д.Ю, Шмат Р.А.
    Анализ переменных упруго-диссипативных свойств систем перемещения объектов с гибкими механическими передачами
    126 Galiullin L.A.
    Development of Automated Test System for Diesel Engines Based on Fuzzy Logic
    127 Nikitin M.N.
    Modeling of Natural Convection
    128 Dobaev A.Z., Maslakov M.P., Dedegkaeva A.A.
    Development of Decision Support System for Data Analysis of Electric Power Systems
    129 Postovalova I.P., Sharonova V.B.
    Algorithms of Optimizing a Network Model
    130 Iliukhin A.N., Gibadullin R.A.
    Improvement of “Winner Takes All” Neural Network Training for The Purpose of Diesel Engine Fault Clustering
    131 Bogachev V.A., Chernov A.V., Bogachev T.V.
    A Novel Concepts for the Study of Fuzzy Sets Similarity and their Applications to Incident Awareness in Intelligent Transportation Systems
    132 Simenko E.V., Muratbakeev E.Kh., Zvonarev I.E.
    Analytical and PC-graph Models of Ruled Surfaces
    133 Shcherbinina N.I., Kobak V.G.
    Using a Generational Strategy for Solving Homogeneous Minimax Problem of the Island Model
    134 Grigа A.D., Ivanitsky M.S.
    Modeling the Dispersion of the Benzpyrene Emissions from Heat-Generating Installations in the Urban Environment
    137 Dumchev V.A., Voytovich N.I., Mitelman Yu.E., Malov E.E.
    Simulation of the Dielectric Support Influence to the Cavity Antenna Performance
    138 Fedyaeva G.A., Smorodova T.V., Kovalev R.V.
    Electromechanical System of the Asynchronous Electric Drive of Movement of a Bridge Crane Modeling
    139 Даурова А.А.
    Решение многокритериальной задачи поиска оптимального режима функционирования антивирусных программ
    140 Shulev I., Safonov E.
    The use of Numerical Simulation Methods in the Development of Vortex Flowmeters
    141 Sinkov A., Asyaev G., Mursalimov A., Nikolskays K.
    Neural Networks in Data Mining
    142 Зиновьев П.А.
    Моделирование “дрейфа” нечётких границ области функциональной живучести корпоративной информационной системы
    143 Косых Н.Э., Савин С.З., Столярчук А.С.
    Разработка роботизизированного дозаторного устройства для задач химиотерапии
    144 Bannikov I.A., Ilinykh A.B., Mitelman Y.E., Borisov V.I.
    Modelling and Analysis of Bow-Tie Antenna Properties for the Brain Microwave Radiometry
    145 Litvyak R.K., Vorobyev S.P., Katsupeev A.A.
    The Statement and Features of Phase Space of Reliability Research Problem of High Availability Information System Based on Architecture with Servers Redundancy
    146 Petrovsky Ed., Bukhtoyarov V., Savitskaya S.
    Stabilization of Calibration Metrological Characteristics of Technological Inspection Tools
    147 Marchenko A., Sesekin A.
    Optimization Planning of Low-Rise Residential Buildings
    148 Panfilov A.E., Krushel E.G., Stepanchenko O.V.
    The Simulation of the Passengers Flow at the Municipal Transport Stops and the Passengers’ Transitions between the Stops
    149 Mitelman Y., Malov E.
    Mathematical Model for Analysis of Multilayered Circular Waveguides
    150 Glazyrina O.V., Pavlova M.F.
    Construction of Finite Element Method for a Solution of Nonlinear Non-Stationary Problems in Non-Convex Domains
    151 Izmailova E.V., Politova T.O., Serov V.V.
    Development of Methods of Detection of Pipelines Corrosion Defeat by Computer Modeling
    152 Milovzorov D., Yasoveyev V.
    Mathematical Modeling of the Determining Azimuth Process for Inclinometric Systems for Small Incline Angles
    153 Сурков И.В., Буртовая А.И., Миронова Н.Е.
    Разработка концепции конструкторско-метрологической модели детали для автоматизации координатных измерений
    154 Egunov V., Andreev A.
    Implementation of QR and LQ Decompositions on Shared Memory Parallel Computing Systems
    155 Katsupeev A.A., Shcherbakova E.A, Vorobyev S.P.
    Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms used to Solve the Optimization Problem of Information Security of Distributed Systems
    156 Fomenkov S.A., Ahmed Vesam Mohammed Abdo, Bykov D.V.
    The Results of the Modified MVA Application
    157 Filippov D.M., Kozik G.P., Fursenko A.V., Fedorovsky V.N.
    The Secondary Sources Method Analysis and Experimantal Modeling of the Permanent Magnet Eddy Currents Suspansion
    158 Yakovlev A.A., Sorokin V.S., Mishustina S.N.
    Cooling Systems with Gaseous and Liquid Working Body Searching Design
    159 Grechikhin V.V., Lankin A.M., Lankin M.V.
    Definition of Weber-Ampere Characteristics of Electrical Devices Harmonic Balance Method in Solving Inverse Problems of Diagnostics
    160 Tkachenko G.I., Lankin A.M., Lankin M.V.
    Application of Series-Parallel Resonant Impedance in Technology and Medicine
    161 Stepanchenko I.V., Krushel E.G., Privalov O.O.
    On the Pollutants Sources Parameters Identification Problem under the Conditions of the Pollutants Dissipation Zone Incomplete Information Portrait
    162 Moskvicheva P.O.
    The Instability of the Solutions оf the Generalized Sobolev type Equation on a Graph
    163 Shiryaev V., Tsybulevsky A.
    Homogeneous Algorithm for Global Optimization with Adaptive Model of Objective Function
    164 Tavaeva A.F., Petunin A.A.
    The Cutter Speed Determination of CNC Laser Cutting Machines for Precise Calculation of Objective Function of Tool Path Problem
    165 Kocherzhinskaya Yu.V., Ilina E.A., Velikanov V.S.
    Perspectives Research of Processes at Blast Furnace Slag Formation with Method of Molecular Dynamics Using Computer Simulations
    166 Popov E., Fomenkov S.
    Classification of Hand Motions in EEG Signals using Recurrent Neural Networks
    167 Tkachev A., Shkuropadsky I., Burtseva О.
    Application of Combined Finite and Complex Value Boundary Elements Method for Magnetic Field Calculation of Electromecanical Systems
    168 Glazyrina L.L., Pavlova M.F.
    Construction and Investigation of Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Non-Stationary Problems with a Nonlinear Condition on the Section in a Domain
    169 Haritonova L.P.
    About Mathematical Modeling of Aerodynamic Characteristics in Devices with a Leakage of the Impact Systems of Plane-parallel Streams on the Heat Exchange Surface
    170 Militsyn A., Malykhina G.
    Application of Dynamic Neural Network to Search for Objects in Images
    171 Burtseva О.А., Tkachev А.N., Abuladze N.R.
    Methods for Research of Nonconservative Systems States
    172 Tuktamyshev V.R., Kataev Ya.A., Glukhov D.A.
    Development of Methodology of DEPP Dynamization and Production in Engineering Based on Comprehensive Approach to Implementation of CAD Systems
    173 Tushev S., Sukhovilov B. / Тушев С.А., Суховилов Б.М.
    Effective Graph-Based Point Matching Algorithms
    Эффективные алгоритмы поиска соответствий точек на снимках на основе графов
    174 Gurlev V.G., Khomyakova T.S.
    The Development and Application of Information Technology of a Complex Assessment of Economic and Energy Security of the Enterprises of Housing and Communal Services
    Section 7. Theory and applications of dynamical measurements
    1 Maksudov D.V., Yangirov I.F., Yushkova O.A.
    Electrovechanical Converter with Spiral Secondary Element Generalized Model
    3 Кожемякин С.Д.
    Реализация алгоритма коррекции динамической погрешности самонастраивающейся измерительной системы на базе суперкомпьютерного центра ЮУрГУ
    5 Dmitriev S.V., Dmitrieva I.S., Syutkina Ju.P.
    The Reliability of the Contact Switching of the Measuring Signal
    6 Dmitriev S.V., Syutkina Ju.P., Dmitrieva I.S.
    The Performance Matrix of the Contact Switch of the Measuring Signals
    7 Sedov A.V.
    The Principle of Diagnostic Observability of the Object on the Set of Measurements and Data Reduction based on the Decomposition Modeling Method
    8 Chernyshev V.V., Arykantsev V.V.
    Dynamic Measures of the Force of Foot Breakaway from Ground of Deepwater Walking Machines
    9 Zamyshlyaeva A.A., Tsyplenkova O.N., Bychkov E.V.
    Optimal Control of Solutions to the Showalter – Sidorov Problem for the Sobolev Type Equation of Higher Order
    10 Ignatkov K.A., Noskov V.Ya.
    Experimental Research of Railway Carriage Location Methods at Classification Yards
    11 Shestakov A.L., Keller A.V., Sviridyuk G.A.
    Observations and Measurements in the Theory of Optimal Measurements
    12 Sagadeeva M.
    On Nonstationary Optimal Measurement Problem for the Measuring Transducer Model
    13 Manakova N.A., Bogatyreva E.A.
    Mathematical Model of the Start Control of Electric Field Potential in Conducting Medium without Dispersion Considering Relaxation
    14 Синицин В.В.
    Беспроводной датчик ускорений вращающихся валов для мониторинга состояния механизмов
    15 Zagrebina S.A., Konkina A.S.
    Traffic Management Model
    16 Grecheneva A.V., Kuzichkin O.R., Dorofeev N.V.
    Compensation of the Accelerometer Errors in Solving the Problem of Kinematic Control of Dynamic Objects
    17 Zakirova G.A.
    An Approximate Solution of Inverse Spectral Problem for Perturbed Self-Adjoint Operator
    18 Dorofeev N.V., Kuzichkin O.R.
    The Dynamic Management of the Parameters of the Probing Signals at the Geodynamic Monitoring of the Karst Processes
    19 Кацай Д.А.
    Стенд для исследования процессов резания свободно вращающимися резцами
    20 Yaparova N.
    Method for Temperature Measuring in the Rod with Heat Source under Uncertain Initial Temperature
    21 Franco Pavese
    Some important features of the proposed new definition of the International System of Units (SI) that scientists and users should know
    22 Radev H., Vassilev V., Bogev V., Voloshyn A.
    About the Metrology Assurance of Manufacturing of Large-Size Rotating Parts
    23 Serov A.
    Influence of ADC Nonlinearly on the Measurement Error of the Active Power to Code Converter
    24 Shestakov A.L., Ibryaeva O.L., Iosifov D.Yu.
    Optimal Transfer Function of Correction Device to Input Signal Restoration Using State Vector of Primary Measuring Transducer
    25Kadchenko S.I., Kadchenko A.I., Zakirova G.A.
    The Numerical Method of Solving of Inverse Spectral Problems Generated by Perturbed Self-Adjoint Operator